Monday, March 23, 2009

Just Another Morbid Monday

There's a blog I like to read.

The Wonderful World of Wieners.

I saw a comment from WWoW on another blog.

See, that whole intersecting thing again ;-)

Hallie, from WWoW, has blogged about many things, with GREAT humor.

Family. Pets. Current events. Snakes. And many things that are just ... strange.

Funny. Always funny. But, strange.

Undoubtedly, her most famous series would have to be Morbid Monday.

Every Monday, Hallie educates her readers on those things in the universe guaranteed to make you hurl.

Not to be viewed during 'lunch hour'!

Morbid? Yes. Grossly educational at times? Absolutely! LOL

So, why am I telling you about Hallie and her Morbid Monday at Wonderful World of Wieners?

Hallie and her husband have gone to Disneyland, on a much deserved Spring Break/Birthday Vacation.

Being the devoted blogger that she is, when she found out she would be away from WWoW for an entire week, she sent out the SOS for Guest Bloggers to fill in for her.

I have never been a Guest Blogger.

I have never been asked, and I have never offered.

Not sure why I did this time.

Or why I offered to do the post I did.


I couldn't just pick a 'Happy Hump Day' Wednesday topic.


Just another Morbid Monday for this Mom :-)

Hallie has graciously agreed to let me take on the challenge, and you can find my post over HERE today.

WARNING! NOT for the faint of heart.

I took the 'morbid' part seriously.

If you're into 'gross' and 'eeewwww' and 'OMIGOD!' ... sure go ahead - check it out!

If not ...

Wait a few days.

I'm sure something will happen that I'll need to vent about, LOL


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