Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Butterfly Boys

Every year for Christmas, I buy presents for the ex and he has presents for me.

Some have tags 'From Kim', the others are meant to be for him from the boys.

Same for me. He buys the presents for me that will be from the boys.

This year, something different happened.

They boys used their allowance to pick out my present THEMSELVES!

The ex took them shopping separately.

They had no idea what the other had picked out for me.

From Alec, I received this beautiful silver butterfly ring.

From Adam, this beautiful butterfly decoration.

I don't collect butterflies. I've never really mentioned having a particular liking for them.

But without knowing what the other was getting, BOTH boys chose butterflies for me this year ... all on their own.

Guess my boys are growing up. *sniff*

And I guess I'm starting a new butterfly collection!

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I LUVS Me Some Chicken Fried!

Evening everyone! And welcome to another session of Country Music Edification!

Oh, STOP your groaning! NOW! All of you!

Country Music is good for your soul, and you know it!

A very good friend once told me she thought I "... kept such a good outlook on life, because I listened to so much country music. That had to be the only explanation." And she doesn't even LIKE country!

So, yeah. Country is a part of *me*, so if you're coming here to read about *me* and our adventures, then yes, you ARE going to hear about Country Music occasionally. Deal with it. (she says sweetly) ;-p

There's a new song I want to tell you all about. I've only heard it a couple of times on my favourite radio station, but it caught my attention both times and I was singing along with the chorus by the end of it!

This is the Zac Brown Band.

Pic courtesy of

And this is their hit song.

Chicken Fried!

I Luvs it!

This first clip is just the song. No video. So go ahead, click that little 'ole play button, close your eyes, listen to the words, get in the groove, and get Chicken Fried.

Then, either watch the Official Video


Watch them perform it LIVE on the Grand Ole Opry!

The words in this song seem very appropriate now, meaning both because of 'this time of year', and simply because of the state of our uncertain world.

It's appropriate for many people, for very different reasons.

I have my own reasons, and, well, I just LIKE it. It's got a good Maritimer's feel to it, a kitchen party song ;-)

The other night, I was driving home from work. It was Friday night, and although I RARELY call in to request a song for the 'Drive @ 5', I suddenly had me an urge for some Chicken Fried!

A PERFECT song for a Friday night highway drive home.

So I called.

And, I was DENIED. Denied my Chicken Fried!

My favourite afternoon radio dude said that he had played that request the night before, and according to company policy, he wasn't able to play it two nights in a row(or something along those lines).

I was crushed!

Pic courtesy of Wikimedia

And although I had to disagree with company policy, I simply requested it for Monday night's drive home instead.

Then I stalked messaged him on Facebook, and layed on the guilt trip for my crushing denial ... somewhat like I'm doing here ;-p

Tonight (Monday) on the drive home ...

I got my Chicken Fried! First request played :-)

And did I mention,
I LUVS Me Some Chicken Fried!

Pic courtesy of istockphoto

Thanks Favourite Afternoon Radio Dude! Sniff ... he does luvs me ;-)

Now scroll back up, hit the play button on one of those videos (again) and get Chicken Fried!

Yes, now.

That's it. Class dismissed. Y'all.


Sunday, December 14, 2008

GIVE! It Feels GOOD Dammit!

The first Christmas after my ex and I separated really SUCKED!

I had been laid off from my job earlier that year, and it just so happened I asked for the separation the same month my employment insurance ran out.

Not smart Kim, NOT smart!

I had been receiving calls from my old employer, saying they wanted to bring me back on a new project, but it wasn't ready to start until Jan.

That meant no income whatsoever from Aug- Jan.

Yeah, Christmas was NOT great that year.

If it wasn't for the help of many angels, the boys would have had alot less than what they did. As it turned out, they never noticed anything different that year, with respect to 'how much' was under the tree, than any other year.

I knew the difference. I knew what had come from me, the very little I could afford, and what had come from others.

I knew, and I never forgot.

That January, I went back to work on the promised project, and never looked back. But never forgot the help of all those angels when I needed it.

Now it's Christmas time again, and yesterday I went shopping.

I shopped for about 10hrs. I shopped. Then I dropped!

However, I wasn't only shopping for my own brood, extended family, teachers and friends.

I was shopping for a second family also.

Last year, for the first time, our project team adopted a family in need for Christmas.

This year, the lady who had previously organized the event, was no longer with the company, so by the time mid-November had rolled around, and there was no mention of a 'Holiday Family' yet, I got off my butt and got things organized!

I contacted Feed Nova Scotia and they matched us up with a family in need.

A single mom with four kids. Three girls (10, 5 & 2) and a boy(9).

We got a list of wants and needs, which I distributed, so some people brought in presents, some grocery gift cards, some donated cash.

People brought in things that weren't even ON the list.

For four weeks, I sent out a 'Weekly Update' email with a spreadsheet of the wants and needs, showing everything we had picked up so far, and what we had left to get.

I also sent a weekly update of the funds raised to date.

Our presents are to be boxed up and delivered this coming Wednesday, the 17th.

So, yesterday, I took all the cash that was raised, and went shopping for the things that were still missing on our list.

Over and above the individual presents that were brought into the office, and over and above the $260 in grocery gift cards that were given, our team raised $300!!!

And it was a FUN day shopping, because I could shop for 3 GIRLS! I never get to shop for girls ;-) Pink, pink everywhere!!!

I'm very proud of my team members. They have HUGE hearts! :-) And none of this would have been possible without all of them!

In talking to a few people around the office, I've come to the conclusion that an event like this really hits home for those of us who have 'been there' in one form or another. And believe me, there are even more than we know who have.

I know for me, I don't ever want another mom to feel like *I* did that one year.

Helpless, hopeless and lost.

It's not a nice feeling, and so something like this is important to me.

I'm still a single mom, and I'm still the only one financially responsible for raising my kids. I worry about being in the 'two paychecks from homeless-ness' generation, and know that the hands of fate could rip everything out from under me in a heartbeat.

I don't have alot of money, I live pretty much paycheck to paycheck, but I gave.

I gave my time, and my money, and sore feet from shopping ... and pieces of my heart to those kids and mom, and dammit, if feels GREAT!

If you get the opportunity, over the next week or so, before that big day finally arrives .... try it ... GIVE! It Feels GOOD Dammit!

And I guarantee ... you'll be glad you did!



Thursday, December 11, 2008

Casting Call! - Do You Want To Be On A New Reality TV Show?

Earlier this week, I received an interesting email.

It was from someone who works for a TV Production company in LA. Pie Town Productions

I'm still not sure what her entire message said, because I simply didn't make it past "your writing is great - definitely caught my attention when I was sifting through all the blogs".

Kidding :-) Yes, I DID read her entire message!

And she did actually say that, but whether or not it was the truth, or simply to butter me up so I'd post this for her, I'm not sure.

I'm going with the truth ;-)

She contacted me because she seems to think that other single parents read and frequent my blog.

Doesn't she know my Mom is the only one who reads this?!?!?!

Again, kidding ;-)

I've agreed to write a special post today, specifically for this person.

It's a * Casting Call *

This is for single parents, OR people who are in a relationship, with someone who already has kids, making them an 'Instant Family'.

There are two new Reality TV Shows on the horizon, and this production company is looking for people to appear on these new shows.

I wanted to make sure I described everything they're looking for accurately, so I've decided to simply copy the details of her message.

Casting Notice:

Are you about to or have just become an "instant parent?" A Los Angeles television production company is currently searching for families to potentially feature in a docu-drama. We are in the process of developing a positive, upbeat show (think: "Jon and Kate Plus Eight").

We're looking for LIVELY families with funny stories, big emotion, and great personalities.

Multiple children not necessary, but preferred (the more the merrier!). Do you (or are you about to) have an "instant family?" We're looking for people joining a family where their significant other has kids and they have none.

We're also looking for single moms or dads who are about to jump back in the dating game.

If interested, please email your contact information and your story to:

To learn more about our company visit our site at:



So? Do you (or someone you know) want to be on a Reality TV Show?

If you think you'd like to, give it a shot!

She sent me an application for the America's Most Wanted, Parking Wars, SuperNanny, 'Single Parent' show, and told me she thought I'd be a good candidate ...

Who knows ... maybe I'll even send in the application and instead of just reading about all our adventures, you'll be able to WATCH them!!!!!

Good Luck to all those who decide to give it a shot!


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Easy To Assemble, My Ass!

It's not even Christmas morning yet, and I'm already assembling!

I have also learned something from this most recent project. I have discovered Adam is the only System Engineer in THIS house!

He is SO his father's son! In all those 'building/construction/anything that takes a hammer' kind of ways ;-)

Earlier this week, we had our Holiday Party & Secret Santa Gift Exchange at work.

I came home with an 'Easy to Assemble' Gingerbread house.

I stole it from a co-worker during a gift exchange game. Yeah. I'm a nasty little Elf that way.

It was perfect. Adam had been asking for one of these for the past couple of weeks, everyone else seemed to be concentrating on stealing the presents that contained bottles of wine, so I zeroed in on the CANDY.

Sat afternoon, the boys, one of their friends and I began what I had thought would be a simple house construction. An afternoon of fun and creativity.

How hard could it be? The pieces are all pre-cut, they give you a mold to stick them in, icing to hold it together and decorate with, and enough candy to bring on a three day sugar buzz if consumed all at once.

A little tree here, a little man there ...

I'll admit, I'm no Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen, but I think I can handle a little Gingerbread House


This is the type of house my ex builds our boys ... tree houses ... or is that houses in trees?

Remember, I'm just trying to get one of these babies standing!

And it was clearly labeled!

Key word here People ... EASY!


Not so much.

After the roof collapsed, and the sides imploded, for the SECOND time, we decided to go to Plan B, and move on to Gingerbread Slab Construction & Self Decoration.

Alec's Slab & One Legged Man
(yes, that IS the Dude from Shrek!)

Adam's Slab is under that candy somewhere ...

Alec's friend's Slab Creation

When they started decorating, I started cleaning, so I decided to hire a decorator, and asked Adam to surprise me with my slab.

For some reason, I seemed to have gotten short-changed in the icing department, compared to the others!

I suppose that's not necessarily a BAD thing ;-)

And no, they didn't sit down and eat it ALL in one sitting. Alec's friend slept over that night, and they ended up eating about half of it over the course of two full days.

The fact the house never turned out like the one in the picture didn't seem to stop them from eating it.

And we still had fun making it.

But, if I was stopped in the grocery store, and asked to give my opinion on the product? My only comment?

'Easy to Assemble, My Ass!'
But still an afternoon's worth of fun ;-)


Monday, December 8, 2008

System Engineering, 3rd Grade Style

Over three weeks ago, Adam came home from school excited about a bridge.

He announced that he had a project due. The Structures project.

He had to build a bridge out of paper or cardboard products and he could use tape, glue, staples etc to hold the parts together.

He started it that night.

It wasn't due until today. Three weeks later.

I'm glad he was excited about it, and wanted to work on it. I wasn't as excited about my living room turning into Craft Central, with my coffee tabled morphing into a drafting table.

After he had started the main structure, I took a good look at the instructions.

'It must span a space of 30 cm between two desks.'

'It must be strong enough to hold two dinky cars.'

I took out the ruler and checked out the bridge. Almost double the requirement.

Last Tuesday night, after adding the on/off ramps, he was finished.

Here is his masterpiece.

3rd Grade System Engineering at it's best!

Those white marks are skid marks from cars lol.

He did the entire project on his own. Everything came from his own brain, and through his own hands, and hard work.

I knew I saved those toilet paper rolls over the summer for a reason!

We brought in an outside contractor to give a true test of the bridge's strength and endurance.

The other night, I walked around the corner, into the living room and found her hard at work ...

The Kitten Stress Test

I have no fear that it will meet the 'Must hold 2 dinky's' requirement!

Here's the kicker.

He didn't get to present it today. We had a storm overnight and school was cancelled due to icy roads this morning.

He was really looking forward to showing that bridge off too. Not often you see a kid bummed about getting a snow day!

Hmmm ... maybe I should've put him to work, instead of letting him playing outside all day.

Wonder how he'd make out building me a new room in the basement!

My little System Engineer in training ;-)

Now where'd I put that 'Child Labour Laws For Dummies' handbook?


Sunday, December 7, 2008

Now THAT'S a Care Package!

When I was in University, I LOVED getting care packages from my Mom and Dad.

Many girls on my floor loved it, because there was always homemade goodies in there from Mom that I would share :-)

Whenever I've gone home over the past 20yrs, Mom has always sent me off with more 'stuff' than I arrived with.

Even as a 'grownup', I still always leave with a care package. Stuff for me. Stuff for the boys. Stuff for the house.

A couple of weeks ago, I went to visit my Mom.

It was just me and an empty vehicle. Kids were at school, I had the day off.

My Mom has recently sold her three level house, and built a one level condo.

She's down-sizing.

THIS is what I returned home with.

Not only the back was filled, but both back seats had to be put down for more room.

And there was even stuff in the FRONT seat! LOL

Now THAT'S a Care Package!!!!

Thanks Mom!


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

That Little Old Lady Just Called Me An ASSHOLE!

So, I mentioned I was at this great Johnny Reid concert last week.

And it was.

Overall, he put on an awesome show, sang his heart out, and we all loved him.

However, (you knew that 'however' was coming didn't ya!), as with many of my concert experiences, it didn't quite go as smoothly as planned.

I bought the tickets shortly after they went on sale, and after the first show had already sold out. That meant we were going to the Tues night, 8pm show.

We agreed Cass would meet me at work, we'd leave from there, grab dinner at
the bar, and be there in lots of time before the doors opened for the show.

Since we'd be there so early, about 3hrs before start time, there was a good chance we'd have good seats too!

Yeah. That was the plan.

Late afternoon, I heard on the radio that the doors were going to open early, 5pm.

Apparently there had been a HUGE lineup at the Friday night show, so they were trying to move the lineup along a little easier by opening the doors earlier.

OK. According to the original plan, we'd still be there in plenty of time.

Cass met me at work, we left on time, got to the bar on time. It was 4:40 and there were about 20 people or so lined up waiting to get in.

It was a crappy day, cold and drizzling, so we decided to wait in the car. Not even five minutes later, the doors opened.

Once we got in, and handed over our tickets, we set off to find seats.

And AWESOME seats we got!!! Almost front row centre!

We managed to grab two seats at the table centre to the stage, three seats in. WOOHOO!

This was our Pre-Show view

Where those three women are standing, that's the front of the stage.

Yeah! Showing up early paid off! Three hours until showtime and the place was already starting to fill up.

We DID get awesome seats!!! I was ecstatic!

Until showtime.

First, I have to point out that rope going along the length of the stage. Along the whole row of tables.

On the other side of the rope, is the dance floor. We expected people to be standing on the dance floor.

However, because there was a 'Please Do NOT Stand HERE!' sign along the rope, (not visible in pic above) we knew that we'd have a clear view of the stage, over the heads of the people on the dance floor.

For FOUR HOURS (yes FOUR HOURS because the show started an hour late!) the Bouncers were moving people who blatantly ignored the sign, and stood by the rope.

They moved people along who stopped by the rope to have a chat, and scope out available seats.

They moved people who supposedly didn't see the sign, and stood there anyway.

Not only our table was affected by the 'rope view', but all the tables along the front of the stage, so we were ALL very pleased that the bouncers were doing their job of keeping people out of our way.

We had made the conscious decision and EFFORT to show up there three hours early, which turned out to be FOUR hours early, specifically to get GOOD seats.

THAT'S the point of going early. Not for the pub food! Not to chat with the strangers at the table! Not to get loaded in the three hours beforehand.

To get a good freakin' seat!

For four hours the bouncers did their job, and they did it well ... when the show began, all hell broke loose!

It started with only a couple of women. One in particular who decided to plant herself in front of the rope, centre stage ... right in our line of Johnny!!!

Then a few more moved on over to the rope.

Although many at our table, and neighbouring tables were muttering about 'people blocking the view', and 'people standing by the 'DO NOT STAND' sign', we waited for the Bouncers to do their job.

And we waited.

And waited.

A few women yelled from tables to 'move!' but of course the Rope Delinquents pretended not to hear.

Halfway through the first song, I'd had ENOUGH!

I got up and went to the Bouncer standing at the rope and asked him what the deal was? Why had they moved people all night, and now, they were letting people line up along the rope and block the view of the people who had been sitting there for .... FOUR HOURS!!!!!

Did I mention ... FOUR HOURS!!!!!

His reply?

'The owner said it was OK for them to stand there now.'

Excuse me? WHAT?!?!?!

Realizing it was useless to argue with him and his 'just doin' what I'm told' attitude, I went back to my table and continued to grumble with the others.

At the end of the second song, when there was a break in the music and crowd noise, I picked that moment to cup my hands around my mouth and yell at the top of my lungs ...

"HEY! People at the rope ... MOVE!!! WE CAN'T SEE!!!"

Cass told me later "At first, I didn't realize it was you who yelled because I was looking the other way. Then, you yelled a second time and I turned around and realized 'Holy Shit! That's Kim!', the THIRD time, I knew you were PISSED!!!"

Yeah. Pissed I was.

I hadn't just sat in the freakin' bar for FOUR HOURS just to watch some chicks shake what their Mama gave them.

I wanted to see JOHNNY shakin' what his Mama gave him!!! How was I going to get any half decent pics through all those freakin' heads?!?!?!

Ohhh I was pissed. Almost walked out right of there.

Of course, I quickly realized that the only one who would lose out on that action was me.

The chicks at the rope didn't care if I left. The bar owner didn't care that the people who had sat in her bar for the last FOUR FREAKIN' HOURS and drank her drinks and ate her food, couldn't see, so she certainly wouldn't care if I left.

And Johnny didn't care! But I can't hold that against him, he was just singin' his little Scottish heart out.

The only one who would have cared was me.

And I didn't care to miss Johnny, for the sake of a bunch of RUDE, INCONSIDERATE, latecomers, who blatantly didn't give a crap that they were blocking the awesome view of the people at the table, who had been sitting there for hours.

So ... what was I going to do now?

I did what ANY pissed off Canadian Chick would do - I marched up to the rope, elbowed my way next to the 'front and centre' Chickie, and took my pictures.

Then I sat down again, so everyone else at the table could see.

Then I got up to the rope again, muscled my way in, and took more pics.

Then I sat down, so everyone else at the table could see.

See a pattern here?

I couldn't simply stand there at the rope for the whole show. I mean, I COULD have, obviously none of the staff was going to stop me. But I couldn't do it simply cause it wasn't the RIGHT thing to do!

Everyone else at those tables had sat there for FOURS HOURS right along with me. I couldn't do that to THEM.

Yes, some people finally did just go out to the dance floor and watch the show from there. But I stubbornly stayed where I was, alternating between the rope and table.

It was at one of these trips to the rope, immediately after I yelled at the Rope Delinquents, that this little old lady, (I'm not kidding, we're talking grey haired granny!) called me an Asshole!

For yelling at them to move.

HUH! ME? The Asshole?

Listen Lady! I'm not the one who ....

Sigh. Oh what does it matter.

I saw Johnny.

And the little old lady? Wasted her breath! Didn't bother me a bit that she called me an ass. I completely ignored her.

For all she knew, I hadn't heard her at all, because I never even acknowledged her.

It might have been her last breath and she wasted it on calling me an Asshole. Three times actually LOL.

There's a pot and kettle phrase that springs to mind here ...

Yeah. Go ahead. Call me an Asshole.

I'll be sure to add myself to my next Open Letter To Assholes.

I did learn my lesson though. That's the LAST time I'll go to a concert early, and waste my time and money on trying to get the 'good' seat.

At least at that particular bar it will be.

Next time, I'll show up late, have nothing to eat, drink only water, and stand in front of everyone else and earn my Asshole title the right way!


Sunday, November 30, 2008

So ... WHO is Johnny Reid?

Tuesday night I saw Johnny Reid play to a sold out show at The Rodeo Lounge.

This was the fourth time I've seen him in concert.

He was awesome! Johnny is ALWAYS awesome!

I mentioned to a few co-workers throughout the day, that I was going to see Johnny that night.

The most common response?

So ... WHO is Johnny Reid?!?!?!

UGH! People! Really!?

Today, I am on a mission. I am educating the masses on the Scottish Canadian Country Crooner, General of the Tartan Army,
Johnny Reid.

View more concert pics HERE!

Yes, he's considered 'Country', but he's a different kind of Country.

His Scottish, raspy voice doesn't twang.

Can you imagine Alexander Graham Bell twanging about the monster tires on his truck, his cheatin' wife or takin' his job and shovin' it so he can find his missing dog (or cheatin' wife, for that matter!)?

Not a chance.

Johnny's different. His stories are different. And he's MUCH cuter than Alexander Graham Bell!

Women like Johnny, he's a sweetheart, and he wears a TIE! (at least for part of the show) ;-)
LOTS of women go this his concerts! (There's a subtle hint guys!)

The first Johnny Reid song I heard was Missing An Angel. He had me at "She fell from the sky."


Or you can watch an awesome live version here

The ones from his next CD that caught my attention, were:

Darlin'. Mmm Mmm Mmm and what a darlin' he IS!

And the catchy Right Out Of The Blue, that will have you 'na na na na na na na-ing' all day!

See what I mean?


At the concert the other night, I took a video with my camera for THE VERY FIRST TIME!

Imagine! ME! A Video Virgin until Johnny!

I took pics all night, then during the encore, decided what the hell and set it to video, not knowing how much memory I had left on the card.

I started taping through half of the first song, and got the whole second song.

Wasn't half bad for my first attempt I thought :-D

Here's Johnny and the girls doing a great version of Mustang Sally!

And let me tell ya, these girls can SING! Holy shit, what a set of pipes on them!

(Really wish I could have uploaded the avi instead. It was sooo clear! But sooooo huge! So be sure to watch it in High Quality if you have that option.)

and yes dear Johnny, we DID shake what our Mother's gave us that night! ;-)

and yes dear Readers, that IS ME 'Whoooooing' at 12-13sec on the clip ;-D

If you'd like more Johnny, check out these links, courtesy of Johnny Reid's Website.

Myspace –
Facebook –
YouTube –

Now, you've been educated. So, if you see he's coming to town, head out to his show!

Then YOU can be the one standing around the water cooler the next day, enlightening the masses and spreading the word when you hear ...

So ... WHO is Johnny Reid?!?!?!

Oh, and be sure to come back and read the next post. I'll be filling you all in on how a little old lady called me an 'Asshole!' at this concert!!!!

And no, I didn't go all WWE and Batista Bomb or kick her old lady ass because of it! ;-p


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

WOW! My House Is Cleaner Than YOURS!

I remember a time when my house was actually clean.

I remember a time, before I was married, before the sources of my grey hair and stress, also known as 'The Kids' arrived, when I actually spent time cleaning my house.

It was never 'eat off the floor' clean like my mother's - I'm not THAT ambitious! - but it was tidy nonetheless.

Then I built a house that had more than one level.

Then I had those mess-makers, take stuff out and don't put away-ers ... yeah ... 'The Kids'.

I don't think my house has seen that same type of 'clean' since.

I don't have a cleaning lady. Not that I couldn't spend the - what ... $50 every two weeks? - to have someone come in to clean my house, but I don't want that.

Nobody else is going to be digging dirt out of my nooks and crannies except ME.

Or maybe the mess-makers. If there's money in it for them. The little money-sucking-mess-makers!

Most weekends, I'll let the boys have friends over. I'm just cool that way ;-)

However, when I'm on my cleaning warpath, and they ask for a friend over, I'll pull out the 'Mean Mom' card and say "Not a chance! I wouldn't invite anyone into this house with the rec-room looking like THAT!!!"

There are reasons I call it my (w)rec(ked) room ya know!

I've also warned them that one of these days, one of their friends is going to comment on the fact they are two of the top notch mess-makers in all of Canada!

Sure enough, that day arrived on Sat.

Not only was there one friend over. There were 3. So, yeah, five boys running around my house.

One kid makes his way down to the (w)rec(ked) room, and the next thing I hear is ... "WOW! My House Is Cleaner Than YOURS!"

Hmmmmm ... will his parents notice he's not here when they come to pick him up later? Will they have any idea my 'wadda ya mean I'm NOT Martha Stewart' instinct kicked in and I buried him somewhere in that (w)rec(ked) room?

He obviously missed the fact that:

We've had kittens take over our basement, who have been wreaking havoc down there for the last 6 weeks.

Five boys have just blown into the house from outside, spreading snowpants, jackets, hats, mitts, boots and snow from one end to the other.

I'm a single mom who works full time, and runs for the boys sports 3/5 nights throughout the week!
I'm not HOME to clean!

Yeah ... so the rec room's messy. Ya caught me on a bad day kid!

Oh who the hell am I kidding ... EVERY day is a bad day when it comes to cleaning my house!

So keep that in mind if you're coming to visit ... or you'll end up buried in the basement, with the other smart mouth kids who comment on the cleanliness of my house!


Friday, November 21, 2008

That Machine Ate My Kid!

The other day, I stumbled upon a video clip that first made me laugh, then pissed me off.

First, let me say I absolutely HATE these types of machines!

The kids never get what they actually WANT out of it, and they're usually not happy with what they get, so it's just a huge pain in the ass all the way around.

I don't say yes to these machines very often. Occasionally I do, but most times, I'd rather just give them the $2 and have them buy something small that they actually WANT.

This video however, reminded me of my youngest son, as it's something he would have ABSOLUTELY tried, had I not been constantly supervising him around these.

So that brings me to my question ... WHERE THE HELL WERE HER PARENTS when she was crawling into this machine?!?!?!?

Notice how Mom & Dad start to walk out the door.

Mom turns around and sees one kid ... why does she NOT question where her OTHER one is?

She sees one child and continues to walk out the door, until it's the KID who let's her know that the little one has just been eaten by the toy machine.

THEN ... she goes and looks at the machine, doesn't see her kid, AND KEEPS ON WALKING OUT THE DOOR!!!

Hello! D-oh Hole! Do you not realize you're only leaving with ONE child?!?!?!?

Once she finally understands her child is in the belly of the beast, instead of getting a manager, or security person (not sure if they're in a restaurant or a store) to use their KEY to open up the box and get her out, she instead coaxes her daughter BACK OUT THROUGH THE HOLE!

And finally drags her out feet first.


I'll never claim to be the perfect Mother. But at least I can say I've never had to tell a store manager - "Uh ... can ya help me out ... That Machine Ate My Kid!!!"

Sheesh! Some people's parents!

Now, GO! Have a good laugh at the clip, cause it IS pretty funny ;-)


P.S. Hmmm ... wonder if her parents would mind if I borrowed her for the ATM machine ...

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Whatever Happened to James Bulger's Killers?

I read Ginny's latest post over at Praying to Darwin last night, about a little boy living in a dangerous situation, and how he should be removed.

As these 'children in danger' stories often do, it got me thinking, once again, of little James Bulger.

Anyone remember him?

He was two years old when he was heinously murdered by two 10yr old boys in the UK.

That was 15yrs ago.

I still think about him now and then.

I also sometimes wonder whatever happened to those two 10yr old boys, who first tortured then killed him.

15yrs is a long time ago.

1993. I wasn't even married yet, certainly had no kids of my own, but the story of James Bulger bothered me, a lot.

And a lot has happened in 15yrs. I've been married, divorced, and now have two beautiful boys of my own. One two years older, one two years younger than the murderers.

But I still think of Jamey now and then. And his Mom.

And remember the line I read in so many newspaper and online accounts at the time, the one I had to push out of my head when trying to get to sleep - " ... stopping to torture him along the way. The whole time, Jamey was crying for his Mum."

And in those moments, my stomach clenches, my heart wrenches and the tears flow.

Even more so AFTER I became a mom.

Because of Jamey Bulger ... or I guess because of Jon Venables and Robert Thompson, his murderers, not only have I always had a small fear of some big monster harming my child, there has also been a small part of me, that has feared the LITTLE monsters too.

Pic courtesy of Crime, Law and Justice

Those little monsters are all grown up now.

Where are they?

Do they remember - EVERY DAY - what they did to that poor little boy? Do they choose NOT to think about it? Have they blocked it out completely?

Do they hear his screams and pleas for his mother in their dreams?

Are they sorry?

I'm a complete stranger, and that one line haunts me. The whole time, Jamey was crying for his Mum.

I can't even imagine what it's done to his mother. How she 'went on' after losing her son that way. Knowing what those boys did to him. Knowing he called for her, and she wasn't there.

Yeah, kills me. As a human being. As a Mom.

You can read the story in James' Mom's own words, what happened that day, and how she's coped since, in this 2007 interview.

And where are THEY now? The two 10yr old boys, who were the youngest people in Britain to be convicted of murder in 250 years.

Did they get married?

Do they have families of their own? Are they upstanding members of their communities, living anonymously among their friends. Or did they manage to find themselves back on a cell block somewhere?

Do they have kids?

I've read that James' mom hasn't forgiven them. Still hates them.

Can't say as I blame her.

Forgiveness. I've had it for many who don’t deserve it. But I will NEVER find it in my heart to understand or forgive Jon Venables or Robert Thompson for how they tortured and murdered that defenseless two year old little boy.


And I doubt I will ever forget James Bulger. And I hug my boys just a little harder sometimes, hold them just a little longer, because of him.


Please, PLEASE do not comment or send me messages with names and locations of men you think are one of the 'Bulger Killers'.

I will NOT publish these.

I think what these boys did was horrific, but I will NOT be responsible for their lynching as adults.

Or worse, it resulting in someone completely innocent getting hurt because of it, for whatever reason.

Not going to happen.



Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Four Boys In A Kitchen

Since there was no school today, because of Remembrance Day, Alec asked if he could have a sleepover last night.

I said yes.

Last night I had four boys in my rec-room, watching Monday Night RAW.

This morning, after breakfast, they were all outside playing some version of dodge ball on the trampoline.

Just before 11am, I called them into the house.

I turned up the radio.

No sooner was the last one in and the door shut, than the Remembrance Day Music started.

They stopped where they were.

Four heads bowed.

After the music, there was the moment of silence. Out of respect for those who never made it home. For those who fought, so four boys could spend a morning, playing a version of dodge ball on a trampoline.

Four boys in a kitchen, heads bowed, tongues silent. Not fidgeting.

Showing respect.

And actually understanding, on some level, WHY they were doing so.

I was very proud at that moment. To be a free Canadian. And of the boys.

At that particular moment ... mostly of the boys.

Take a moment to remember.


Friday, November 7, 2008

Where the Heck Did YOU Come From?

Although my posts aren't flooded with comments, (THANKS to those that do!) this blog is actually read by people! All over the world!

My StatCounter tells me so! ;-)

I know I have my faithful readers in 'real life' friends and family. I have 'online friends' who read as well. I know there are also lurkers out there, who keep coming back to hear of our latest adventures or my latest rant.

To them, I have to say Thank You!

Although I do this blogging thing for myself, and for the boys (these entries will eventually be put in a book for each of them), it's still kind of nice knowing that others out there enjoy reading about our adventures too.

I also find it interesting to see how people end up stumbling into my Korner, so I periodically check the stats and ask myself...

Where the Heck Did YOU Come From?

Undoubtedly, the most searched for item that has people dropping by the Korner is ...

Stuart and Doreen Larkin from MADtv

For some reason, there's a lot of people looking for Stuart! For the past couple of months, searches for his image on google have been sending a lot people to my post Stuart! Tales From The Road III. People like Stuart! He's definitely my 'Most Read' post LOL.

Mmmmm ... Batista. Yeah, LOTS of searches for Batista, Batista Bomb, Batista haircut and even John Cena & The Rock have brought many people here -
Batista Encouraging Summer Reading! And Haircuts?

But surprisingly, not so much here - Batista Sweat On Me!!! I find that surprising since they both contain 'Batista' in the title.

Guess people just aren't as interested in his sweat as Adam was lol.

Dead things on the doorstep
Animals around the globe are dropping their offerings of death on their owners doorsteps. Others wanted to see how *I* handled receiving this 'Love you Mama!' gift from Puss in Dead Things On My Doorstep.

The Word Dank
Guess I wasn't the only one needing clarification on whether or not it was a word ;-) A search for the word Dank, has brought many other questioning minds to the post Dank. Yes, it's a word. Dank.

Death Sucks
Apparently many people agree with me and have searched for those exact words. They have also asked the great google gods, What's the Big Cosmic Point?

I know death sucks. Been through the roller coaster of emotions HERE , HERE and of course there's always a part of me that's still Missin' My Dad.

Those are the Top 5 searches that bring strangers to my Korner.

Some of the more entertaining ones?

Sugarland Ay Bum Bum
This person needs to be entered at! It's right up there with Scrape Up Some Money ... And Buy A Ham!

Hopefully they found what they were looking for when they actually landed on Calling All Music Experts! I Have A Challenge For YOU!

Icing Sandwiches?
You mean somebody else actually made one of these?!?!?! The Icing Sandwich

Swingtown Pot Brownies?
Were they looking for a recipe? I did discuss Swingin' into Swingtown but sorry, no recipes or pics of threesomes provided ;-)

Duct Tape Boob Torture
OUCH! Why? 'Nuff said!

Unless of course they were going through the same thing I was in Happy Birthday! Please Place Boob Here ...... Many people have also found this post by doing random 'boob' searches lol.

I Said I Didn't Hit A Deer, Then Remembered I Did
Um. Buddy. You'd better hope that the police aren't reading this. I'd hate to be requested to provide your IP address. Next time, get your story straight, so you won't end up on other people's blogs who are talking about how I saw a Hypnotist yesterday and I hit a Deer today.

Picture of Burned Balls.
Do you REALLY want to see something like this? Not sure what kind of balls this person was searching for, but I was talking about Adam's EYEBALLS and how he should Cover Those Balls Before They Burn!

Surprisingly, multiple searches for 'sunburned eyeballs' have brought people here too. Guess it's more common than I thought!

Dog staring at wall - this showed up multiple times, in various forms.
I thought mine was the only dog that experienced this phenomena?

Of course Hershey only managed to destroy the wall after staring at it ONCE, but once was enough for me to write about it, and have people with similar experiences ending up at
The Dog lost his mind yesterday .... and it hasn't returned yet!

You're straight, you're here you're not going anywhere. You're straight, you're here you're not going anywhere. You're straight, you're here you're not going anywhere.

Um ... yeah ... OK. You just stay right where you are. I can see though why they were brought to You're Not Going Anywhere without THAT! - The Concert that ROCKED and SUCKED! Part III

However YOU got here, thanks for stopping by, and I hope you find your way back into the Korner sometime soon!


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

An Open Letter to Assholes Everywhere

Hey! You! Asshole in the little yellow VW Bug that parks in front of me and leaves me 1/2 an inch to squeeze out from behind you. Yeah, YOU!

Is it really that hard to give someone a little space?!?! It's called respect for other drivers Buddy! Learn it. Live it.

Or parallel park your little ray of sunshine on another street. Cause next time I need to get out, I'm gonna drive over that little piece of sh*t in my Mom-mobile and squish you like the Bug you are!

Hey! You! Asshole who doesn't know how to use a MERGE lane. Yeah, YOU!

I know it's probably been a few years since you've had to write your drivers exam, but really ... the rules haven't changed ... MERGE does NOT mean attempt to plow into the side of the car next to you, so you can be that 1/2 second ahead in the traffic jam. Back the f*ck off!!!! One for one Buddy ... it's a concept, LEARN IT!

Hey! You! Ball hog on the basketball team. Yeah, YOU! (OK, so I have a hard time calling a teenager Asshole)

Other kids want to play too. Other kids want to make 'the shot' too. You're not the only player on the team ... stop playing like you are! Passing the ball. Try it sometime!

Hey! You! Asshole with 20 items in the '10 Items or Less' xpress checkout. Yeah, YOU!

You really bug me. Know that? Why do you feel you've been given special permission to not only cut in front of others CLEARLY on their way to the same lineup, but to hold up said lineup for the rest of us, cause you needed extra crap today and now you've got to get out ... FAST! Use one of the other lanes Einstein ... oh ... wait ... Einstein could count ...

Hey! You! Asshole who asks for my Name and Address every time I want to purchase pre-paid phone minutes. Yeah, YOU!

Why the hell do you want - or better yet - NEED this freakin' information? I'm buying phone minutes. Not applying for a car loan. You don't need my name. You don't need my address or phone number. STOP ASKING ME!!!! It's none of your business!!! If I want you to find me, I'll give you my CELL number. That's 1-800-Not-Your-Business!

Hey! You! Drunk Asshole who tried to pick me up at the end of the night. Yeah, YOU!

What part exactly, had you confused that I wasn't interested? The fact I kept walking away from you, or the fact I finally ran away to hide in the bathroom until you were gone? When a girl scrunches up her nose like she smells something really bad when you approach her ... it's probably a good sign she is NOT interested in making small talk when the lights come on at 2am! Go find Drunk Assholette and talk to HER instead!

BTW ... do you drive a yellow VW Bug?!?!?!?

Hey! You! Asshole who charges the elevator before the doors are even finished opening! Yeah, You!

Why do you feel the need to rush the elevator? Is there someone chasing you? You can't wait the two seconds for the people who are on there to GET OFF first? It's called being POLITE! You should really give it a try sometime, instead of running people over to get to whatever important place you're going to!

And may an elevator door rip your arm off!

HEY! You! Asshole at McDonald's and Subway who organizes the veggie placement. Yeah, YOU!

Is it really that hard to keep the onions AWAY from the lettuce when you're making my food? I can't tell you how many times I've taken that first bite of my McChicken or Sub and got a big mouthful of ONIONS. Not a good thing for someone who HATES onions! Just ask my mother!

I'm not expecting a hot meal ... or god forbid even a good one ... just keep the freakin' onions OFF my food!

HEY! You! Asshole who orders sandwiches and toasted bagels in the drive-thru lineup. Yeah, You!
If you're getting something other than coffee/tea/muffin ... get out of your freakin' vehicle and GO IN THE STORE!!! You're holding up the line for the 12 cars behind you who ONLY want a coffee/something quick! Consideration. Maybe you can order some with your next cuppa Joe?

Hey! You! Asshole Co-workers! Yeah, You!

Nah ... just kiddin' ... I like 'em, and you'd never read it here if I didn't! ;-p

Hey! You! Asshole who left the bread on the counter all day and it ended up getting hard and going bad! Yeah, YOU!

Oh ... wait ... that was me.

Ahhhh blogging. Cheaper than therapy, and doesn't require police intervention.