Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Dog lost his mind yesterday .... and it hasn't returned yet!

I originally sent this out as an email over the weekend. Thought I'd share here for the dog lovers in the crowd

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!!

I woke up to unexpected home repairs this morning ... but I'm thankful it wasn't worse ;-)

It was just after 1pm yesterday when Alec started banging on the living room window. It was such a beautiful day that Adam and I were outside. I was cleaning out the vehicle, and Adam was sitting on the walkway, glue gun in hand, keeping himself busy doing crafts. Next thing I know, I hear the banging and Alec motioning for me to come inside.

I walk into the living room to find Alec leaning over the couch looking at the dog. He said "Something's wrong with Hershey Mom! He's shaking and won't stop staring at this spot in the wall!". Sure enough, *something* had gotten the dog's attention.

I have never seen him do anything like that before. He was just beside himself. Staring at one particular spot in the wall right under the window. He'd paw at it, sniff, whine, paw again and just stare. Trembling the whole time. When you'd say "What's there boy? What is it?" He's start to shake even more!" Now ... keep in mind, there were no holes in the wall or anything. Sure, a few scuff marks from the kids and pets (the maid wasn't in this week lol) but NO HOLES!!! No cracks in the wall. Nothing for any type of 'creature' to have crawled through. Just a plain old wall. And I've never seen the dog react that way to a bug of any kind. Heck ... I've never seen him react that way (so ultimately fixated on something, before) at all!!!!!!!!

So, since he wasn't about to move for any of us, and he wasn't really doing anything 'wrong', we left him staring at the wall and went about our business of the day. I figured he'd move on to chasing the cat again once he got bored staring at the wall.

Not so.

When we returned home from running errands about an hour and a half later, the dog was in the same spot. He was in the SAME spot when I went to bed after midnight also!!!! He stayed in the SAME spot for over 12 hrs yesterday. By this time, he had gotten more aggressive with his 'wall watch' and had started clawing the wall.

He went out once to pee last night, then took up his spot at the wall the minute he came in again.

Then, this morning, I woke up to "MOM!!! Wake up!!! Hershey chewed a hole through the wall!!!!!

This is what my wall looks like now.

Yup. He did that while we slept. And even after moving the couch so the dog can't get to it anymore (did that last night too!!) the freakin' dog is STILL sitting there!!!!!!!!! The shaking has stopped, but he's STILL fixated on that wall!!!!!!!!! Where the heck has his mind gone!!!! And what the heck is in my wall that's got him sooooooo freaked out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone know anybody who does exorcisms on Dogs ... on a Sunday?!?!?!??!

Have a great day everyone! I'm off to try and deal with my now demonic dog!!!! :-)


P.S. The good news in all this is .... I had already invited the ex over for Thanksgiving dinner tonight. He's now offered to fix my wall for me while he's here, so at least I don't have to worry about whatever might be in there, crawling out while we're asleep tonight!!!! I told him to dress for dinner as Indiana Jones and bring a weapon!!!! LOL


Update: The ex fixed the wall. There was absolutely nothing in that particular panel. Go figure. The dog has since regained his senses, and is no longer eating the house. Due to the fact this was the first time he committed an offense of such .... destruction ... the kiddie jury has demanded leniancy, and therefore the pooch is no longer a candidate for exile, but is on the list for psychological examination.

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