Sunday, November 23, 2014

Just WHO Is Stalking Your Profile?

Do you have any idea who is looking at your Facebook profile?

Or your Instagram photos?

Or any other social media profile you have out there?

 Pic taken from HERE

Sure, you know your family stalks those pictures of the new baby, and your friends stop by to comment on your latest piece of news, co-workers will drop a 'like' on your 'stuff', but, who ELSE is looking at your profile?

Any idea?

Let me answer that for you.  NO!  You do NOT have any idea who else out there on this planet has an internet connection, and is looking at YOU.

This became very clear me to a few days ago.

I'm not an idiot. I realize that anyone can look at what you put out there on the internet and have had this conversation a bazillion times with my kids.  

Anyone can click on a profile, and unless it's locked down to 'friends only' they can see anything and everything you've put out there.

You all already know this, as I'm sure you've creeped a Facebook profile a time or two.

A few nights ago, one of the boys got a message over Facebook Messenger from another boy who is a friend of both my kids.

It wasn't a long conversation, and due to a previous disagreement, my son told him he didn't want to talk to him at that moment.

The boy came back with a response that surprised my son, and immediately sent up a red flag that made him feel he should tell me about the message.

The boy told my son how much he loved Facebook, because he could go on there and click on MY profile, and scroll through my pictures.

Um ... what?  MY pictures?

He proceeded to tell my son how he spends at least 15 minutes a day, scrolling through my profile pictures on Facebook, and described some of the ones he had seen, and how one of them in particular 'does it for him'.

Um ... OK ... EWWWWWW!!!!

I needed a minute to digest what I'd read.

And then another minute to wrap my head around the fact this was coming from the FRIEND of one of my kids.

Did I mention ... EWWWWWW!!!!!

That's just not right, people!

My Facebook profile is locked down to friends only, except for my profile pictures and cover photos.

I don't post anything that I wouldn't want my grandmother to see or read.

I know there isn't anything on my profile that the general public shouldn't see, but yet, I was STILL creeped out that someone ... a friend of my kids, was creeping my profile on a DAILY basis.

Yes, this creeps me out.  It creeps me out knowing that someone is scrolling through my profile, looking at pictures that were posted years ago.

And yes, I know they have gone back through the years, simply because some of the pictures they described, you'd have to scroll back through a few years to find.

Yeah, creepy.

But it gets worse.

When my boy confronted the other kid in person about the message, he denied it.

He says his Facebook account has been hacked and someone is sending nasty messages to a lot of different people, as him.

I want to believe him.  I don't want to think that a kid I have known for years, who has been the friend of my son for years, is looking at me, that way.

So here's the kicker ... WHO is it?

Who is scrolling through my profile, or at least telling my son he's scrolling through my profile, on a daily basis?

Who hacked this other kid's account?

WHO is creeping me out?!?!??!

I have no idea.

And unless this kid goes to Facebook, and/or the police to find out who is sending nasty messages on his behalf, we'll never know.

If it was me, I'd want to know who was doing this, and I'd be all over getting this dirtbag shut down.

I hope he gets his parents involved and finds out, because nothing good can come from someone hacking ANY of your social media accounts.

If you put ANYTHING out there on the internet, everyone can see it.  It's there forever.

Be careful.

You may have things 'privacy protected', but that doesn't mean there isn't someone still looking at what is available.

And you really, REALLY never know ... just WHO is stalking your profile.

Play safe, kids!  And lock those suckers down (the profiles, not the kids)!


Saturday, November 8, 2014

"Cough Cough Fat Ass!"

Sometimes, you wonder if your kids are actually hearing what you're telling them.

I don't mean the 'Clean that pigsty of a room!', or 'Turn your music down so I can think!' statements.  I mean the life lessons we try to teach them.

Tell the truth, be kind to people, be a good person.  Those are the things I want them to hear.

And then, there are some days when you just sit back, smile, and think ... 'Yeah ... they get it.'

A few days ago, Adam was walking up the stairs at school when he passed a girl on her way down.  He knows the girl. She is a couple of years older than him so they don't 'hang out', but he knows her to talk to her.

After he had passed her, almost a flight of stairs between them, he noticed another boy making his way up the steps behind him.

When the other boy passed the girl, he coughed into his hand and said, 'Fat ass'.

Now, I have to stop here for a second, and tell you just how much that broke my heart to hear my boy tell me that, to hear that kids are so cruel to each other, for absolutely NO reason. 

What did this girl do to deserve that comment?  NOTHING!  She was simply walking down the stairs, minding her own business.

Does that boy have ANY idea how his words must have cut through that sweet girl? And yes, I know her, she's a sweet girl.

This kind of thing makes me SO angry because it's completely uncalled for and just ... MEAN.

For all of society's talk on ending bullying, I can tell you it's alive and well folks, and thriving in our schools.

My own kid is far from perfect.  He makes mistakes, and sometimes he makes bad choices, but that day, in that moment, he did something I was very proud of.

When Adam heard what the other boy said, he leaned over the railing of the stairs, and yelled down, 'HEY!  Shut the fuck up!!!!'


OK, so maybe the language wasn't a mother's proudest moment.  A different choice of words would have been more appropriate, however ... we're talking teenage boys. He was speaking the other boy's language and Adam was making sure he got his point across.

I'm VERY proud of what he did, and yes, even how he said it.  There was no guessing in that statement.  He said what he meant and he meant what he said.

I don't know if the girl heard what Adam said.  Part of me hopes she did, if only so she knows that there ARE people who will stand up for her.  

But, that's the sad part, isn't it? 

She shouldn't NEED to have anyone standing up for her, because statements like 'cough cough fat ass' should NOT be made in the first place.

But that's the society we live in, unfortunately.

There's always going to be mean people who say hurtful things.  I'm just VERY happy that in that moment, my boy spoke up against one of them.

Yeah ... sometimes, they get it.

Now, if I could just get him to mow the damn lawn!


Thursday, November 6, 2014

Cat Circle? I Don't Need No Stinkin' Cat Circle!

The new internet craze this week is Cat Circles.

Someone posted a picture to Reddit of their cat sitting in a makeshift circle on the floor, and now people all over the world are testing out this phenomenon on their unsuspecting cats.

The freaky thing is, many cats are actually sitting in these circles!

So many in fact, it now has its own sub-reddit, CatCircles.

Try it. Google 'Cats sitting in circles'.  They're out there.

Of course, I decided to try it on Linken. 

I took the belt from a robe and made a (sort of) circle on the floor, then sat with the camera, and waited.

It wasn't long before he came strolling in.

'Look at the Cat Circle for you, Linken!', I said, hoping he'd take the bait.  

WHAT?  Nobody said you can't coax the cat into the circle!

But Linken ... nope.  His reply was pretty much a disgusted, 'Cat Circle?  I don't need no stinkin' cat circle'!

And then he owned that circle by flopping next to it.

That's my boy!  


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

New Candle From Old Wax!

I had a little package of candle wicks I was saving.

I had always liked the idea of making my own candles, and had even tried it and really enjoyed it, way back when.

That was why the ex gave me a candle making kit for Christmas one year, which included that package of wicks.

Some parts of the kit I tried, others sat on a shelf, or in a drawer with the best of intentions to 'try it again sometime'.

Then eventually over the years, the molds and wax were forgotten about, the bits and pieces lost or thrown out.

Except the wicks.  

I told myself that I would definitely use those someday.  So I hung on to them.

For about ... 20+yrs.

You just repeated, '20+yrs!' out loud, didn't you.

Yes, 20+yrs.

I had a 'plan' for them.  

I always thought it would be a good idea to scoop out the unused wax in the bottom and along the sides of a candle holder (removing the little metal tab at the bottom).

Melt it again, add a new wick to the candle holder, and pour it back in.

5 minute recycled candle!

Yes, I always thought it was a good idea, I just never got around to trying it.

Until yesterday.

SEE!  I do hang on to shit for a reason!  I just don't always get around to that reason right away.

Or ... in the first 20yrs.

But yesterday, I finally jumped up - spur of the moment - grabbed a few 'almost empty' candle holders I had been hanging on to for just that reason and headed for the kitchen.

Using a spoon, I scooped the excess wax into a bowl.

I had read something online years ago, saying you could put the wax in a microwave safe dish and into the microwave.

So I did that.

And after letting a few chunks melt for almost 15 min (3 min at a time) ... I broke the microwave.

I had taken the wax out to check on it, and when I looked over at the microwave to put the container back in, there was no clock display.

No power.


I unplugged it. Just in case.

My first thought was 'NOOOOOO!!!'  Forget the wax!  My full cup of lukewarm coffee was sitting on the counter, and I had no way of heating it up.  Why hadn't I warmed the coffee first!  Sob! 

Giving up on the idea of using the microwave to heat my coffee or anything else for the moment, I instead went to Plan B.

What? You think a little appliance meltdown was going to actually stop me?

Pffffttttt! Right!

I grabbed a pot, turned on the stove, let it heat on the burner for a couple of minutes, then dumped the wax in there.

I should have done THAT to begin with!  It melted in seconds!

I poured the melted wax into one of the candle holders and ... voila!  

New candle from old wax!


I liked it!  So I made another one in a different colour!

In the meantime, Adam came home from school, saw what I was doing, and he made one too!

I've been burning it for two nights now, and no issues with the wax, or the 20yr old wick.

And the wax residue didn't stick to the pot.

I'll definitely be making more!  And no, it won't take another 20 yrs!

Later that afternoon, I had to go out for a few groceries.  I figured I'd better get a new microwave at the same time (grumble grumble).

Just before I left, I decided to plug the microwave in again ... just to see what would happen, if anything.

It immediately came to life with a BEEEEEP!


I didn't break it, afterall.

Whadda ya mean I still 'probably shouldn't use it'?  It works! I don't have to buy a new one!

So my coffee glows now!  So what? That's not necessarily a bad thing.  Right? 


Saturday, October 25, 2014

Her Name Is Megan Silberberger. And She's No Lunch Lady!

Yesterday, there was another tragic school shooting. This time, in Marysville, Washington.

As there usually is in the first following days, the information is conflicting and sketchy as to why the student shooter did what he did.

The only thing I'm going to say about the shooter is that he was a troubled kid.

There's no other way to see it.  Apparently, the signs were there, on his now removed Facebook page and Twitter feed, but the signs went unnoticed. 

Or, if they were noticed, they weren't acted upon.

And from what I understand, if reports are correct, it was all over a girl.

There is, however, one conflicting piece of information I'd like to clear up here and now.

It's been reported that a 'lunch lady' tried to intervene in the shooting.

I have nothing specifically against 'lunch ladies', but this is incorrect and needs to be clarified.

The person who ran into that gunfire, and straight up to the shooter was a woman.

She is young.  She is petite, and she was unarmed.

And I'm sure, even given her bravery, she was scared shitless. 

But ... she acted anyway.

Her name is Megan Silberberger, and she's no Lunch Lady!

 Pic taken from Google images

Megan Silberberger is in fact a first year Social Studies teacher, and as far as I'm concerned, she's a hero.

From what I've read, Megan came running into the cafeteria when she heard the shots.

She went straight up to the shooter, and while he was reloading, she grabbed his arm.

This action was enough to distract the shooter, and when he shot next, he (I think accidentally) ended up shooting himself in the neck, instead of more innocent classmates.

There's no way to know what would have happened if Megan Silberberger had not approached the gunman.

I'm guessing more students would have been senselessly massacred.

But she did. And they weren't.

She is a hero.

When most people hear gunfire, they run.  They run AWAY from it, not INTO it.

Not Megan.

Whether she realized what she was doing at the time or not, she put thoughts of her own safety aside, and ran headfirst into the cafeteria filled with gunfire.

Not everyone would do that.

And you probably wouldn't expect it from a petite, unarmed woman.

But she did.

And she saved lives.

I really hope Megan receives the recognition she deserves for her heroic actions, other than being an 'UPDATE' to news articles, stating she was not in fact a lunch lady.

She deserves to be recognized for her bravery and for reacting so quickly.

Had she not approached the shooter, more young lives would have undoubtedly been lost.

Her name is Megan Silberberger, and she's no Lunch Lady!  She's a HERO!

 Pic taken from Google images


P.S.  Please monitor what your kids are saying on Social Media.  The signs of troubled kids are ALWAYS there.  We just have to see them, and understand them for what they are.  Cries for help.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

When Making Ice Cream, Use Less Fruit. And Hold The Wood.

Adam and I made soft banana ice cream over the weekend.

Using only bananas.  

You cut a couple of bananas into pieces, put them in the freezer, and then once frozen, into the blender.

It turned out tasting very banana-y (obviously).

And it would have been very good ... if I had not used a wooden spoon to help move the bananas along the sides of the blender a little bit, pushing them down so they would turn to mush ... and came up with a bit less spoon.


So much for the banana ice cream.

This evening, I walked into the kitchen to find the brand new package of strawberries open and on the counter, and a bunch gone from the package.

When I called Adam out to put it away, he showed me where the missing berries were.

Yup.  Freezer.

Apparently, we're trying it again.

I'm game for that.

Only THIS time, when making ice cream, we'll use less fruit. 

And hold the wood.


Saturday, August 16, 2014

Google Read My Mind Last Night!

I realized the other day that although I may ask questions of my kids, after all these years, I still don't always ask the RIGHT questions.

A few weeks ago, Adam said he was going to 'The Radar' with friends.

All summer, the kids have been swimming in various lakes and for whatever reason, I had assumed The Radar was another place to swim.

We're going to Laurie.

We're going to Oakfield.

We're going to 'Dub J'.

We're going to The Radar.

The Radar, just like one of the other swimming holes.

I assumed.

I did a quick Q & A when I got the call, saying they were going.

Q: 'Where's the Radar?'

A: 'In Beaverbank.'

Q: 'Who's all going?'

A: 'Names Names Names.'

Q: 'How are you getting there?'

A: 'Johnny's driving.' (Johnny being his older brother's friend)

'OK, well be careful and have fun.'

I KNEW I had heard of The Radar, I just couldn't remember in exactly what context.

Because The Radar was still bouncing around in my head a few nights later, with the little nagging doubt, I brought it up to Adam and asked, 'Is the Radar a place to swim?'

He looked at me surprised and said, 'No.'

'Then what is it', I asked.

And that's when he said, 'It's a bunch of big old empty buildings that people go to explore and hang out'.  

And he showed me a few pictures on his phone.

And then it hit me!

The Radar.


Image taken from HERE

NOW I remembered why I knew that name!  I had seen a posting about it somewhere on the Haunted Nova Scotia Facebook page!

All of a sudden it hit me, and I looked at Adam in shock and asked, 'You KNOW that place is HAUNTED!!!  Right?

He replied, 'Yeah, I know', much more calmly than I would have expected.

"Are you serious? You've been going in there?  What's in there?  Have you seen anything freaky? Should you be in there? Is it SAFE?  It can't be safe!"

All of these questions came flooding out of me in one breath.

First, I was trying to process the fact that my kids weren't going somewhere I thought they were.

They hadn't lied about it, I just hadn't asked enough specific questions.

Then, I was trying to wrap my head around the fact that not only was this place they were going dangerous ... which was MOST important, it's supposedly freakin' HAUNTED, too!

After Adam showed me the pics on his phone, and I Googled a few more, I told them I didn't want them going in those buildings.

It's far too dangerous!!!!

I get that kids like to explore old structures like this, but looking at THIS picture I found online ... I DON'T want my kids in there!

Pic taken from HERE

Now here's where things get freaky.

Last night, I was at my Bestie's house. 

During our sip 'n bitch, I decided I wanted to tell her about the haunted building I found out the kids had been to, and wanted to show her some pictures of it, so she could get the full effect of why I didn't want them in there.

I started off with,'I've got a story for ya! But this needs pictures so you can see what I'm talking about'.

That's all I said.

I then grabbed her laptop, went to Google, and typed the word 'The'.

That was ALL I typed.

Then I lost my shit.

What you see in the pic above, is what came up on the Google drop down when I typed the word 'The'. 

THE. That was it.

I freaked and said, 'OMIGOD!!! THAT'S what I was going to talk to you about!'

When she asked what I meant, I pointed at 'the radar beaverbank ns' that was FIRST in the drop down.

'THIS!', I said, 'THIS is what I was going to type in AFTER the word, The'

My Bestie has NEVER searched for 'The Radar' on Google on her laptop. She didn't even know what it was.

I thought it was pretty freaky, that EXACTLY what I was going to tell her about, popped up in the Google drop down, based on the word, 'The', and she's never searched for it.

Why didn't 'The Chronicle Herald', or 'The Weather Network', or 'The Big Bang Theory' or ANYTHING else with 'The' pop up?

Why was it, 'The Radar', when that's EXACTLY what I was going to tell her about? 

I understand how Google works.  It remembers searches.  It picks up other things you might be interesting in searching. It works with algorithms. Blah Blah Blah.

Which means she must have searched for it in the past.

She said she had never searched for The Radar.

I believe her.

When I got home, I tested it out on my own computer.

I typed, 'The' and first on the list in the drop down was 'The Weather Network'.

I got Alec to try it on his phone and the first thing that came back was 'The Chronicle Herald'.

I believe my Bestie when she says she has never heard of or Googled it.

I also believe that it was an interesting, freaky coincidence, that after only typing the word,'The', the topic of conversation I was about to bring up, was right there, staring me in the face.

Yeah, I choose to believe it was an interesting coincidence.

If you would like to see the inside of The Radar, here are a couple of videos.

The first is a group of ghost hunters exploring the site, who get the crap scared out of them.

The second, is a couple of guys walking around the inside and that's pretty much it.  But you get a good view of the dangers inside it.

Even though I still don't want them in there, I completely get the attraction for the boys and their friends.

Part of me is extremely tempted to check it out myself.  But I know I'd be too scared to set foot past the first door. 

Too many unexplainable freaky things happen in this world.

Like how Google read my mind last night.

Or was it the Radar ... reaching out?