Saturday, March 28, 2009

I'm Going To Miss You Old Friends (aka ER's Final Episode)

Before the boys came along ... hell, even before we were married, and were simply living in sin together, the Ex and I had a Thursday Night Ritual.

It was TV night!

We always ate dinner late, so we'd grab our meal and park ourselves in front of the TV for 9pm.

Friends. Seinfeld. ER.

Didn't matter what came on in between, as long as we caught those three.

If someone happened to pop by between 9-midnight, which wasn't unusual in 'those' days - have a seat, shush, we're watching 'the lineup'.

If the phone rang, it went to voicemail.

We laughed until we peed ourselves with Jerry and the crew.

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We grew up with all the Friends.

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But as time went along, it was ER that became my favourite. The lives I followed. The characters I rooted for.

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The action, trauma, romance and adventure kept me glued to my seat each week.

And after I started having the 'lung issues', it was cool to be watching an episode and see them working on a patient, yelling 'Lung's collapsed, I'm putting in a chest tube!"

And I'd yell to the TV "Hey! I had that!"

Or they're working feverishly over a patient saying "We have to do a thoracotomy!" and they'd crack someone's chest open.

I'd yell back "Hey! I had that one too! ... UGH! GROSS!!!"

Then I'd turn to the Ex and ask ... "Wow, is that what it looks like to have your chest cracked open so they can get to your lungs???? I'm glad I was out for THAT ONE"

And their season enders, ALWAYS awesome!

If you're a fan, you'll never forget the stabbing of Lucy and Carter, and Lucy's untimely death :-(

After 15 yrs, it's hard to pick a favourite storyline or favourite character. But my favourite romance?

Definitely Doug and Carol!

Doug and Carol were my Romeo and Juliette. I wanted to see them TOGETHER and happily ever after.

Awww they look so young here!
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I was sad when George Clooney left the show, and even more so to see Julianna Margulies leave, but, unfortunately, all good things come to an end.

And now, the entire series has reached that moment.

The end.

Good bye ER. I'm going to miss you old friends.

Thursday nights will never be the same.

ER's final episode is scheduled to air on NBC April 2, 2009 for a two-hour episode preceded by an one-hour retrospective special episode.

Source - ER (TV Series) Wikipedia


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