Saturday, August 28, 2010

And The Winner Is ...

Last week, I asked you all to tell me What Would YOU Label?

Twelve of you gave me GREAT answers! (twelve, btw?!?!? come on, people! I KNOW more of you than that told me you would love to have that labeller!!!)

Thanks to Brother Canada, ONE of you will be the winner of the new P-touch 90 labeller because you chose to tell the world what you'd label.

And I have to say ... LOVED all your answers!

After discussing it with the Brother Rep, due to the numerous, creative answers, the only fair way to choose would be to use a random number generator, from

So, at 11:00pm this evening, I held my first ever giveaway in the Korner.

I took a screenshot of how many comments were there, minus my two well wishes.

(click on each image to see them more clearly)

Entered the number of entries into the random number generator.

And the winner is ...


I would label all of my son's food containers to let people know they are gluten free!
August 21, 2010 10:25 PM

WOOHOO!!! Congratulations, Heather!

And thank you Brother Canada, for donating the new P-touch 90 labeller for my first ever giveaway!

Thanks SO MUCH to everyone who entered, and took the time to leave me thoughtful, creative comments.

I really did love everyone's answers! You all have VERY good reasons to use labellers lol!


Saturday, August 21, 2010

What Would YOU Label?

I've seen many, MANY bloggers hold giveaways.

I'm not one of those bloggers. Usually.

I think I've entered only one, two at the most, blog contests in the three years I've been doing this.

And I have nothing of value to give for a contest of my own, other than my two kids, and ebay and Children's Services frown on that practice, so I haven't.

However, after my post on the P-touch 90 Labeller®, I was approached by Brother Canada, asking if I'd be willing to hold a contest.




Well, to one of you who likes to label things :-)

Brother Canada and I want to know, 'What Would YOU Label?'

All you organized people. Those of you who like to label things; toys, school/office supplies, food containers... wouldn't it be nice to OWN one of these P-touch 90 labellers®?

SURE it would!

Simply tell me what you would label with it.

It's THAT easy!

I'm sure you can find SOMETHING!!!

Your kids?

Your pets?

Your friends?

Your favourite treat?

Your BOSS?

(Yes, I have his permission to use this picture! ;-p
You've GOTTA ask when you want to put the Boss on the Blog!)

Come on! I'm sure you can think of SOMETHING!!!!

Let me know what you'd label and YOU could be the owner of a NEW P-touch labeller®!

Just leave me a comment.

It's that easy.

I'll leave the contest open for one week, then with the help of one of the Brother representatives, a winner will be picked, and announced on the blog next SATURDAY! (most likely AFTER I get the kids to bed).

Thanks to Brother Canada, for offering me the opportunity to give the new P-touch labeller® to one of YOU!

And for enabling me to hold the FIRST EVER contest in the Korner!

Come on! Play!

What would YOU label?

P.S. Yes, we DO spell Labeller with two L's here in Canada.