Tuesday, March 10, 2009

There's Perks To This Blogging Thing Ya Know!

I've been doing this 'blogging thing' for a couple of years now, and lately, I'm discovering it occasionally has it's perks.

For example, a little while ago, I was contacted by a representative from Procter and Gamble.

She had stumbled into the Korner and thought I might be a good marketing candidate for some of their products.

She offered to send me free 'stuff' in exchange for a blog review of the product.

How can I say no to FREE product?!?!?

Well, OK, there were a couple of offers she had that I refused, but not the ones I REALLY wanted to try out :-)

Some of you may remember the dishwasher I bought myself for xmas a couple of years ago.

In that dishwasher, I've tried the powder and the cream.

Different brands. Different results.

Spots - no spots.

Rings - no rings.

Streaks - no streaks.

Clean - not clean.

One thing I haven't yet tried are the Cascade® pacs.

This is one of the products I was sent ...

Bonus points for the pretty packaging ;-)

Usually, I rinse the dishes before putting them through the wash.

According to the Ex, I rinse them to the point of no longer needing to run through the wash! lol.

So for this experiment, I decided to fight the urge to 'clean' them first, and stuck them in as is.

No. I don't usually take pics of my dirty dishes.

Actually, now that I think about it, this would be the FIRST time I've ever taken a picture of my dirty dishes.

I ran them through the 'Normal' cycle and ...

... those same dishes after going through a wash with a Cascade® tablet.


Less streaks left on the glasses.

I wouldn't say everything was spotless, but ...

I was happy :-)

And maybe just a little bit impressed.

I'm not saying I'll immediately add it to the grocery list. When I need dish washing detergent, what I buy will usually be determined by what's on sale.

But the next time I need some, if the price is right, I'd throw it in the cart.

Now, I'm off to try the new Swiffer Dust & Shine® Furniture Spray that she sent me :-)

Actually, I received two . Lilac and Vanilla Scent and Tropical Sunshine.

The Vanilla / Lilac should be interesting. Considering I LOVE the smell of vanilla, and really can't stand the scent of Lilac.

But, I did warn the lady that I wouldn't be anything but honest about my opinions.

That's the chance they take when they give me the perks to blog about ;-)

I've also made it clear that if she has any flat screen TVs that needed reviewing, I'd be alllll over that one ;-)



Danie said...

1) I love those Cascade pacs. We even put them in our food shipments to India (no, not to eat them).

2) *gasp* YOU use scented products in your house!?!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Just think what kinds of things you'd get asked to review if you did a Morbid Monday post!!!

Hallie :)

Hayley said...

You might want to try becoming a bzz agent. You get the same type of free stuff for spreading the bzz... and reviewing the produts. I've been doing it for years. Just go to www.bzzagent.com

Kim's Korner said...

Dani - LOL that's what both boys asked when they first saw them. 'Can you eat it?'

And my house doesn't get dusted enought to use scented products ... or unscented! But I must admit, I do really like the smell of one of those Swiffer sprays :-)

Hallie - Not a chance! I like all my body parts the exact size they are, thank you very much! I don't need to review elephantitis of anything to know I wouldn't like it! ;-p

Hayley - I seem to remember looking at this when you mentioned it on YW a few years back, and at the time, I couldn't participate because I was in Canada. I'll definitely look into it again though.

Hope your neice is doing OK!