Saturday, August 21, 2010

What Would YOU Label?

I've seen many, MANY bloggers hold giveaways.

I'm not one of those bloggers. Usually.

I think I've entered only one, two at the most, blog contests in the three years I've been doing this.

And I have nothing of value to give for a contest of my own, other than my two kids, and ebay and Children's Services frown on that practice, so I haven't.

However, after my post on the P-touch 90 Labeller®, I was approached by Brother Canada, asking if I'd be willing to hold a contest.




Well, to one of you who likes to label things :-)

Brother Canada and I want to know, 'What Would YOU Label?'

All you organized people. Those of you who like to label things; toys, school/office supplies, food containers... wouldn't it be nice to OWN one of these P-touch 90 labellers®?

SURE it would!

Simply tell me what you would label with it.

It's THAT easy!

I'm sure you can find SOMETHING!!!

Your kids?

Your pets?

Your friends?

Your favourite treat?

Your BOSS?

(Yes, I have his permission to use this picture! ;-p
You've GOTTA ask when you want to put the Boss on the Blog!)

Come on! I'm sure you can think of SOMETHING!!!!

Let me know what you'd label and YOU could be the owner of a NEW P-touch labeller®!

Just leave me a comment.

It's that easy.

I'll leave the contest open for one week, then with the help of one of the Brother representatives, a winner will be picked, and announced on the blog next SATURDAY! (most likely AFTER I get the kids to bed).

Thanks to Brother Canada, for offering me the opportunity to give the new P-touch labeller® to one of YOU!

And for enabling me to hold the FIRST EVER contest in the Korner!

Come on! Play!

What would YOU label?

P.S. Yes, we DO spell Labeller with two L's here in Canada.


Anonymous said...

I would lable EVERYTHING. Honest to GOD. I WOULD! I'm a Virgo!

(Sue S - I don't know how to do the sign-up thing! hah!) said...

I would label all of my son's food containers to let people know they are gluten free!

Bonnie S. said...

Well I have a 2 year old who is in daycare. Everything has to be labelled. His spare clothes, his shoes, sunblock, hats, diapers, wipes... Also, starting in a couple of weeks, I will have to start sending his lunches and snacks to the daycare as they have decided to stop offering that service to parents (don't get me started on that one). It will all have to labelled... the sippy cups, the containers, the lunch bag....I may also have to label my brain as I already feel like I'm about to lose my mind. LOL

Freebies are grrrrrrrrreat!

MThompson said...

I would label all sorts of stuff, I have a whole bunch of new spice jars that I'm going to start using in my new place, I would label my tools and camera equipment, I would label my cats but they freak out when they get tape on them... actually that's a good reason to label them ;-) I would label people, you know there are 10 types of people in this world - those that understand binary and those that don't!

Anonymous said...

Well well well, I've be waiting for this blog contest! Let's just say moving into a new home a labeller would come in handy, from kitchen spice jars and multiple plastic containers to kids organizers that contain bakugans to dinkie cars. Don't even get me started on the multiple containers I have containing all my craft supplies that I constantly get suprised with everytime I open one because I'm not exactly sure what's in them! Wouldn't it also be fun when friends are over (I'm thinking housewarming party coming up) to be able to label people's glasses so they don't "lose" them throught the evening? Oh, I could spend hours coming up with ideas, and with school just around the supplies labelling!!! Ugh I cringe at the thought and my hand is cramping while I think about it! Pick me!! Pick me brother! I'll do that labeller proud!!! Thanks for the opportunity Kim and Brother! Best wishes and good luck to all! Krista M

jackie said...

OMG - I would label my chaos!!

Purhaps even shock my family with an immediate answer to the never ending question of, "Mom, where's my ?"

I hear that CHAOS + Brother P Touch 90 Labeller = Domestic Bliss


Kristy said...

I would label our storage bins in the basement. Exciting!

CraftyLzrd said...

Goblin says he'd label his face! lol Shorty says he'd label an animal and Boober says she'd label bunnies! lol

KD said...

I am obsessive about organization. I would label all the bins in the garage so my husband would know where to put things back and maybe then we would see what the garage really looks like - haven't seen it in about 10 years.

I would also go label crazy on all the bins, containters and supplies in my craft room to keep me in line.

The kids would not escape either as their closets storage units would be labelled so that they would know that everything does not belong on the floor.

I would even bring the dog's stuff into it and label his toy basket so maybe he would know that under my feet or in my bed is not where his toys are stored.

All in all the whole family would become my organizational victims - oops did I say that out loud, that was supposed to be my inside

My home office would also be a great place to label file folders, supplies, catalogues and even the jewellery boxes for my new home business !!

The labeller would be my new best tool to label a place for everything so everything would be in it's place.

Karen Drakes

Twila said...

I would label my teenagers food. You know how they bring stuff home and its their stuff Don't touch! Mitchell will bring home a two litre pepsi and i can hear him all the way upstairs when he yells, who drank my pepsi! Tj usually brings chips or candy and its the same thing.I could label their stuff with their name and stop the chaos!

Karen said...

I'm in nursing school and you wouldn't believe the notebooks and textbooks and drug books and (expensive) medical equipment I've got to cart about.

Add 3 kids and their notebooks and textbooks. I think I ended up needing 13 new binders for this school year alone!

Oh - and can an American win from a Canadian company? It's ok if not - I'll just go replace my broken label-maker myself!

Kim's Korner said...

Hey everyone!

Absolutely LOVING all the answers to 'What would YOU label?' Wonderfully creative! ;-)

Just want to let everyone know that the contest will close at 11pm. My time. To be fair to everyone, I will be using a random number generator to pick the winner.

Good luck, everyone! I'd love to give one to you all if I could! And yes, that absolutely includes my american friends like YOU Karen ;-p

Kim's Korner said...

OH ... and my previous comment (as well as this one) will NOT be included in the numbers in the generator.

My well wishes don't count :-)

TDucarme said...

Oh, Brother!

What wouldn't I label?! I come from a long line of label/organization freaks! My paternal grandfather typed cheques - and put labels on the back...all envelopes were typed labels...all photographs had labels - many, many labels...all books had labels...After my grandmother passed away he would label items in the house so we knew what items were to go to which family member.

We used to chuckle at him - but all of his inherited his label genes! I haven't started typing cheques - but I am pretty close!

Brother, Canada - the P-touch 90 Labeller will help me fulfill my Ducarme legacy as a labeller!