Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My 'R' Rated Marriage Proposal

On the drive to school, Adam and I were listening to the radio as usual, when the DJ said "... and up next, a marriage proposal gone terribly WRONG!"

Of course, that prompted the questions from Adam.

What did 'terribly wrong' mean? Why would someone say no? Did Daddy ask me to marry him or did I ask him?

And then ...

Mom, where did Daddy ask you to marry him?

This shouldn't be a difficult question to answer right?


Yeah. Not quite.

I paused for a second, gathering my thoughts, so I could figure out exactly how much of the REAL story I was going to tell him.

Cause ya know, I just can't tell my 8 year old EVERYTHING his father and I have done over the years!

The version I gave him was ...

Your father and I were at a friend's wedding. We stayed at the hotel overnight where the wedding was held and Daddy arranged it with the hotel staff to bring in breakfast the next morning, with the engagement ring hidden in the croissants, as a surprise.

But, that night, after the wedding reception, Daddy and I were having a really good time, and a really good talk, and he couldn't wait, and he asked me that night in the hotel room.

And yes, the hotel staff was REALLY upset they didn't get to be in on the proposal the next morning, and were knocking at the door asking ... "Did she say Yes? Did she say Yes? Did she? Did she?" LOL

He thought that was a nice story.

Some day, I'll tell him how it REALLY happened.

Oh. You mean you want to know the real story too? Now?

Well, considering my brother-in-law informed everyone of how we got engaged at our wedding reception, in front of my GRANDMOTHER ... I guess I can share it with you ;-)

My brother-in-law started his 'wedding toast' this way ...

"It's very fitting that's it's raining today, because it was (sort of) raining the night Paul asked Kim to marry him ..."

We did go to the friend's wedding.

And we did stay overnight at the hotel.

And he did have everything worked out with the staff for the next day.

And he did get so excited that he couldn't wait until morning, and DID propose to me that night.

In the shower.

Yup. In the shower.

At about 2am, after all the festivities, in the middle of having a shower together, my ex looked at me and said "Don't go anywhere!"

I was left standing there ... in soap suds, looking through the steam, thinking "Where the hell does he think I'm going to go?" or better question ...

"Where the hell did HE go?"

I found out a minute later when he returned, got down on one knee ... IN THAT TINY SHOWER ... and with water streaming straight into his face, soap stinging his eyes, he held out a beautiful ring through the spray and asked ...

"Will you marry me?"


In the shower.

On bended knee.

I said yes. Obviously.

And it was a great night ;-)

And I'll always have a great engagement story to remember and tell.

And some day, I'll tell Adam the REAL story.

Maybe on his own wedding day. He should be old enough to hear the truth by then ;-)



Wonderful World of Weiners said...

You wet and wild gal!


Bonnie S. said...

LOL Great story!!

Kim's Korner said...

Hallie - Maybe ... or just really into water conservation ;-p

Bonnie - Thanks :-) Not sure if my mom would agree though lol.