Thursday, July 8, 2010

So, I Decided I Wanted Pink Hair.

So, I decided I wanted pink hair.

There was no catalyst for this sudden decision.

I just decided one day, I wanted pink hair.

Not a full head of fuchsia. But a few strands of the hot stuff peeking out here and there.

I went on my search for pink hair colour. For some reason, thinking it would be as simple as picking up some colour, picking out some strands I wanted coloured and ... voila.

Pink hair.

Yeah. Not so much.

See, my hair is dark, you can't simply add the colour and actually see it.

But ... because I already had it in my head I wanted pink hair. I set out in search of pink hair colour.

Having the colour in my hand would put me one step closer to actually doing it.

Or ... so ... that's the idea anyway.

Found it at Shopper Drug Mart. Punky Colour. Flaming Pink. Nine something plus tax, I think.

Then, I stopped in to chat with a stylist one day on my lunch hour.

I told her want I wanted. Only a few strands of hot pink.

She confirmed that those strands would have to be bleached, and bleached, and bleached ... and bleached.

And did I mention bleached?

THEN we could put the pink in.

I told her I'd think about it.

I stashed the colour, and other highlighting accessories I'd picked up in the very back of one of the bathroom drawers (so Adam wouldn't find it, and use it all, before I'd had the chance to use it on myself lol).

And left it in the back of the drawer, and my mind for about a month.

Then, I got the Pink Hair Itch again. Ew. That sounded kind of gross didn't it.

There were two things stopping me from going the full 'colour my own hair' route.

How much damage was I going to do to my hair? And what the hell would it look like when the roots started growing in?

So, I decided to go on another mission.

Find out if I could buy pink extensions.

One weekend the boys were with their father, I set out on my mission.

And failed.

I went to the store I had called earlier in the week (to confirm they had them), and when I got there? Sold out.


I went across the street to the mall, and into one of the salons and grilled the poor girl there.

'Where can I find pink extensions?'

'Well, she says, you'd probably want to talk to our extensions expert.'

There's an extensions expert?!?! Who knew?!?!?!

They didn't carry what I wanted, but suggested a place that might, and happily volunteered to 'put them in' once I had figured out exactly what I was going to end up with.

Yes. I'm sure they'd be happy to do so. For a we want your first born child small fee.

Sally Beauty
. That's where they sent me.

It was 5:40 and they closed at 6.

For those of you who know Halifax, I was at the Hfx Shopping Centre. I had to get to Bayers Lake.

Before I left the parking lot, I called them, and told the sales associate I was on my way.

She reminded me that they closed promptly at 6. I don't think she believed I'd make it.

Oh she of little faith ...

I walked through the door at 5:54.

However, as it was only a couple of minutes before closing, although the girl who helped me, DID answer my rapid fire questions on how to achieve what I wanted, WITHOUT having to give up my first born, I still walked out the door empty handed, and disappointed.

They still didn't really have what I wanted. Simply small strips of pink.

I wanted my pink hair dammit!

The next afternoon, I called another place that had been recommended.

I walked through those doors with high hopes.

This was it. I was going to find what I wanted in here.

I was met by a gentleman wanting to know what I was looking for.

He also quickly handed me off to his extension expert. But once he heard what I wanted, he took over the conversation.

And ya know what? Buddy had attitude.


Flat out told me what I wanted didn't exist.

Well ... yeah ... it did. I just couldn't seem to get my hands on any at the moment.

Are there THAT many people walking around Halifax with pink hair?

He then showed me a package of blond extensions. One long piece. Alternative (which I had already thought about, after leaving Sally's the night before) was to get the blond, and colour that pink.

He had 20% off.

In a heartbeat I made my decision.

I honestly couldn't remember how much the same package cost at Sally's, but I was willing to drive all the way back out to the park again, just to buy from the girls who had helped me the night before.

Screw the 20%, this guy was an asshole.

It's not the sale. It's the customer service that matters.

Sorry ... no sale for YOU!

What I really said was, 'OK, thanks, I think I'll head over to Sally's then.'

So I did.

And not only did I walk out with the 'stuff' I needed, the 'hair artist' who helped me (same girl as the previous night) was FANTASTIC!

When I told her of my plan to bring it to a stylist (sorry, but NOT in one of the most high priced malls in hfx), to have them colour, attach, and put them in she said, 'Oh don't do THAT!'

She then showed me how to do the first one, and I brought everything home, and did the rest myself.

I came home with hair ...

Clips (& string)

Got everything together ...

Cut, and coloured the strands I wanted.

Dried them ...

Tied three pieces of string through each strand and clip and ...

Pink hair :-)

I don't wear them every day.

And depending on where I'm going, depends on how many I'll wear.

So far, I've only cut eight pieces.

There's LOTS left!

My dad used to say I was like a dog with a bone when I got an idea in my head.

He was usually frowning when he said that ;-)

I wanted pink hair. I got pink hair. And still have my first born!

Some people buy a new car.

Some get a face lift, hairpiece etc.

Some have affairs.

After discussing it with the boys, and determining they would continue to claim me as their mom, and still associate with me in public; and warning my mother ... I got pink hair.



Danie B. said...

I LOVE it! I would so do that if I had long hair!

Shannon said...

I love love love it! I just put fusia in my hair...I have a perm, and colored the hair that frames my face with fusia did some in the cute and I kinda feel like strawberry shortcake only with shorter hair! Your hair looks awesome!

Kristy said...

You went after what you wanted and you did it, girl! Awesome! They are fun, not too much, just right!