Sunday, July 31, 2011

And In Other News ...

When I got the news the Ex was coming back to town, one of my first thoughts (aside from how good it was going to be for the boys) was, ‘I may actually get to blog on a ‘regular’ basis again!’

Yeah. So much for that idea.

I was hoping the weekend the boys spent with their dad, after he got back, the first weekend in NINE MONTHS I would be 'kid-free' both physically, and mentally, that I would spend my ‘free time’ here in the Korner, sharing our latest adventures.

Didn’t happen.

Instead, I spent that weekend in bed, as well as the whole following week, with a bad case of bronchitis.

I’m sure there’s an old saying about ‘best laid plans’ in there somewhere …

Although there hasn’t been alot of excitement in the Korner lately ... other than the standard chaos, there ARE a few things I've been meaning to share.

Back in April, Adam was hospitalized for two reasons.

One for the stomach pain he’s been experiencing for the past year +, and also because he started vomiting blood.

After running many tests, including an ultrasound and scope, they’ve determined he suffers from Chronic Functional Abdominal Pain.

Unfortunately, there is no cure or medical treatment for this illness, other than ‘coping mechanisms’.

That wasn’t good enough for me.

After doing some online research, I discovered that a powdered pro-biotic, that contains a specific type of ingredient called B Infantis, as well as Enteric Peppermint Oil Capsules have been successful in helping with the pain.

So I started him on them.

First the pro-biotic, then the capsules.

The capsules seem to work best.

He still gets stomach pains every now and then.

But now, it's every now and then. And not constant.

So that IS an improvement.

While he was in the hospital, his classmates and teacher made him an AWESOME card!

That was really cool of all of them to do so.

Thanks, Guys!!!!!

We still have to see an ENT specialist for the vomiting blood issue, because it’s actually coming from the back of his nasal passage and THEN going into his stomach.

But for now, it seems to have subsided.

Not stopped, but definitely decreased in frequency.

Except for the occasional ‘power nose bleed’ that he gets unexpectedly.

Those really suck.

And now, on to other things ...

I’m behind on my product reviews.

As much as I love receiving ‘free stuff’, I always feel guilty about having that product(s), until I get a review done.

However, I’ve discovered that turning 40 has completely sucked my ability to stay up until 2am blogging.

My brain wants to do it, my body screams NO!

Then again, so does putting your body through the torture of riding the waves at super high speed on a Super Brawler tube, and being thrown from said tube, air-born, screaming, butt-first into the lake.

Pic taken from here.

Yeah, that was me, during an office party at the beginning of the month.

Afterwards, my body decided to give me a big 'ol 'f*ck you and this acting like you're still 20 shit!' and between the back screaming and the neck aching, I could barely move.

Felt like crap for about three weeks after.

Which of course, kept me off the computer.

The body and I have since come to a truce.

No more high speed anything for me for awhile, and I can walk without looking like I was just trampled by a hundred women in 6" heels at a
75 % off Prada sale!

So, in my attempt to catch up, keep watching the Korner over the next few weeks, to see what I thought of the latest ...



Green cleaning ...

... and
food products I was sent.

As well as what the boys thought of a new book they received, Unto the Breach, with a personal little note, from Canadian author Sidney Gale.

Also, I received a message the other day, from a girl representing a group of 7 Canadians, trying to win a contest/trip to New Zealand.

They are attempting to compete in the
Glacier Country Experience Competition, and I was asked for suggestions on how to get the word out about it, in order to help them win.

This is one way that came to mind ;-)

Check out their contest entry here! And vote for Ponnie and her team to make it to the event to
'win an all inclusive trip to the West Coast of New Zealand, worth over $50,000', to not only watch, but 'play a game of Rugby against the current Glacier Country champions on the number two field; the glacier itself.'

And in other news …

The Ex is back.

For how long is anybody’s guess, but for now, he’s back.

I don’t know the details, don’t really care to.

All I know is that things didn’t work out in Australia.

Apparently he had been thinking of going ‘out west’. But some of you may remember a letter I mentioned in my last post.

That letter Adam wrote was to his father.

Once his dad received it, 'out west' turned into 'back east'.


For the boys, I think this is a good thing.

As close as we are, I also realize boys need their dad.

And sometimes, despite our leaps and bounds in technology, Skype just doesn't compare to the sound and touch and presence of the real thing.

Hope everyone is having a GREAT summer so far!

Next week, the boys and I are hitting the trees again, at Treego!

Climbing 40+ft in the trees and ziplining!

This should be interesting with bronchitis ...

Dear body, please forgive me!


Monday, July 4, 2011

You Got Balls, Baby! YOU GOT BALLS!

See this kid with me?

Yeah. Him.

I’m pretty proud of him, ya know.

No, he didn’t bring home a report card with all straight A’s (although a mother can dream … right?!?!)

No, he didn’t single handedly save a toddler behind the wheel of a runaway car (a la Agent Cody Banks).

And no, he hasn’t solved world hunger, while calculating the equations in his math homework.

What DID he do, you wonder?

He wrote a letter.

That’s it.

A letter.

However, it was a very SPECIAL letter.

It was written to someone who is very important to him.

Someone he had A LOT to say to.

It took him two months to decide what he wanted to say, and how he wanted to say it.

It had to be absolutely PERFECT.

He didn’t sugar coat it. He told it like it was.

He was honest.

Brutally honest, about his feelings.

He took a big chance writing that letter, because he was unsure of the reaction of the person who would be reading it.

But in the end, he didn’t change a word.

Regardless of the potential consequences, he clicked ... SEND.

And for that, I’m SUPER proud of him.

I had nothing to do with his letter. Didn’t contribute a single word.

He told me I was allowed to read it, but wasn’t allowed to ask him to change any of it.

Because they were HIS feelings.

Right or wrong … HIS.

And for that, I had to respect him.

On the drive to school later that morning, my boy and I were talking about his letter.

There was a part of me that STILL couldn’t believe he’d actually sent it.

The outcome of sending it could have gone many ways.

Luckily, for now, it has a happy ending. So for my boy(s), I’m happy.

At one point, I looked over at him and said, ‘Well, you definitely inherited your mother’s moxy!’

‘What’s that mean?’, he asked.

With a smile, I said You got balls, Baby! YOU GOT BALLS!’

Gee … I wonder where he gets that trait from?!?!??!