Sunday, March 1, 2009

This Is How Radio Rolls In Nova Scotia

You know those mornings, when the second you open your eyes, focus, and realize it's morning, you're immediately pissed off (over nothing), and you know instinctively it's going to be a BAD day!

You're in a horrible mood and are ready to kick the nearest thing in your path, or chew the head off the first unsuspecting person who makes the mistake of wishing you 'Good Morning!'.

Cindy is having a day like this.

Some days, I feel like Cindy.

Cindy is the video below. I think you'll be able to pick her out.

This is the Fall '08 'Be happy at work' commercial from one of our local radio stations. 89.9 HAL FM

I liked it.

Who wouldn't actually like to pull a Cindy some days? ;-)

It would be wrong of me to introduce you to Cindy, but not to another local hero. From another one of our radio stations.

Q104 Dancing Guy!

Based on the comments for this video, people seem to love him ... or hate him.

Personally, I got a chuckle out of him, and think he's got balls for putting himself 'out there' like that LOL.

I'm really not sure which of the two is the better station. I don't listen to either.

I'm an FX 101.9 country girl.

All country, all the time.

Unless the boys are with me. Then I'll allow them control of the tunes for the drive, so it's usually on 101.3 The Bounce.

Which I must admit, if it has to be on something other than FX, I'm GLAD it's The Bounce :-D

Unless I'm having a 'Cindy Day'.

Then, The Bounce is usually vetoed, because I prefer country and country makes me feel better when I'm having a bad day. Period.

So Stompin', Jigglin' or Bouncin' take your pick, cause this is how radio rolls in Nova Scotia!



Rob said...

Hi Cindy,

Thanks for listening to 101.3 The BOUNCE with the boys! Please send me an email ( and we'll get a couple of knickknacks out to them.

Thanks again!!!

Rob Basile said...

Kim.... Not sure why "Cindy" was on my mind....I may have had a weather report playing in the background...LOL.

Please excuse my error and thanks again for being honest!

Kim's Korner said...

LOL, no problem at all Rob! It made me chuckle :-) I'll chalk it up to you being stuck on the Cindy in the video I posted ;-)

And I also got a giggle over the fact you came back to the comments to 'fix it'. :-D Thanks for that!

And moreso, for your comment in the first place!