Saturday, March 21, 2009

I'd Give You Dolly Parton's Face!

One Saturday morning, on the way to a basketball game, the song Jolene came on the radio.

Alec asked how I knew the song well enough to sing along.

I explained that it was an old Dolly Parton song. I had heard it many times growing up, and have always been a Dolly fan :-)

Flashback - Yeah, the kid blasting 9-5 in the basement, rollerskating in her red satin jacket and singing at the top of her lungs ... oh yeah, that was me.

I looked in the rear view mirror.

He was looking out the window, and I could see the small frown, his mind working.

'Yes' I said. 'The same Dolly Parton who plays Miley Stewart's Godmother, 'Aunt Dolly' on Hannah Montana'

Alec thought about this a second. Then, the conversation went something like this ...

Alec - How OLD is she Mom?

Mom - Oh ... she has to be in her 60's.

Alec - WOW! She looks really good!

Mom - That's what lots of money and a little plastic surgery can buy you Babe ;-)

**sorry Dolly**

We reached the gym, and the conversation ended.

A few nights later, Adam is sitting on my bed, playing his PSP, I'm folding laundry across the room from him and Alec is in his room.

Suddenly, Adam lets out a WOOHOO!

He's 'won' 20 some thousand dollars in his game.

I dropped the towel I was folding, stuck out my hand and said 'Cool, can I have some?'

He comes back with 'You can have half! You're worth that Mom!'

That made me smile. And just as I'm saying 'Aw, thanks Babe', I hear Alec from the other room ...

'You're worth more than THAT Mom! I'd give you Dolly Parton's Face!!!'

I'm pretty sure that was a compliment.

Both to me, and Dolly ;-)

After I stopped laughing, I threw back a 'Thanks Babe! I'm sure Dolly would appreciate that too.'

So, not only am I the Best Pisser Ever!, I'm worth as much as Dolly Parton's FACE.

Just so ya know.

Love ya Dolly! *smooches!*


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