Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The opposite of 'sleeping in' until noon is ......

Hey all!

This one is for all those who have been woken up 'abruptly' in the morning :-)
Last weekend the boys were with their father. On the weekends they're with him, being someone who LOVES her sleep ... I try to sleep in one of the two days . At least a little bit. 'Sleeping in' meaning not opening my eyes until sometime after 10:30am.

That saturday, after a week-long session of meetings that were particularly taxing to the brain and even physically draining, I was looking forward to a body catch up and slept in until NOON! It was absolutely AWESOME! This past weekend ... not quite!

On Sunday morning, at 9am my eyes flew open to the sound of pots (drums) being banged on (in the living room) with the big stainless steel spoons, and my 7 yr old (who I heard getting up about 15 min earlier) singing at the top of his lungs "I know a song that gets on everybody's nerves, everybody's nerves, everybody's nerves ... I know a song that gets on everybody's nerves, and this is how it goes ..... AGAIN!!! I know a song that gets on everybody's nerves, everybody's nerves, everybody's nerves ..."

AAARRRRRRAAAAGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! YES! IT DOES!! Including your mother's!!! Make it stop!!!! Sigh ... where's my coffee???

What ever happened to the old fashioned "Good morning Mommy, did you sleep well?" :-D

Nite all!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

I met the Ex's new live-in Girlfriend for the first time last night :-)

Hey all,

Thought I'd share a personal little tidbit with you today :-) There are certain thoughts on different topics that I won't post online. Various aspects of my 'personal life' being one of them. And when I do post, I always try to do so from the perspective of 'would I want my kids to read this about me/their father/family 10-20yrs from now? ;-) But I don't think anything I've chosen to say today would shock them about their mother, and I thought it would give you a bit of further insight into my 'personality' if you haven't figured me out already ;-)

I stopped by the ex's this afternoon to drop off a few things for the boys and Belle (who are with him this weekend), and told him I had hoped his new live-in girlfriend was home ... who I officially met for the first time last night ... because I wanted her to come down the street with me to the Tim's for a coffee.

We haven't really been introduced, other than the quick 'Hi's' in the kitchen last night while dropping off the boys bag, and I think it's only fair that she and I get to have a one on one session. Not to bash the ex in any way. I'm a big girl, and I know that he's going to find someone, as am I at some point, and I don't need to bash him because she's going to determine what his good points, and bad are all on her own.

But if she's moving in, she's part of our lives now, and up until a couple of weeks ago, I didn't know about her, and saw her quickly for the first time last night, and so I think it's only fair, to both of us, for her to hear from me, not second hand through the ex, what my expectations are of his relationship with the boys, the ways I see it changing in the future and her involvement in all of it. Their lives are their lives and if he's found someone who will be good to him and the boys, as well as a good influence on them, GREAT! . But the boys are part of that life also, and my only 'expectation' of her specifically is that she be good/nice/responsible to them.

Also, there are certain 'hot' topics like child support and visitation, that I want her to hear my views on directly from ME, again, not second hand. She needs to know where I stand on both of these issues, and what my expectations have been and continue to be of the ex, directly from me. I don't ever plan on being the b*tchy ex-wife. But if this is going to be a long term relationship for him, which I have to assume since she's moved in, then I do plan on having his partner know exactly where I stand in this 'relationship' and what my expectations are. Period.

Life's too short to be playing games. We're all grown ups. I won't say we'll be the best of friends, or agree on fundamental issues of life, but we can certainly all get along and I expect it to start with all expectations laid out on the table. I'm also interested in hearing what her views on our new situation are :-)

Anyway, she wasn't home at the time. So I asked the ex to mention to her that I'd like she and I to go for a coffee ... and I'm curious to see if she's going to take me up on it .... ;-)

Have a great weekend all! I'm off to mow the lawn now ... or clean the kitchen .. I'll most likely decide which when I hit the top of the stairs and see the condition of both :-)


PS - I got my hair cut again last night ... it was much easier this time around ;-)

Sunday, June 3, 2007

We have a new addition to our family

Hey everyone! Another one for the dog lovers out there :-)

This is a message I sent out yesterday to family and friends (so references like 'last night' and 'today' are off by a day).

************ ********* *********

Hey all,

I'd like to introduce you to the latest member of our family. Meet Belle :-) She joined our brood last night and has been adjusting wonderfully! !!!

I've been on the 'puppy search' for about 3wks now and we 'found' her on a fluke.

We had an appointment to see a Golden Retriever pup last night after Alec's ball practice. I had made arrangements to meet two other pups, on two other occasions, but they both fell through at the last minute, which was very disappointing :-( That day, I purchased a leash and collar ... we were definitely bringing a pup home that night!

So while we were AT the ball field, a couple there had a puppy with them ... the pup had a sister. This pup was .... free :-) We went to see the retriever around 7:30pm, gorgeous, absolutely beautiful but $550 and only 6wks old. By the time I factored in her first three sets of needles, having her spayed when ready, I was looking at close to $1100. Yeesh!!! Then we head home, check the email from the guy at the ballfield for pics of this 'new' pup, call the guy who owned her and yup want to see her ... around 10pm. Late, and past the boy's bedtime, however, the other woman wanted an answer on her pup, because others were interested in her, and this was a 'special' occasion of sorts.

On the way there, which was about 1/2 hour away, I looked out at the full moon, and a few seconds later noticed the next lyric in the song playing, 'gotta stop and ask Ms Belle for some of her sweet tea" ... I half-turned back to Alec (who was still awake, unline Adam lol), and asked 'Did you hear that?" "The pup's name that we're going to see is named Belle ... wonder if it's a sign?" LOL

I left the choice up to the boys. The took one look at her when we got there, and she came home with us :-) YAY! Happy puppy dance!

She's a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever / Boxer mix. But I don't see any boxer in her yet. She was named Belle .... and it sort of suits her so we're keeping it. She'll be 12 wks old this Sunday.

I've noticed one 'cute' characteristic about her already ... one ear flops forwards, the other goes backwards LOL.

She had never been in a car before last night and she did wonderful on the drive. I stopped at Sobey's on the way, and picked up some puppy food, and a couple of other types of 'puppy' treats. She sat or layed down between the boys the whole way home and never moved. We even stopped at their dad's to introduce her lol. Then finally got her home. I pulled in the driveway, parked the vehicle .... and she puked LOL. I'm thinking she would have done fine, had she not had the 'treat' from Sobeys. It was actually pretty funny :-) Alec recognized the signs too, had opened the door and had turned around to get her out when ... on his sweatshirt that she was using for a 'bed' :-) He kind of raised his eyebrows and said 'that's ok mom, I wasn't gonna wear it any more tonight anyway....; lol

She met the cat briefly. She wanted to say hello, the cat hissed, gave me a dirty look and ran away :-) Then the cat sat in Alec's doorway and stared at the dog on the bed, and the dog stared at the cat, then the dog would look at me ... and I'd look at the cat ... nobody moving lol. However, when Belle fell asleep with Alec for awhile, Puss snuck up and checked her out, sniffed her etc. I'm positive the cat has already noticed a difference in temperment from our last dog. Hershey loved her, but chased her constantly around the house. It was a game of theirs He'd sit in one spot forever, waiting for her to come out, then off they'd go ... tag!

Belle, unlike Hershey, hasn't pounced on her yet, and it's like the cat is waiting for the other shoe to drop lol But Belle seems pretty laid back, very 'quiet' ... I'm thinking they'll be friends

She's stuck pretty close to me all night and today. She's definitely more comfortable with adults, but she's already started to warm up to the boys and she slept with Alec on his bed until I went to bed, then she slept with me for the rest of the night :-)

I had her out in the yard a few times this morning, teaching her the boundaries. So far, she's a great listener ... I'm hoping that doesn't change as she gets more comfortable around here lol.

Next step ..... puppy obediance classes :-)

Have a great weekend all. I'm off today to spend it with the pup. Maternity leave of sorts ;-)

I'm missing her this weekend :-( She went with the boys to their father's :-( Fate works in such mysterious ways ... with ''everything' going on with us lately, I still have to chuckle at the little things .... she pooped in the ex's truck hee hee hee ... I knew I liked that pooch! Just kidding ;-) Since we actually get along, I have to say "Sorry 'bout that Paul!" ;-p
I'm very happy to have Belle with us ... I think she's exactly what we all need right now ... 'puppy stages nightmares' or not ;-)

Here's our new girl!

Is that thing on?

She LOVES to just lay in the grass and listen to all the sounds, watch the bugs/flies and try and eat the white fuzzy dandelions lol :-)