Monday, September 12, 2011

You May No Longer Be In Our Homes, But You’ll Always Be In Our Hearts

I stayed up until 3am on Saturday night, watching anniversary footage of the terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers in New York, on September 11, 2001.

As well as, of course, the Pentagon, and a desolate field in rural Pennsylvania.

Yesterday, since both boys were busy doing their 'own thing', most of my day was lost to the TV.

I was glued to ‘special’ after ‘special’ after ‘special’ on the events, flipping between The History Channel and TLC.

Ten years later, myself, along with much of the world can still vividly remember exactly where we were, what we were doing and how whatever plans had been made for that day, were forgotten in a heartbeat.

My ex had a friend visiting us from New York.

THAT morning, he drove him to the Halifax International airport for his flight home.

When Buddy got on that plane in Halifax, everything was right with the world ... he had NO idea what would be waiting for him at his destination.

We didn't end up hearing from him, or learning that he was actually OK, until after 9pm that night.

Over twelve hours after the initial attack.

We knew he hadn't been on one of the hi-jacked planes, but we had no idea what had happened to HIS plane after he left Halifax.

Or even WHERE it had landed.

And little did we know, in a few short hours, approx. 40 planes would be landing at OUR airport, and our citizens would be opening up our homes and hearts to approximately 7000 of those weary, shocked and scared travelers in need.

I was working from home that day.

Alec was at school in his first year of Primary, Adam only a year old.

We had our office in the basement. I was down there on the computer and had just logged into work when I got a personal message from someone in an online group I was a part of at the time (and still today!), called Youngwives.

I don't remember WHO sent the message. Sorry ladies, I wish I did!

But I do remember it was short, and to the point and the urgency in her tone sent me running to the TV, where I spent the rest of the day.

The first message I sent was to work.

It was a mass mailout to many of my co-workers, telling them what had just happened and to, 'get to a TV or radio right away', if they could.

A few people actually thought it was a prank.

Silly People. Should have known me better!

One of the first replies I got back was from my boss.

She wanted to know EVERYTHING I knew up to that point, because her sister was working in (or perhaps it was next to ... ) one of the towers (she was OK).

It seems so many people knew SOMEONE who was THERE.

I filled her in as best I could, then headed back to the TV.

For days, the world watched. And waited. And watched some more.

I remember Alec arriving home from school, and sending him outside so he wouldn’t see the images on the news.

I remember thinking at the time, as I’m sure MANY parents did, ‘WHAT kind of a world have I brought these children into?’

From that day forward, the world changed.

Things for his generation (or mine for that matter) would never be the same.

Despite the shock, horror and anger felt in the days following the attacks, I also felt VERY proud of my city.

Within hours, reports were coming in that all airlines were diverting flights to other destinations.

238 of those planes came to Canada and approximately 40 of them, the largest number of aircraft to be received, to my city of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

I’m not sure how many of you realize what a tough job this was, to get all those planes down safely, so I’ve included a couple of paragraphs from the NAV Canada website,

“Following the closure of Canadian airspace, the focus shifted to "clearing the skies". To land more than 200 planes in a few hours would be a complex and difficult task. The priority for the Tactical Centre was to determine airport runway capacity. Within a very short period of time, our control tower personnel, in consultation with airport authorities, determined how many planes each airport could handle.”

Information taken from NAV Canada website.


“The Area Control Centres at Gander, Moncton and Montreal and the International Flight Service Station at Gander managed the re-routing of the North Atlantic aircraft. The tower and flight service station staff at St. John's, Gander and Halifax managed the ground situation, which required turning runways into parking ramps."

Information taken from NAV Canada website.

As a result of the emergency re-routing work these people provided, EACH of the 238 planes landed WITHOUT INCIDENT!

Gander Newfoundland opened their doors to over 6000 people. Vancouver approx. 8500, as did other cities across the country, and my city, Halifax, opened their facilities, services, homes and hearts to over 7000 displaced passengers.

On that day, this is what the runway looked like at our airport.

This picture of the runway, at the Halifax International Airport, was taken on September 11, 2001, by Bob Garnhum, a pilot with CHC Helicopters, at that time.

Thank you VERY MUCH, Bob, for allowing me to use this picture!

Immediately, my (then) husband and I made the necessary phone call to get our names on the list, for people accepting passengers.

For me, it didn’t matter WHO these people were, or WHERE they were from, what language they spoke, what religion or beliefs they had, these were people in need, stranded, and we were going to be there to HELP in whatever way we could.

In the end, officials managed to get everyone a safe spot to wait out the aftermath, and we did not have displaced passengers stay with us personally.

For their actions during this time, I’m VERY proud of our Nova Scotians, (as well as the other Canadians), who let their true Maritimer colours shine through during that tragedy.

We really ARE the stereotypical, ‘Nice … polite … caring Canadians’, that everyone makes us out to be.

ESPECIALLY, when it counts!

My boys don’t remember that day.

They don’t remember the days and days of news coverage afterwards. As long as they had YTV, that was all the TV they were concerned with.

Alec is now 15 and Adam 11.

Over the weekend, with both boys, at times with both together, and at times with each individually, we watched different shows, or Youtube clips of that tragic day.

The day their world changed, and they didn’t even know it.

They know it now. And they also know, even though ‘Bin Laden’ is gone, there are threats every day that we must face.

Some are obvious … others … not so much.

What I wanted them to GET out of all the 9/11 coverage this weekend, is that YES, we may face unknown threats all the time, but it CAN’T run your life.

You can’t stop living, and you can't live your life in constant fear, because of what MIGHT happen … again.

All we can do, is take the time to treat each other just a LITTLE bit better, take more time to appreciate what we have, and if the need arises, make sure we offer those helping Canadian hands in ANY way we can.

Because really, what else CAN we do?

We will never forget.

One of the BEST pieces of footage I’ve seen from that day, I watched for the first time last night.

It was taken by a CBS employee (I believe) who stayed during the chaos.

If you want to get a first hand view of what it was like THAT DAY, during THOSE HOURS, at the base of the towers, then WATCH THIS!

It’s the closest thing you’ll come to experiencing being on the streets of New York, during one of their most difficult, terrifying moments.

I REALLY hope this guy received some type of ‘award’, or at least a BIG raise after getting this footage!

Thoughts and prayers to all those and their families who were, and are still, affected by the SENSELESS tragedy of September 11, 2001.

Feel free to share in the comments, your thoughts on that day.

And finally, to those displaced passengers who ended up on our runways, you may no longer be in our homes, but you’ll always be in our hearts.


Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I don’t really enjoy Back To School.

I know many parents simply LIVE for this time of year. The time when kids head back to the classroom, and out from under their parents feet.

The time when parents no longer have to hear, ‘Mom, I’m BORED!’

Many parents simply can’t wait for that first day back to the ‘routine’.

Me? Not so much.

Unfortunately, for me, as well as all the other parents out there, going back to school means dollar signs. And lots of them.

And every year, I’m left grumbling to myself, and cranky in the aisles, because despite the fact the boys have two parents, there’s only ONE who pays for the ‘back to school’ supplies, clothes, shoes, haircuts and fees every year.


And every year, that fact makes me cranky.

This year was no exception.

The boys and I had already done one ‘Walmart Run’, where they chose binders, backpacks and a few articles of clothing.

The next day, I did a second run.

On this trip, unfortunately, we had to exchange some of the items one of the boys had taken home the day before, (thinking it would fit).

I’m standing in line at Customer Service, completely lost in my thoughts.

Thinking about how much this particular trip was going to cost. Thinking about how much the trip(s) before that had already depleted my wallet.

But what’s a parent to do? Your kids NEED supplies, clothes, shoes (two pair for each kid to be exact) and everything else that goes along with it.

I was SO wrapped up in my moment of unhappiness, that I didn’t even notice the little girl standing sort of between her father and I in the lineup.

OK, I NOTICED her, I just wasn’t paying much attention to her, simply because I was focused on my own misery.

I knew she was making noises, but I wasn’t listening to what they were.

Finally, a small voice broke through my cloud of gloominess.

What began as simply background noise, mixed in with the normal ‘Walmart chaos’, slowly started to penetrate my brain.

Something was pulling me out of my mental drowning in ‘school supply hell’.

Suddenly, I realized it was the little girl.

She had been trying to get my attention.

Despite the fact she kept repeating herself, louder … and louder … and LOUDER … I wasn’t answering her.

She was talking to ME and I had been completely ignoring her.

I looked down, and gave her my full attention, to see what she was trying to tell me.

She wasn’t shy at all.

She looked straight at me, with wide, beautiful eyes and said (for perhaps the 5th time), quite loudly, ‘YUR PREEEETTY!!!’

It took me aback.

I was so caught up in my own thoughts, my own moment of unhappiness, that her words took a second to sink in.

I got right down to her level.

We were eye to eye when I said ‘Thank you very much, Hun!’

Considering I had simply rolled out of bed, fed the kids, thrown on some jeans and a tank top, no makeup, and nothing done to the hair … I thought that was a HUGE compliment, and I told her so!

It wasn’t until later in the afternoon, while I was driving by myself, that it hit me …

That little girl was standing in that lineup for a reason.

Somebody, somewhere felt I really needed to get my head out of the place it was in.

I needed a smile.

And apparently, she was put in that particular lineup, at that particular time, to give me one.

And without even knowing it, to make me feel better.

I’m still pissed off that I am the only parent who contributes to my kids ‘back to school’ costs every year.

But sometimes, you just have to let those feelings go, and get out of your own way long enough to understand that even when things seem bad, there’s always SOMEONE who can still see the good.

Even if that someone is a little four year old girl, a complete stranger, just wanting to tell you, ‘YUR PREEEETTY!!!’

Thank you, Little One. You really did change my day!

Happy Back To School, Kiddos! I hope everyone has a GREAT year!


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

You Are An Unfit Mother!

'You are an unfit mother!'

You. Are. An. UNFIT. Mother!

Those are VERY strong words.

They are the type of words that can change a world forever.

Many times, justifiably so.

Sometimes, not at all.

If someone accuses you of being an unfit mother, no matter WHO it is, no matter how good you believe your parenting skills are, it rocks you.

Regardless if you know the only reason these words were said, is because the person saying them is unhappy with themselves, and their own situation, it rocks you.

Despite the fact you KNOW, with every fiber of your being, that every major decision, every life move you make, is ultimately for your kids and their well being … IT ROCKS YOU!

The words ‘you are an unfit mother’, when acted upon, will open doors that can’t be easily closed.

Those words invite strangers, and yes, chaos & turmoil, into the lives of everyone involved.

Even if those damaging words aren’t true … if that door is officially opened … they have to be investigated.

Regardless of WHY they were said, or the true meaning behind them, YOU must be investigated.

For some mothers, this is simply a way of life.

Have children. Have them taken away.

And again, in some cases, rightfully so.

For some mothers, for whom this claim has no merit, something like this can be seen as an inconvenience.

For some mothers, an untrue accusation like this is simply devastating.

Because, despite the fact you may have done everything with the best of intentions, and provided for your kids as best you could with what you had ... for many years ... initially, it doesn't matter.

Somebody made the claim you are not fit to raise your children.

You are now a case.

To be investigated.

If the statement, ‘You are an unfit mother’, is a VALID claim, then by all means, you SHOULD be investigated, and potentially have your children removed from your home and care.

However, if the damaging statement is made simply out of inaccurate facts or assumptions, anger/hatred, or intentional harassment, it’s a whole different ballgame.

Yes, in the end, a mother with nothing to fear will throw her shoulders back, open her front door wide and invite the nice Children's Services lady inside for an afternoon of friendly interrogation and scrutiny.

But ... should that mother, and possibly her children, be forced to go through that type of intrusion and scrutinization, all because of a false claim?

Being a blogger as long as I have, I know how powerful our words are.

They can entertain, inform, and heal, but they can also hurt.

And the wrong words, said to the wrong (or right) people, can initiate devastation and destruction in the lives of innocent people.

‘You are an unfit mother’
, is a VERY powerful sentence.

Stan Lee was right on the money, as it applies to SO MUCH in life, when he had Uncle Ben say, ‘With great power comes great responsibility.

Before you throw around words that could change someone’s life, powerful words such as, ‘You are an unfit mother’, you should think VERY long and hard about whether or not you are ready to accept responsibility for having set the ‘investigative wheels’ in motion.

if, in fact, the statement is NOT true.

Words ARE power.

They CAN'T be taken back.

Use them wisely, People.

Especially, when you’re potentially playing with people’s lives.

I don't want anyone to jump to the conclusion that this post was written specifically about my parenting skills in particular.

Maybe it was, maybe it wasn't.

It could, in fact, be referring to more than one woman I know.

Point is, it was written to serve as a reminder, or perhaps an introduction for some, as to what can actually happen when inaccurate, hurtful words such as these are spewed in anger.

They CAN'T be taken back once they're out there and DO cause some form of chaos and pain.



Sunday, July 31, 2011

And In Other News ...

When I got the news the Ex was coming back to town, one of my first thoughts (aside from how good it was going to be for the boys) was, ‘I may actually get to blog on a ‘regular’ basis again!’

Yeah. So much for that idea.

I was hoping the weekend the boys spent with their dad, after he got back, the first weekend in NINE MONTHS I would be 'kid-free' both physically, and mentally, that I would spend my ‘free time’ here in the Korner, sharing our latest adventures.

Didn’t happen.

Instead, I spent that weekend in bed, as well as the whole following week, with a bad case of bronchitis.

I’m sure there’s an old saying about ‘best laid plans’ in there somewhere …

Although there hasn’t been alot of excitement in the Korner lately ... other than the standard chaos, there ARE a few things I've been meaning to share.

Back in April, Adam was hospitalized for two reasons.

One for the stomach pain he’s been experiencing for the past year +, and also because he started vomiting blood.

After running many tests, including an ultrasound and scope, they’ve determined he suffers from Chronic Functional Abdominal Pain.

Unfortunately, there is no cure or medical treatment for this illness, other than ‘coping mechanisms’.

That wasn’t good enough for me.

After doing some online research, I discovered that a powdered pro-biotic, that contains a specific type of ingredient called B Infantis, as well as Enteric Peppermint Oil Capsules have been successful in helping with the pain.

So I started him on them.

First the pro-biotic, then the capsules.

The capsules seem to work best.

He still gets stomach pains every now and then.

But now, it's every now and then. And not constant.

So that IS an improvement.

While he was in the hospital, his classmates and teacher made him an AWESOME card!

That was really cool of all of them to do so.

Thanks, Guys!!!!!

We still have to see an ENT specialist for the vomiting blood issue, because it’s actually coming from the back of his nasal passage and THEN going into his stomach.

But for now, it seems to have subsided.

Not stopped, but definitely decreased in frequency.

Except for the occasional ‘power nose bleed’ that he gets unexpectedly.

Those really suck.

And now, on to other things ...

I’m behind on my product reviews.

As much as I love receiving ‘free stuff’, I always feel guilty about having that product(s), until I get a review done.

However, I’ve discovered that turning 40 has completely sucked my ability to stay up until 2am blogging.

My brain wants to do it, my body screams NO!

Then again, so does putting your body through the torture of riding the waves at super high speed on a Super Brawler tube, and being thrown from said tube, air-born, screaming, butt-first into the lake.

Pic taken from here.

Yeah, that was me, during an office party at the beginning of the month.

Afterwards, my body decided to give me a big 'ol 'f*ck you and this acting like you're still 20 shit!' and between the back screaming and the neck aching, I could barely move.

Felt like crap for about three weeks after.

Which of course, kept me off the computer.

The body and I have since come to a truce.

No more high speed anything for me for awhile, and I can walk without looking like I was just trampled by a hundred women in 6" heels at a
75 % off Prada sale!

So, in my attempt to catch up, keep watching the Korner over the next few weeks, to see what I thought of the latest ...



Green cleaning ...

... and
food products I was sent.

As well as what the boys thought of a new book they received, Unto the Breach, with a personal little note, from Canadian author Sidney Gale.

Also, I received a message the other day, from a girl representing a group of 7 Canadians, trying to win a contest/trip to New Zealand.

They are attempting to compete in the
Glacier Country Experience Competition, and I was asked for suggestions on how to get the word out about it, in order to help them win.

This is one way that came to mind ;-)

Check out their contest entry here! And vote for Ponnie and her team to make it to the event to
'win an all inclusive trip to the West Coast of New Zealand, worth over $50,000', to not only watch, but 'play a game of Rugby against the current Glacier Country champions on the number two field; the glacier itself.'

And in other news …

The Ex is back.

For how long is anybody’s guess, but for now, he’s back.

I don’t know the details, don’t really care to.

All I know is that things didn’t work out in Australia.

Apparently he had been thinking of going ‘out west’. But some of you may remember a letter I mentioned in my last post.

That letter Adam wrote was to his father.

Once his dad received it, 'out west' turned into 'back east'.


For the boys, I think this is a good thing.

As close as we are, I also realize boys need their dad.

And sometimes, despite our leaps and bounds in technology, Skype just doesn't compare to the sound and touch and presence of the real thing.

Hope everyone is having a GREAT summer so far!

Next week, the boys and I are hitting the trees again, at Treego!

Climbing 40+ft in the trees and ziplining!

This should be interesting with bronchitis ...

Dear body, please forgive me!


Monday, July 4, 2011

You Got Balls, Baby! YOU GOT BALLS!

See this kid with me?

Yeah. Him.

I’m pretty proud of him, ya know.

No, he didn’t bring home a report card with all straight A’s (although a mother can dream … right?!?!)

No, he didn’t single handedly save a toddler behind the wheel of a runaway car (a la Agent Cody Banks).

And no, he hasn’t solved world hunger, while calculating the equations in his math homework.

What DID he do, you wonder?

He wrote a letter.

That’s it.

A letter.

However, it was a very SPECIAL letter.

It was written to someone who is very important to him.

Someone he had A LOT to say to.

It took him two months to decide what he wanted to say, and how he wanted to say it.

It had to be absolutely PERFECT.

He didn’t sugar coat it. He told it like it was.

He was honest.

Brutally honest, about his feelings.

He took a big chance writing that letter, because he was unsure of the reaction of the person who would be reading it.

But in the end, he didn’t change a word.

Regardless of the potential consequences, he clicked ... SEND.

And for that, I’m SUPER proud of him.

I had nothing to do with his letter. Didn’t contribute a single word.

He told me I was allowed to read it, but wasn’t allowed to ask him to change any of it.

Because they were HIS feelings.

Right or wrong … HIS.

And for that, I had to respect him.

On the drive to school later that morning, my boy and I were talking about his letter.

There was a part of me that STILL couldn’t believe he’d actually sent it.

The outcome of sending it could have gone many ways.

Luckily, for now, it has a happy ending. So for my boy(s), I’m happy.

At one point, I looked over at him and said, ‘Well, you definitely inherited your mother’s moxy!’

‘What’s that mean?’, he asked.

With a smile, I said You got balls, Baby! YOU GOT BALLS!’

Gee … I wonder where he gets that trait from?!?!??!


Monday, June 27, 2011

Pardon Me, But Could You Spare Some Air?

When I was in Junior High, I participated in a student exchange program with my class to Quebec city.

Although I lived in Northern New Brunswick, and wouldn’t be seeing anything ‘new’ in all the SNOW and COLD that Quebec had to offer, it was an absolutely AWESOME week, and one that I still fondly remember, 25yrs later.

Of course, that may be because I was one of the lucky ones, who got to stay in a freakin’ mansion! And had a whole wing to myself as a bedroom!

Unlike one of my classmates, who was made to sleep on a cot in the hallway, and had his toast thrown at him in the morning!

Five or six months later, in June, the students that we boarded with while in Quebec, came to spend a week with us, at OUR houses.

The whole point of the program/trip was to give each of us the opportunity to experience another part of the country.

Learn how similar yet different lives can be in another location, surrounded by a different culture.

These types of exchange programs are still happening today.

But not only as part of the classroom experience.

Did you know, there are children ‘out there’ who have never cooked over an open campfire?

Never rode a bike down a dirt lane.

Never had a game of baseball, on a REAL ball diamond.

Never swam in a lake.

Never laid on a blanket of grass, under a huge full moon, trying to figure out the constellations … and if that’s REALLY a bat flying overhead …

My kids are lucky. They get to enjoy these experiences EVERY day of the spring/summer months.

They get to do all these things that they just think are ‘natural’ and I’m sure simply take for granted.

Other kids don’t have these opportunities.

At all.

For many kids, the closest they’ll come to swimming in a lake, is running through the nearest open fire hydrant.

The closest they’ll come to playing on a ball field, is playing in the vacant lot next to their apartment complex.

And the only time some will ever lie in an open field, staring at the stars, and drinking in the fresh night air, is ... in their dreams.

The Fresh Air Fund is an organization hoping to change all that!

Established in 1877, the goal of this organization is to take kids from New York’s inner-cities, and match them up with HOST FAMILIES who are willing to have a child stay with them for 1-2 weeks, and experience all the things they may not have access to in their own environment.

It's only for up to two weeks, but it's an experience that can change their lives forever.

This summer, (yes, I know summer is already here, but really … we still have TWO MONTHS left of it!),
The Fresh Air Fund is in need of 1200 Host Families.

Yes, that’s 1200 across the United States and Canada.

And they do this EVERY year!

“In 2010, The Fresh Air Fund's Volunteer Host Family program, called Friendly Town, gave close to 5,000 New York City boys and girls, ages six to 18, free summer experiences in the country and the suburbs. Volunteer host families shared their friendship and homes up to two weeks or more in 13 Northeastern states from Virginia to Maine and Canada.

Thanks to host families who open up their homes for a few weeks each summer, children growing up in New York City’s toughest neighborhoods have experienced the joys of Fresh Air experiences.”

Taken from The Fresh Air Fund website.

Did you know … “The majority of Fresh Air children are from low-income communities. These are often families without the resources to send their children on summer vacations. Most inner-city youngsters grow up in towering apartment buildings without large, open, outdoor play spaces. Concrete playgrounds cannot replace the freedom of running barefoot through the grass or riding bikes down country lanes.”

Also taken from The Fresh Air Fund website.

Learn how two weeks can change a child's life forever.

Pardon me, but could you spare some air?

Cause I know of some kids who could REALLY use it!

The Fresh Air Fund

Check it out. And maybe change a kid’s life.

It’s THAT easy.

Click HERE to learn more about donating, or becoming a host or call (800) 367-0003!


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Telus Critter Challenge 2011 - Otter Takes 2nd! Thanks To YOU!

Last month TELUS launched it's new campaign, along with it's Critter Challenge and YOU heard about it HERE.

And you voted.

And for that, I thank you!

After the preliminary round, 'my' critter, Otter, went into the finals with 31% of the votes.

Your votes.

In the end, it was the Saw Whet Owl that took the early lead, and the win.

However, in the Telus Critter Challenge 2011 - Otter Takes 2nd! Thanks To YOU!

Otter may not have taken 1st place, but that's OK.

Now he's free to sign with whoever he wants, and won't be limited to strictly commercials!

You know, like those American Idols, who end up doing better than those who took home first place and signed the contract.

We won't name names ...

And *I* was a winner too!

Because YOU voted Otter into 2nd place, after I hounded you all on Facebook and at work ;-p, I won second place in the Telus Critter Blogger Challenge.

This means, a new Motorola Defy Smartphone and a Motorola XOOM Tablet are being sent to me this week!


Perhaps I'm shooting myself in the foot, (with respect to future blogging invitations) but there was one aspect of the contest I would have changed.

TELUS did a great job of promoting the contest on Facebook, and publicly thanking all the Facebook voters.

I know, I was there checking out Otters votes every night.

But not once, that I saw (and yes, I googled), did they mention or acknowledge the bloggers they had working behind the scenes.

The Critter Campaign Managers

Driving traffic to that Facebook page, to vote for their Critter.

As I said in my first post, it wasn't the lure of the prizes that got me on-board, it was the fact they considered me one of Canada's top bloggers, and asked me in the first place.

And don't get me wrong, I'm very thankful they DID ask me to participate.

It just would have been nice to have been acknowledged, in some way, for doing so.

But ya know what? I had fun with it.

You read, you voted, and hopefully entered their contest too!

So thank you.

Thank you for taking the time to vote, to help raise money for the Nature Conservancy of Canada, and for helping me win some great prizes.

I still think Otters are pretty damn cute.

And he really Otter WON!


Friday, May 27, 2011

Hysterical Strength? Nah, Just Call Me Badass Mama!

You know those stories you read, about a parent who suddenly develops incredible, super human strength, when one of their kids is in danger?

There is actually a term, and Wikipedia page for it, entitled Hysterical Strength and this is (in part) what it states … The most common anecdotal examples are of mothers lifting automobiles to rescue their children, and when people are in life and death situations.’

Well, I can’t say I’ve ever lifted a car off my kid, but last night, for the first time in my 15+yrs of parenting, I experienced
Hysterical Strength, FIRSTHAND!

The boys had decided they were going for a bike ride.
Before they managed to get out the door, they got into an argument.

Because Adam was getting a bit out of hand, I marched him to his room.

A few minutes later, another boy showed up for the ride, and I could hear yelling in the front yard.

I popped my head out the front door to find Adam had started to remove the screen from his bedroom window, and was half hanging out the window, yelling at the boys.

I was already cranky because of the initial fight.

Seeing him hanging out the window, screen half off got ME yelling …
‘Get that screen back ON, get IN the window and then get OUT for your bike ride!’

Then I slammed the front door, and went back to putting the dishes in the dishwasher.

A few minutes later, I could hear Adam calling me from his room.

I didn’t go right away to see what he wanted.

My boys have a tendency to yell for me from their rooms. Drives me INSANE! You want to talk to me, come down and talk to me!!!

So, since I thought he was just calling me in there to give me a hard time about the window, or the argument with his brother, I didn’t go.

That was
ALMOST one of the biggest mistakes of my life.

A couple of minutes later, Adam was calling me again.

But now, something about his voice had changed.

Something didn’t sound ‘right’

I got to his room, went to open the door, and discovered I couldn’t.

It was locked from the inside with a relatively strong chain lock, that he had bought almost a year ago, with his own money, and had installed himself.

I had told him at the time that although I didn’t approve of the lock, since he had already gone to the trouble of BUYING it himself, and installing it HIMSELF, I wouldn’t take the lock off, as long as he NEVER used it to keep ME out of his room intentionally.

So the lock had stayed.

Since I couldn’t get the door open, and I could still hear
‘MOM!!! MOM!!! MOMMY!!!!!’ coming from behind the door, I stuck my head through the small opening between the door frame and the chain.

What I saw made my heart stop.

There was Adam, head twisted at an odd angle, HANGING by his neck from the blinds!!!

Don’t ask me HOW he managed to do it, but in the process of getting the screen back on, and getting the window closed, he had managed to get the ends of the blinds tangled up UNDER his bicycle helmet, and the cord was wrapped around his neck.

He was grabbing at the cord, and gasping for breath.

Even looking directly at him, I STILL wasn’t sure what I was seeing and the first words out of my mouth were
WHAT are you DOING?!??!’

He opened his mouth, tried to turn his head sideways so he could see me, and gasped
‘Mommy! … I … can’t … breath!’

Even as he was saying it, I could see his whole face starting to turn red.

His eyes were bulging already, although I think that was more so from the fear.

All of a sudden it hit me … just like it did
the time he was a toddler … OMIGOD HE’S CHOKING!!!!

And even though I
KNEW it was happening, I couldn’t BELIEVE it was happening in front of my eyes!

I think I was actually frozen in place for a second, thinking he was still just ‘messing with me’.

He was just joking. He wasn't really caught.

That is, until I heard another feeble
‘Mom-my …’

Mom Mode took over.

Even knowing it was already locked, I pushed on the door.

I don’t know if I expected it to magically open, but it didn’t budge.

‘Adam! I can’t get in! Your door is locked! Can you get your head out?’

Even as I was asking him, I could see his face getting redder and redder by the second, and he was starting to panic, wrapping the cord tighter around his neck.

He didn’t even really answer me. Just tried to shake his head.

Feeling at a complete loss, and trying not to panic myself, I yelled,
‘But your door is LOCKED I can’t get IN!’

He choked back,
‘Break it …’

And before I could even think about what I was doing, I let my hand drop from the door, took a step back, turned sort of sideways, held my breath and KICKED with everything in me.


And now that everything is said and done, I can say,

It was
JUST like something out of the movies! LOL

All it took was the one swift NINJA KICK!

Door FLEW open, lock went flying across the room and I raced over to my gasping boy.

It didn't take long to get him down and untangled, but those had to be the longest few seconds in my life!

He's OK. Was just shaken up, and for a little while, had a bit of a red mark around his neck where the strings from the blinds were, but overall, OK.

When it was all over, he looked at me, almost seeing me for the first time, and said,
'You ... you KICKED IN my door, Mama!'

To which I simply replied,
'Yes ... yes I did. THAT'S what a Mom on adrenaline will do when trying to get to her child.'

Some call it a shot of adrenaline, some call it Hysterical Strength.

Hysterical Strength
? Nah, just call me Badass Mama!


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Oh Yes, My Little Facebook Friends and Foes, Mama IS Watching!

I'm curious.

How many of you parents out there, with kids on Facebook, will leave a comment every now and then, either because you are actually contributing to the conversation, or sometimes, just to remind their Friends and Foes that you're around.

Keeping an eye on things.

I have. I do. And most likely will continue to in the future.

Sorry ma Boys, I'm the cross you have to bear, that comes with the privilege of having a Facebook account.

They know it.

They get it.

Most times, I try to stay out of things.

But sometimes ... as a parent ... I feel the need to step out of the shadows and say ...


If it's my own who is guilty of an inappropriate comment, which thankfully hasn't been TOO often, I let him know it has to be deleted.


Do any of you do the same?

Or do you simply monitor from afar, and keep your comments to yourself?

WHAT? There REALLY wasn't any fear of ME keeping my comments to myself ... was there?!?!?!?

I don't want it to seem like I continuously stalk their pages.

I'm not quite THAT bad.

However, in saying that, I know some of the boy's friends read this blog, s
o if there was EVER any doubt ...

Oh yes, my little Facebook Friends and Foes, Mama IS watching!


Comment on, Little Ones, comment on ...


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

TELUS Critter Blogger Challenge - You Really OTTER Vote For Him!

Most corporations try to have some sort of 'mascot'.

Taco Bell had The Chihuahua.

Kool-Aid, The Big Pitcher.

Geico has The Gecko.

AFLAC has The Duck.

And Mazda ... that creepy little 'zoom zoom' Dude.

Love 'em or hate 'em, they were the slogans and mascots chosen by the people sitting around the boardroom table at Corporate Headquarters.

Not by us, the people.

Sometimes we're lucky, and a critter or character will grow on us.

Most times, not so much.

Wouldn't it be nice, to actually have a CHOICE in which 'character' a company decided to go with?

You may not be able to control what he or she says, but it would be nice to be able to decide what little creature is forever popping onto your TV screen and billboards.

What if you CAN choose ...

Cellular service provider TELUS kicked off a new campaign on May 10th, and YOU can be a part of it!

They have decided it's time for a new campaign mascot, and they`re letting the public choose who it will be.

And, they`ve invited a few Canadian Bloggers to help spread the word, by launching the TELUS Critter Blogger Challenge!

12 of Canada's top Bloggers will compete in a cross-Canada promotion, campaigning on behalf of their favourite animal and helping to select the next critter used in TELUS advertising campaigns

And I'm one of the Bloggers!

I was given three critters to choose from, and after getting my boys' (and a few friends) opinion, decided to go with ...


Can't you just see his slogan?

'You Really Otter Vote For ME!!!'

Now, my job is to get you to vote for my critter as the new TELUS Critter.

YOUR job, is to go to their Facebook page HERE and VOTE FOR HIM!!!

Voting will be open until May 20th, and then voting on the Top 3 will take place until June 2nd.

This is where all OFFICIAL voting will take place.

You DO NOT have to LIKE their page first, before you can vote.

You DO have to be 18, and Canadian to vote (sorry to my other friends around the world!)

You can vote once a day. Please DO!

What's in it for you, you ask? (You, as in, dear Korner reader)

The opportunity to have a CHOICE in what new critter will be the NEW TELUS mascot!

You're being given a choice!

You have a voice! Use it!

And ... your vote can help nature.

`` For every vote, we’ll give $1 to the Nature Conservancy of Canada. Help us reach our goal of $100,000!`` - Taken from the TELEUS critter Facebook page.

If nothing else, you can`t argue with helping out good `ol Mother Earth.

Also, after you click VOTE, you can enter a draw. Grand prize is an African Safari!

``Each day that you vote, you`ll get a ballot for the Grand Prize Draw. You could win a trip to Africa for an amazing sightseeing safari, or one of ten Blackberry `playook`tablets.`` - Taken from the TELEUS critter Facebook page.

What's in it for me, you ask? (Me, as in, ME ... Kim of the Korner)

The opportunity to win, if my critter is chosen, one of three TELUS prize packs:

First prize: A TELUS tablet PC, a TELUS smartphone and a $1,000 donation in your name to the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC)

Second prize: A TELUS tablet PC and smartphone

Third prize: A TELUS smartphone

I'd be happy with ANY of those!

But ya know what? It wasn`t the thought of a prize that made me agree to participate in this challenge.

It was the fact that they considered me to be one of Canada`s Top 12 Bloggers!!!

I'm not quite sure when or how THAT happened but ... WOOHOO!!!

That in itself was the prize, for me :-)

Come on, people ... VOTE!

If you want to have a voice in who the next TELUS critter will be ...

You Really OTTER Vote For HIM!

Cause ya know ... Otters are pretty damn cute.

Just sayin'...



Thursday, April 21, 2011


*** WARNING!!! ***

This particular post DOES contain a few swear/curse words.
If these types of expressions offend you, you might want to leave.

I try not to swear in front of the boys.

I'm not always successful.

When I do curse, I attempt to keep it to 'damn', or 'shit', unless the boys aren't around.

Then? Sometimes, I curse like a sailor! Just because I CAN!

One of my funniest memories of Adam, is when he was only a couple of years old.

He was standing in the kitchen, and he dropped something, and stomped his little foot while letting out a 'SHIT!' at the same time.

PERFECT imitation of Mama!

No, not exactly something I WANTED my 2yr old saying, but I DID see the humour in it.

Growing up, my dad was never one to drop the F-Bomb around the house.

He found both that, and the 'c-word' too crude.

We're catholic.

He was more of a 'God Damnit!' or 'Jesus Christ!' man.

Some may think those are WORSE than the F-Bomb, but in my personal opinion, nothing releases more stress, carries more OOMPH, more shock factor, than a big 'ol heartfelt FUCK!

And apparently, there's been a nobel prize given to the researchers who have studied the fact that letting out a big 'ol curse can effect pain tolerance and heartrate.

Go figure.

Of course, as far as the boys are concerned, there is to be NO swearing.

Although, I'm not completely naive.

They're fifteen and eleven. I know when they're with their friends, they're going to swear.

Kids want to swear, because they're not supposed to swear.

However, there's a time and a place, and anytime there are ANY other persons around, other than their immediate friends, it is NOT the place.


Instead, I've always tried to get them to use 'substitute' words.

Like, 'sugar'. Or 'darn'. Or 'fudge'

The obvious ones.

Then ... there are the not so obvious ...

The other day, Adam asked if he could show me a video.

One that he and his friend had 'stumbled' across on YouTube.

When I asked what kind of video it was, he said ...

'Well, ya know how I'm not allowed to swear? I saw this and thought maybe it could work for ME!'

So I told him, 'Hit play and let me see ...'

This is what he showed me ....

I haven't yet decided how I feel about this video from SMOSH.

Obviously I don't agree with some of the concepts, but I get that they aren't real/true.

And some parts, I find pretty damn hilarious.

Did I want to be introduced to this video by my 11yr old?

Not necessarily.

Would I rather him say 'FIRETRUCK!', rather than the alternative, in those situations where, (in his 11yr old mind) he MUST utter a word with such power?


So next time you hear someone yell 'FIRETRUCK!' - Don't necessarily look for the smoke.

Instead, find the guy who just bit his tongue, while humming the latest
Jonas Brothers tune!

Yes, you'll have to watch the video to get that.


P.S. If you play that song more than once, it WILL stay in your head! Just sayin'.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hello, Officer. Are You Looking For Me?

On Saturday, Alec and I were in the backyard, picking up 'stuff'.

He had played the second game of his basketball provincials that morning, and had another game that afternoon, so we were trying to tackle some of the 'winter mess' in the backyard in between.

We were over by the garage.

He was putting away the small items like hockey sticks and shovels, and I was gathering up small pieces of kindling that had fallen off the truck, when the wood had been delivered just before the first snowfall.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw my next door neighbour coming across his lawn.

I straightened up, smiled and said 'Hi'.

He looked puzzled.

When he got within a few feet of me, he asked, 'What's with all the cops down there?'


Since I had no idea what he was talking about, I could only reply, 'What do you mean? All the cops down where?'

He pointed to the end of my driveway.

I turned, to find this ...

Oh ... but not one of them ...

TWO cars sitting there.

In front of my house.

Well now, I thought, isn't THAT interesting!

And with my armload of kindling, I proceeded down the driveway.

When I got to the end, one police officer was already walking slowing down the side of the road.

The other was standing by the car.

I approached her and the conversation went something like this ...

'Hello, Officer. Are you looking for me?'

'Am I looking for you?'

'Yeah ... are you looking for me'

'No, we're not here for you.'

I'll admit it. Even though I knew I had done nothing wrong, internally I let out a little FREAKIN' PHEW!!!!

She said it was nothing serious.

They were looking for a neighbour.

I lowered my voice, and asked her if I should take Alec inside ... (cause ya KNOW he followed me down there, to see what was going on!)

She didn't think so.

We headed back to the yard, finished picking up a few things, then went into the house.

By this time, they had entered and searched the house they were looking for, and we could see them marching our neighbour down the road.

Sure enough, he 'assumed the position' behind one of the cars.

It was at THIS point, I asked Adam if he wanted to see someone get arrested in front of our house?

He had been in his room this whole time, and had no idea of what was taking place out front.

That was probably a GOOD thing!

By the time we got back to the window, (Oh shut up! You would have watched from your window too!) Mr Neighbour was being cuffed and put into the back seat.

Then ... they sat there.

That's when Alec suggested, 'Hey, Mom! You should get the camera!'

Although I took a second to think about it, in the end I replied, 'No, it's probably not a good idea to take pictures of the neighbour getting arrested.'

So who runs for the camera instead?

My little paparazzi in the making!

The kid who thought it was pretty cool, seeing a bust in front of his house lol.

So long Officers!

Till next time!

Oh yes, between this and this and this ... there will most definitely be some sort of next time ...


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Smells GOOD Dudden' It?

Something happened the other day, that has caused me to realized something about myself.

Something I'm not necessarily proud of.

For all my talk of always trying to 'do the right thing', I realized after this particular incident that I can assess a situation, decide something about it is wrong, and STILL walk away without saying or doing something.

I suck.

On Friday, I ran to Giant Tiger at lunch.

This is my new favourite 'Mom Store'.

I got out of the car, and started walking to the entrance.

At the same time, a guy in his 20's (I'd say) was walking with his 2-3yr old daughter across the parking lot.

They got to the entrance before I did, and met up with a couple who had a child in a stroller (no idea how old this child was, as I didn't even really look INTO the stroller) and another woman was walking over to join the crew.

As I got closer, I smelled it.

They were smoke a joint.

Yes, I know they were smoking a joint and not a cigarette.

Weed has a very distinct smell to it, people!

It was definitely a joint. And they were smoking it ... at the freakin' FRONT DOOR!!!!

You had to walk right by them to get into the store.

Now, it's not the dope smoking I have a problem with.

At the risk of alienating the non-dope-smokers out there, I have to say that if someone wants to smoke a joint, (as opposed to having a drink perhaps!) at a party with other ADULTS, or in the privacy of their own locked bathroom home, after a long day at work, and they aren't hurting anyone ...

FILL YER BOOTS!!!!!!!!!!

However, this wasn't the case in this particular situation.

The problem I had with this situation, was that as I approached, the woman was speaking to the little girl who had just arrived with her dad.

The little one MUST have said something about the smell that was engulfing the group, because as I got up to them, the woman said 'Smells good, dudden' it? Smells GOOD, DUDDEN' IT?'

Huh? WHAT???

OK, smoking a joint in public is one thing.

Smoking it at the front entrance to a busy store, at LUNCHTIME, is just stupid.

Smoking a joint, IN FRONT OF YOUR KIDS, and telling them it smells GOOD, is .. is ...

OMIGOD! I just wanted to walk up to that chick and punch her in the face!

But I didn't.

I wanted to scream at them that they were idiots! Dirtbags!

But I didn't.

Instead, I paused, looked at them, then continued walking into the store.

I suck.

For all my talk of doing the right thing, I didn't.

I sized them up.

I really did.

I did a quick calculation of 'OK, four on one ... two of them are guys and the two chicks look like they could KNOCK OUT A GUY! What are my chances here ...'

Cause I may be opinionated, and mouthy (at times!) ... but I'm not stupid.

I knew if I said something to them, told them what I REALLY thought of what they were doing, most likely they'd have a reply for me.

Maybe 'mind your own f'in business!'.

Maybe more.

Did I want to take that chance?

Cause I knew ... once I opened my mouth, it would be GAME ON!

I didn't.

I wish I'd had the balls to say something, but I didn't.

And I've been kicking myself ever since.

I don't think I would have changed anything about the situation.

I think those kids will still be stuck in a room with their parents whenever they decide to get high.

I hope they won't repeat the same cycle with their own kids.

And I would have REALLY felt better if I'd said something.


Yeah. I suck.


Where's my bag of weed?!?!?!

Kidding, MOM!!!!


Friday, March 25, 2011

I Took The Crest And Oral-B 3D White Challenge. Pretty Sure I Got A B-

OK, so for those who aren't already aware, let's just get this over with now.

I'm a smoker.

Yes I know I shouldn't smoke.

I'm 40yrs old. Of course I know I shouldn't.

I've had a double lung surgery, have 15% less lungs, and what's left was stapled to my chest walls.

Of course I know I shouldn't.

I have two great kids to think about.

Of course I know I shouldn't.

I knew I shouldn't have started when I was 19.

But I did.

And I do.

And although that's not necessarily the POINT of this post, it does have something to do with it, so ... yeah.

There ya go.

I'm a smoker.

AND I know all the logical reasons why I shouldn't. Thank you. Please don't send me email.

I'm also an excessive Pepsi and coffee drinker.

Tim Hortons coffee to be exact. Extra large triple triple, (in case, ya know ... you were ever stopping by or something ...).

My love of caffeine, also has something to do with this post.

No, I'm not laying all my specific neurosis out here for you to analyze and discuss.

Sorry! Another time, maybe!

I'm talking about things that tend to stain the enamel on teeth.

MY teeth, included.

So, to say I was happy when an email landed in the Korner, wondering if I'd be interested in trying some products from Crest®, is a bit of an understatement.

UH ... YEAH ... guinea pig over here! Waving! Frantically!

The challenge was to remove up to 80% of the surface stains, for a whiter-looking smile, in 14 days!

YES! I wanted to do that!

Yes, kind marketing person, absolutely send me your products!

And she did.

Four of the
Crest And Oral-B 3D White® products arrived within a couple of days.

I received the:

  • Crest 3D White Professional Effects Whitestrips with Advanced Seal technology,
  • Crest 3D White Vivid Toothpaste,
  • Crest 3D White MultiCare Whitening Rinse,
  • and an Oral-B Pulsar 3D White Advanced Vivid Toothbrush.


Loved the idea of all of it!

According to the
Crest® people, if I used all of the products they sent me, together ...

"Crest and Oral-B introduce their first-ever 3D White collection designed to provide dramatic, noticeable whitening results for a smile that makes heads turn.

When used together, Crest 3D White Professional Effects Whitestrips, Crest 3D White Vivid Toothpaste, Crest 3D White MultiCare Whitening Rinse and theOral-B Pulsar 3D White Advanced Vivid toothbrush, users can notice whitening results after just one day."

***taken from Crest fact sheet***

Alrighty then! Let's put it to the test!

To start this project 'right', I needed a 'before crest smile' pic.

I took one.

Teeth only.

And then deleted it at Adam's basketball game a few weeks ago ... BY MISTAKE ... when I ran out of room on the camera.

So, I've tried to do the next best thing.

I've included a couple of pictures from last summer.

Click on them, and you get a pretty good idea of what the teeth looked like BC - Before Crest®.

As I gathered everything up off the counter, the toothbrush became a bit of a debate, as one of the boys tried to claim it for himself.

I considered it, gave him a kiss on the cheek, took the brush out of his hand, and told him to, 'Get a blog, Kid!' ;-p

I ripped open the toothbrush, took the toothpaste out of the box, and ran to the bathroom with my boy not far behind.

Just because he wasn't getting the fancy new toothbrush, didn't mean he also didn't get to try the new toothpaste!

He was checkin' that one OUT!

And, no time like the present to get started!

Brushed the teeth.

Took my time, made sure to get the fancy new brush over each tooth.

Rinsed with the mouthwash.

That was NICE!

Not like the old brown bottle of Listerine I remember mom and dad had in the bathroom cabinet!

Oh yeah. I tried it. BLECH!!!

This? This Crest® product? Not blech!

Then, I tried the strips.

The strips and I didn't really get along. But we'll get into that in a bit.

First ...

The Toothpaste

"Patented dual-action silica system helps polish away surface stains to gently whiten teeth

Unique paste-gel hybrid formulation offers the cleaning of a paste and the freshness of a gel, helping teeth feel smooth and clean."

Suggested retail price of $2.49 - $3.29* for 85 mL, $2.99 - $3.89 for 125 mL and $3.88 - $4.99 for 165 mL.

***taken from Crest fact sheet***

What really got my attention though, was this, 'Removes up to 80% of surface stains for a whiter-looking smile in 14 days'.

NOW we're talking!

The toothpaste, I loved. Great taste. No complaints at all.

Did it remove 80% of the surface stains?

I don't know what percentage I'd give it, but yes, *I* thought there was a noticeable difference, within only a couple of days.

Nobody has walked up to me and said, out of the blue, 'wow, your teeth look really white today.'

But, Adam did comment, 'I think that toothpaste is working, Mom!'

Whether he really saw a difference, or he was simply a boy, trying to please his Mama ...


Toothpaste ... good job on the challenge. Passed.

The Mouthwash

"Specially formulated with two ingredients: hydrogen peroxide to whiten teeth by removing surface stains, and sodium hexametaphosphate – to help protect against future surface stains"

Suggested retail price of $6.49* for 473mL and $8.99* for 964 mL

***taken from Crest fact sheet***

I don't really have alot to say about this HUGE bottle of mouthwash.

It was minty, which I liked.

It made my teeth feel clean, which I also liked.

And it didn't taste like Listerine medicine, which I REALLY liked!

I suppose I should be concerned it contains hydrogen peroxide, but the enamel is still intact, and it hasn't eaten away my two front teeth, which are capped.

This is a good thing.

Mouthwash ... good job on the challenge. Passed.

The Whitestrips
"Features the most advanced adhesion technology from Crest that temporarily molds the strip to user’s teeth for a secure fit and to deliver an enhanced tooth whitening experience with a stronger, no slip fit and no mess".

Suggested retail price of $59.99 - $64.99*.
***taken from Crest fact sheet***

The Whitestrips?

Love the idea of them.

Finding the 30min EVERY SINGLE DAY, is the hard part. For me.

I know from past experience. I still have a (different) box of unused whitestrips sitting in the bathroom cabinet now.

I can't say I really gave these particular whitestrips a fair shot.

Not because I was lazy putting them in.

I tried.

Unfortunately, either my gums have finally begun to show signs of the 20yrs of smoke and coffee, or the chemicals in the strips are just too hard on my mouth.

Whatever the reason, they burned after only a few minutes.

Not to the point where it literally burned the inside of my mouth.

Not THAT extreme.

But I definitely had an uncomfortable burning sensation.

So I took them out.

I'm NOT saying this would happen to everyone.

Keep in mind I originally prefaced that observation with the fact that my years of smoking and caffeine may (most likely) have played a part.

You'll only know if you try it for yourself.

... uncompleted challenge. I can't really say Pass or otherwise, since I didn't really give it a try.

And finally ...
The Toothbrush
"Vibrates and polishes away surface stains on and between teeth

MicroPulse™ bristles pivot and pulse for a clean the user can feel"

Suggested retail price of $6.99-$8.99*
***taken from Crest fact sheet***

When you first power up this baby, it feels nice on the teeth!

The bristles are split and angled and pivot while you're brushing.

Once again, you can feel it cleaning the surface and around the teeth.

Overall, does a great job.

Sadly, however, this toothbrush is not made for a certain type of person.

Unfortunately, a person such as myself.

A multi-tasker.

If you're simply standing there, mouth open, going over each tooth, (as I had done the night before), it's a good brush!

However, if, like myself, in the morning rush you power up that brush, stick it in your mouth, start the brushing process, grab your coffee off the vanity ledge, close your mouth around the brush, run down the stairs heading to the microwave to re-heat the coffee, and throw a few dishes in the dishwasher while waiting for it, and about the fourth step down realize ...

'What is that god-awful vibrating in my mouth!!!!'

The TOOTHBRUSH, people! The toothbrush!

Keep your minds out of the gutter and stay with me, here!

By the time I made it to the microwave, the vibrating toothbrush was uncomfortable.

By the time I reached the dishwasher, I ripped that sucker out of my mouth.

It didn't hurt.

But for me, personally, I'd never be able to close my lips around it, because I couldn't handle that vibrating against my teeth and the sensation that they would explode at any given second.

Sorry, Crest® People.

More often than not, I'm running around the house WHILE I'm brushing my teeth.

Having said that, if I'm focused on the brushing, giving them a 'good' cleaning, exercising all the plaque demons, THIS is the brush I'll use!!!

Toothbrush ... mostly good job on the challenge.

Thoroughly cleaning in and around teeth ... Passed.

Ease of use while multi-tasking, if you don't like the whole 'vibrating lips' thing ... Failed.


Overall, I have to say I really liked most of the products I tried.

All of which are available now, at mass retail, drug and grocery stores across Canada.

I can't really say I tried the whitestrips more than once, so we'll just leave them out of this.

What I CAN say though, is ...

I took the
Crest And Oral-B 3D White® Challenge. Pretty sure I got a B-

Would you like to see the result?

I got a close up of the pearly whites tonight.

And yes, I do think they're white, if I do say so myself!

Thank you, Crest And Oral-B®, for giving me the opportunity to try your products, and improve my smile!

And thank you, Ms Marketing Rep, for giving me the opportunity to get some of this crap off my teeth.

Hopefully, for good!

Oh ... wait ... I'd probably have to give up smoking, coffee and Pepsi to get rid of it all forever.

OK, so ... thank you Crest® and Ms Marketing Rep, for helping me keep most of the crap off my teeth ... for as long as I continue to feed these bad habits ...

Happy Brushing!