Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Mr Clean!

OK. I'm back. 'nuff said.

I have not been looking forward to writing this particular post.

There. I said it.

Not because I have something bad, or scandalous, or heart wrenching to share.

I don't.

I haven't been looking forward to this post, because it meant I had to clean my house first.

And we all remember where 'cleaning' falls on my To Do list.


Don't get me wrong. I wouldn't say my house is a pigsty.

Cluttered at times, with 'kid stuff' hanging around? Absolutely.

But not 'dirty'.

Having said that, there are still nooks and crannies that need cleaning every so often.

Stay with me, People! I'm talking windows, toilets and floors!

And with boys, pets and ... extra boys, traipsing through the house on a daily basis , the fact spring is finally here, and that means more dirt and grass and dead bugs being dragged in, it actually SHOULD be cleaned more often than it is ;-)

So, when I was approached on behalf of Procter & Gamble, to do a post on a cleaning product, I said, Yeah Baby!

I don't say yes to everything I'm asked to try. But this was a product I KNEW would do a good job.

When I think 'cleaning', there is one product that always comes to mind first.

The one from my childhood. The lemon scent that meant it was 'cleaning day'.

One I still associate with my Mom.

Pic courtesy of

As it happens, Mr Clean® celebrates his 50th birthday this year!

He's older than ME! :-D

And STILL sporting an awesome set of biceps!

Pic found HERE

After I'd agreed to the review, I THEN realized what that meant.

In order to try the products, I'd have to ... clean.


And so, it arrived.

In a nice little Mr Clean® bucket no less :-D

- Mr. Clean Extra Power Wipes
- Mr. Clean Disinfecting Wipes
- Mr. Clean Powerful Multi-Surface Cleaner with Febreze Fresh Scent
- Mr. Clean Powerful Multi-Surface Spray
- Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

I have never tried an Eraser. That's the only thing out of the bucket I STILL haven't tried yet.

I made a beeline for the wipes.

I'm a big fan of wipes. Keep in mind, People; I'm from the days of a bucket of water, Mr Clean®, and a rag to get the job done.

Wipes are my friend!


I tried both right away.

I have to say I'm partial to the Lemon Scent Extra Power Wipes® over the Disinfecting Wipes.

I'm just not crazy about that Lavender Vanilla and Comfort® scent. Kind of powdery. Almost a baby wipe smell to it.

But it cleans well. So I've kept it in the bathroom.

For the simple fact that when I pulled out the first one, closed my eyes and took a sniff, bathroom immediately came to mind.

I used it to swipe the counter top, around the taps, sink, even the toilet seat, and was really surprised at how well it cleaned the plastic casing around the windows.

The Lemon Scent Extra Power Wipes® however, I've used MANY places.

Like the microwave ...



Most of the grime in the bottom left corner was gone with one wipe!

Works great and not an overpowering scent.

A few days later, I tried the Mr Clean Powerful Multi-Surface Spray®. Also in Lavender Vanilla and Comfort® scent.

Here's the funny thing about that ... although I wasn't crazy about that scent in the wipe form ... I really like the smell of this spray LOL.

And it lingers in the room JUST long enough.

Started with the stove. Nice.

Windows. Yeah. Did really well on the windows.

Even took it out to the vehicle on the weekend and did THOSE windows also.

The side mirrors? Crystal clear!

Mirrors in the house, not so much.

There's a full length mirror in the bathroom that I manage to get hairspray residue on every day.

You'd think I'd just turn around and aim the bottle in another direction but ... yeah.

Anyway, I was hoping that it would do a 'miracle job' on cleaning those pesky flecks.

It cleaned the mirror, but not without having to go over it a few times to get rid of streaks and flecks.

Sorry P&G, I'm still a Windex girl when it comes to household mirrors ;-)

I didn't try it on the counter. I still can't bring myself to clean any 'food areas' with anything other than regular dish soap and water.

Overall, very impressed with this one too though.

And even more impressive than the side mirrors?

My back door.

And I can't believe I'm even going to show you a pic of this.

This ... is my back door.

Notice the dirt around the handle.

Yes, it's been wiped down in the last century ;-p

Keep in mind, there are grubby hands opening and closing that thing 50 times a day.


So it gets gross. Fast.

THIS is what I wanted to try this particular product on.

And ...


The picture doesn't do it justice. It worked REALLY well!

Lastly, I filled a bucked and tackled the basement with this.

The Mr. Clean Powerful Multi-Surface Cleaner with Febreze Fresh Scent®.

It may not be the lemon Mr Clean® from my childhood, but it's still a powerhouse when it comes to tackling the 'tough spots'.

So there you have it.

I may gripe about it, but I actually DO clean my house.


And this time, it was fun trying out the new 'stuff' on different things. Seeing what worked best where.

So thank you, once again, Procter & Gamble. My house thanks you, too.


Go! Celebrate with him!

And ... get a closer look at those real life biceps!!! ;-)

Happy Cleaning All!


P.S. If you're new to the Korner, you may want to read about the other great products I have reviewed for Procter and Gamble HERE, and HERE and HERE.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

You Just Never Know Who's Watching ...

I work in the heart of downtown Halifax.

Big city. Lots of people.

If nothing else, I run into ‘interesting’ people on my travels during the day.

For those of you who know me well enough to be on my FB ‘Friend List’, you’ve seen my status updates regarding the ‘street people’, and how they always seem to feel the need to TALK to me!

And I don’t mean to simply ask me for money.

One day, I’m walking along, and some guy says to me “I LOVE how your hair blows in the wind”.

Uh. OK. Thanks.

Keep walkin’ Buddy!

A couple of weeks later, I’m walking down the same street, and there is a woman walking towards me.

When she was directly in front of me, she stopped and said “Stop LOOKING at me! You’re giving me the impression I’ve done something WRONG!”

OK, Lady!

Wasn’t looking at you.

Wasn’t even checking out a hot guy BEHIND you!

But thanks for giving me that creepy little shiver that just ran down my spine!

Yesterday, I realized that throughout my travels during the day, I may see lots of people, but I don’t necessarily see or pay attention to who’s seeing ME!

Once again, kinda creepy huh?

Yesterday morning, I had just gotten to the office, and I’m standing in front of the elevator, waiting … waiting … waiting.

I heard footsteps behind me, but being the antisocial shit I can be first thing in the morning, and especially with ‘elevator people’, I didn’t turn around to look at whoever had arrived.

All of a sudden I hear “Do you work in this building?”

I slowly turned my head, and peered through the shades that were still covering my - up too late, not enough coffee yet - eyes, to find a Courier Dude.

I figured he was probably just going to ask me where something was in the building, and wasn’t attempting to make small talk, so I said “Yup.”

He comes back with “Oh, OK. I wondered if you worked in here or not. I see you every day. I watch you walk up the street, then later down the street, and I see you all the time, but didn’t know if you worked in here.”

Alrighty then!

Thanks for that little tid-bit AND the creepy little tingle that came along with it Bud!

I have to admit. It got me thinking.

Buddy just admitted to watching me walk the streets on a daily basis.

I’ve NEVER noticed him before.

How many other people do I not notice in the run of a day?

And how many of them have noticed me?

I really do find that a little creepy.

Not as creepy as finding out
I had walked by a murderer, (and was in the same building with him) several times without knowing.

But creepy nonetheless.

You just never know WHO’S watching you. Or when.

So you … Buddy in the lane next to me on the bridge, with your finger driven 2nd knuckle deep up your nose, and who for some reason thinks nobody can see you behind that little thing called a window …

Yeah … YOU!

Get your freakin’ finger out, cause I’M WATCHING YOU!!!!!!

That’s right! And I’m watchin’ YOU too! So get back to work, and stop reading this blog!


Monday, May 11, 2009

You Can Quote Me On That!

Something very strange happened to me last week.

Here I am, blogging along, minding my own business, and I was ‘discovered’!

Friday morning I received an email from someone in Ottawa.

Shannon Proudfoot, a national reporter who writes for CanWest News Service.

She said she had seen my blog listed in one of the Blogging Directories, and wanted to know if I was willing to do an interview with her.

Never one to back down from voicing my opinion … on ANYTHING, I said ‘Absolutely!’

Friday afternoon, we did a phone interview.

It didn’t take long. She told me it would take about 10 minutes. I think I talked for more like 20 ;-)

She was ‘looking for some parental input on a story’ she was writing, about ‘how researchers are finding more and more benefits to regular family dinners.’

She wanted ‘to talk to a Canadian parent about what dinners are like in their house, the challenge of getting everyone together around the table and why you think something like this might provide benefits to kids’.

I asked Shannon if she had actually READ my blog, or if she had just seen it listed and gone from there.

Not only did Shannon read it, she gave me a description of my last couple of weeks worth of posts!

She said she had decided to contact me because my blog was ‘really lively and insightful.’

Well now. How could I say no to an interview after THAT!

So, we did our thing. She asked questions, I talked her ear off.

She told me it would most likely be in one of the following papers today -
National Post, Ottawa Citizen or the Vancouver Sun.

Not only did her story make it in one of those papers, it made it in ALL THREE!!!

As well as the Victoria Times Colonist, Vancouver Province, Nanaimo Daily News, Montreal Gazette, Regina Leader-Post and Calgary Herald.

WooHoo!!! Kim's Korner
officially goes National!

Do I want to post a link to one of the papers, so I can shamelessly promote myself, and let all of you read it?


Does the article give both my first and last name, and the city where I live, so I’ve thought twice … and three times about posting it here?


Do I think any die-hard stalkers would have already found me by now?


But … I have a dog. And she LOVES her Mama! And any stalker/I'll kill you type emails will be sent directly to the proper authorities for analysis.

So, for today only … I’ll say ‘Whatever!’

Here you go!

Yeah. That's my kid in the pic too!


Thanks Shannon! It was definitely a pleasure chatting with you last week!

And yes, you CAN quote me on that!


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's The Not Knowing That's Killin' Me

For those of you who are regulars here in the Korner, you've met our cat, Puss.

We got Puss 'n Boots almost 5 years ago, shortly after the death of our 14yr old cat Shelby. And right after Shrek 2 came out. Hence, her name :-)

Baby Puss

Last week, on Wed night, a week ago today, Puss didn't come home.

I was surprised she wasn't at the back door when I went to let her in before bed.

She had spent the night outside before. Not often, maybe two or three times.

I figured she'd be there in the morning, waiting for me, meowing loudly at the back door.

The next morning, she wasn't there.

She hasn't come home in a week.

She has also done this once before. ONLY once.

Last summer, the day we left for vacation, she went on a vacation of her own for a week.

She wouldn't come for the Ex when he called her home.

But this, this is different.

She knows we're home.

For the past week, I check the back door as soon as I get home from work.

Alec checks as soon as he gets home from school.

Any time I'm in the kitchen, I'm staring out the window.

Eyes scanning for any sign of movement. A flash of calico streaking across the backyard.

I've spent an obscene amount of time, either with my face pressed to the bathroom window screen, listening for her, or standing on the deck calling 'pssss pssss psssss psssssss PUUUUSSSSSSS!!!!'

She won't come.

And I don't know why.

I don't know if she's been hit by a car;

or eaten by one of the animals who roam the woods behind the house;

or if someone took her in, thinking she was a stray.

I just don't know.

And it's the not knowing that's killin' me.

And what makes me go to the window every half hour or so.




And taking some comfort in the fact that when she finally DOES get her ass home, she won't be knocked up like she was LAST time!!!!


Monday, May 4, 2009

That's Like Comparing Granny Panties To A Thong

Over the weekend, the boys and I were in a gaming store.

Adam's looking at the games. Alec and I are at the counter.

He's chatting up the Game Store Dude.

Ya know, doing the 'cool guy' thing.

Somehow, they got on the topic of the movie 'x-men'.

Alec told him that he had just seen that movie on Friday night.

Of course that's when I pipe up adding, "It was his first date!"


Apparently you don't tell the Gaming Store Dude that you've been on your first date.

That's uncool.

I could FEEL the look of death being sent my way.

Once we left the store, Alec says through gritted teeth;

"MOM! Telling people I had my first date, is like me telling people you don't wear underware!!!!!"

Alrighty then.

Truth or not, I get it. It's nobody else's business.

Although I don't see the comparison - that's like comparing Granny Panties to a Thong - I do get his point.

And I learned my lesson.

From now on, I keep my mouth shut about the 'first date', and strangers don't get assulted with the fact I may be 'free ballin'.

Well, that's if I had balls.


Friday, May 1, 2009

Times, They Are A Changin'

My life changed today.

Not drastically.

Not in a 'I lost my arm in a wood chipper' or 'I won 36 million in the lottery last night!' kind of way.

It was on a much smaller scale, but it changed.

Today, I became the mother of a teenager.

Today, Alec turned 13.

13, People!

Holy Crap!

I have a teenager now.

How did that happen?

When did I stop being the kid, and start being the parent ... of a TEENAGER?!?!?!

Do all women go through this OMIGOD feeling at this point in their lives?

OMIGOD he's going to start DATING!
OMIGOD he's going to start DRIVING!

OMIGOD he's going to start PARTYING
OMIGOD he's going to start having SEX!

OK, I'm stopping there before my brain explodes!

So, as if this wasn't enough excitement for one day, Alec ALSO had his first 'official date' tonight.

Leaving for the movies



I like her. She's a nice girl.

He's in Jr High now, I should have expected it.

But, crap.

Last week he asked me if she could come over after school today.

Normally, I'm at the office during the day, but since:

it was his birthday

she had only been over once before, and

there wasn't a chance in hell I was leaving them alone
after school together ...

I went to the office this morning, and worked from home this afternoon.

After they got home, we left to pick up cake, Adam and Pizza, then Adam and I dropped the two of them off at the movies.

I went into the theatre with them, bought the tickets, handed them over to him, then watched them walk through the ropes.

Alec gave their tickets to 'the dude', and off they went.

My baby had just gone from boy to young man.


Here we go.

On the up side, we were late leaving the house because I couldn't find my keys.

Which meant they were a few minutes late for the movie. Only missing the trailers, but still, somewhat late.

As luck would have it, X-MEN came out today, so the theatre was packed, and they had to sit towards the front.

Which meant ...

No making out in the back row!!! WooHoo!!!

The question is - Did I REALLY misplace the keys, or ... do I remember making out in the back row, so made them just a tad late, on purpose.

Who knows? ;-)

A mother never gives away her secrets.

Especially, the mother of a Teenager!!!!