Thursday, July 29, 2010

WHAT? Why Give Money, When Dog Pee Advice Is Free?

I was on my way into Walmart (yes, Walmart) tonight and noticed this kid, about 12yr old (or so), standing out front with his friend.

Pic taken from HERE.

He was beating on one of those big round poles, like a bongo drum.

Goin' to town!

When I got up next to him, I said 'Good Beat!'

He looked at me, paused for a second, then whipped his hand out, and said with a big grin, 'Tip?'

I sort of half turned, pointed my finger at him, said 'SURE! Don't eat yellow snow!', gave him a wink & grin of my own & kept on walkin'.

Don't think he was expecting THAT!

WHAT? Why give money, when dog pee advice is free?


P.S. Feel free to leave your favourite tip in the comments, and I'll be sure to share the wealth ;-)


CraftyLzrd said...

My fave tip to give is always "Don't bet on Stormy Jerry" :)

Kim's Korner said...

Lzrd - I've never heard of that one before lol

Andrea said...

I used to hear this one growing up - "Don't take any wooden nickels."

Kim's Korner said...

Andrea - Now that one I HAVE heard before :-) And always used to think to myself 'are wooden nickels only good for buying wooden stuff'??? Yeah ... that's the way my childhood brain worked ;-)

CraftyLzrd said...

Its a family thing... something to do with betting on a dog race where the dog didn't even make it 5 feet out of the gate, I think

Kristy said...

Ha, ha, ha, gotta keep those hooligans on their toes.

Taryn said...

My very cool, crazy aunt would always say to me when I was in university - "Be good...and if you can't be good, be good at it!"