Monday, February 13, 2017

Storm Chips. MacGyvered Muffins. And Pie

I really can't complain about our winter so far, because it hasn't been all that bad.


Sure, we've had days that have been biting cold, and snowy conditions that made driving slow and/or a bit crazy.

But no real 'blizzard-like' conditions.  Yet.

That all changed last night when we came under a possible 25-70cm snowfall advisory.

Today, we have our blizzard.

There is a relatively new phenomena here in the Maritimes.  One that calls for people to prepare for an upcoming storm by putting gas in the snow blower, setting the shovel within easy reach, having candles at the ready, and ... buying their 'storm chips'.

Yes, storm chips.  It's a thing.

Pic taken from HERE

It's a thriving business for New Brunswick's Covered Bridge Potato Chips!

So with the upcoming snow forecast for today, I along with many others stocked up on my favourite chips (Sorry, Covered Bridge, not specifically Storm Chips).

Given that this is expected to be a 'big one', and everyone will be home, I wanted to have more on hand besides just chips.

Yes, I have 'real' food and fruits and veggies, but I'm talking 'storm snacks'.

And I knew just what I wanted.

A few weeks ago, I tried a muffin at Tim Hortons I really liked, and thought to myself, *I* could make this!

No, I don't profess to be a fantastic baker, but the concept seemed pretty simple.

It was a chocolate muffin, with chocolate pudding in the middle, and chocolate chunks on the top.

I picked up a chocolate fudge cake mix in order to make the muffins, as well as a box of chocolate pudding.

But having never done this before, I had no idea how I was going to get the pudding into the muffin.

How DO they get the caramilk inside the Caramilk bar?

And then ... it hit me.  

A way to MacGyver it!

I stopped at the pharmacy, and asked for a small syringe that is used for administering liquid medicine to infants.

They gave me this.

Perfect. Exactly what I was looking for.

I started by making the chocolate fudge muffins.

Then made the chocolate pudding.

I made a small hole in each of the muffins with a toothpick then I sucked the pudding into the syringe, and squirted it into the small hole. 

Finally, instead of adding chocolate pieces on top, I added chocolate icing, and a variety of toppings from walnuts, sprinkles, and cinnamon hearts.

GAH!  They looked good!

The TRUE test was going to be the inside. Did the pudding actually get in there?

YES!  SUCCESS!!!  Not bad for a MacGyver move!

Since chips and to-die-for chocolate pudding explosion MacGyvered muffins are sort of junk food-ish, I figured I'd make something healthy also.

Apple pie.

I have  no idea how much snow we'll end up getting by the end of this, as it started just after midnight, and doesn't show any signs of stopping yet!

So, like most people, I've got my storm chips.  

And MacGyvered Muffins.  

And pie.

And, of course, ice cream is in the freezer.

I'm ready, Mother Nature.

Bring it.