Monday, May 15, 2006

I Own a MOST SH*T Trophy! Enter Kim's Korner and Find Out Why...

Hey MySpacers/Bloggers,

I've decided to board the blogging bus to keep the family and friends updated. If you're here because I've invited you, glad you could make it! If you've wandered into my blog spot ... welcome! If you like what you read, feel free to come back. For some strange reason, 'things' always seem to happen to me. (which is probably why I like the phrase "everything happens for a reason"), so there'll always be new adventures to follow .

I really do own a Most Sh*t trophy. One of my friends gave it to me a couple of years ago, because she said I was the friend who had been through the 'Most Sh*t' than anyone else she knew ... not sure if I should really be proud of that title or not ... but I do display my trophy proudly, and if nothing else, it's a great conversation piece .

So ... what type of 'sh*t' have I been through that I deserve a trophy for? Well, nothing as serious as being a true 'survivor' of any sort, I haven't been through anything really horrible or heroic, not to me anyway. I just see it as .... life ... life happens right and you've just got to go with it. And it doesn't necessarily have to be something 'bad', but I guess I've had a few interesting incidents throughout my 20's, and into my 30's (so far), that not everyone goes through ....

Off the top of my head I can think of ...

  • Separated Single Mom. A very common experience these days yes, but anyone who's been through it knows that's an adventure in itself lol

  • Went back to work for the same company that had laid me off a year and a half previously. I had worked there for four years, so in some ways going back was strange, but in others it was sort of like coming home

  • Working on a cool project at the office now. But it's under security ... so if I told you, I'd have to send some big scary guy looking for you afterwards

  • In a three month period, I had one lung collapse, then the other, then the first one again. I had a lung disease and didn't know it

  • The second lung collapsed at the funeral home. My dad died and I moved (actually my ex and two kids moved us into the new house, then drove 5 hrs to where I was) the same day and then my lung collapsed at the funeral home the next day

  • I eventually had a double lung surgery. 15 percent less lungs now, and they're now stapled to the chest walls, but I'm still here lol

  • We moved three times in three months one summer. The house we were renting went up for sale and we wanted to stay in the same school district. Anyone who has had to move two adults, two kids, two pets and the entire contents of a house knows this isn't a fun thing to do

  • We all received mild - high arsenic poisoning from the well water at a house we rented. Never from drinking. But through cooking, washing etc.

  • My youngest was standing next to me in the kitchen one night eating an apple, and choked. I had never done the Heimlich, which he was too young for anyway, but put one hand on his back and slid two fingers of the other hand down his chest and when I felt that spot under the rib cage, pushed and out popped the apple That was pretty cool! At the time I just did it (just 'life' right?). After wards, when I knew he was ok, I fell apart lol

  • My oldest son had a Febrile Seizure (which I had never heard of before that day) when he was 18 mo old ... in the car, with his dad, waiting at the ferry terminal while watching my boat coming across the harbour .... They immediately left for the hospital, I didn't have a cell phone ... had no idea what was going on or where they were

  • I hemorrhaged 10 days after having my second son. Dr hadn't removed all the placenta during birth. Lost over half my body's blood, went into shock etc. they did a minor surgery and all was well. Guess they gave the ex the "Sir, you should prepare yourself for being a single father" speech a little too soon. I was a new mom again and wasn't going anywhere lol

  • Back in the days before Kids ;-) Our dog saved our lives one night Our kerosene heater was throwing off carbon monoxide all night. He woke us up barking. We woke up black, covered in soot (really ... any body part that hadn't been covered during the night was literally black!) and according to the fireman, we had about another 5 min or we wouldn't have woken up. Never used a kerosene heater again!

  • A few years before we were married, the ex was operated on for a brain tumor, that it turned out the doctors didn't find, and then said he never had to begin with ... go figure

  • When I found out my dad had cancer, I arranged for him to have a surprise phone call from Guy La Fleur, his all time hockey idol, for Christmas. I probably should have let him in on the surprise though, since he didn't believe it was him, humored 'him' for a minute then basically hung up on him (ohhhh I heard that collective cybergroan!) My mom explained everything when she arrived home a few mins later
And that's just off the top of my head ... and each of those is a blog in itself lol. Like I said, lots has happened in the last 15 yrs.May as well start with last weekend (not this one just past) and work backwards ....

I'm out for a walk with the kids at the lake and my purse is stolen out of my vehicle! ok ... so LOTS of people have had this one happen to them lol. Then the fun began! We were at the lake/trail with my friend and her two kids. When we left, we were on our way to a movie. One of my kids was traveling with her, and they didn't know my purse had been taken. I head to the theater to find her, so I can get her keys and check her house to make sure I hadn't forgotten it there, before I went through the process of reporting it stolen ... unfortunately, after discussing several movie times/theaters earlier in the afternoon, when we left the lake, she went to one theater, I went to another .

About 25 min later, I find her seated with my son and hers in the row in front of her and her daughter. I'm doing the 's'cuse me, s'cuse me, s'cuse me down the row to get to her, trying to quietly tell her what happened and ask for her keys, and my 6yr old leans over and LOUDLY whispers to his brother "HEY! Some bad guy(s) stole mom's purse!!"

So if I wasn't embarrassed enough before, I certainly was after that! Got the keys, checked the house, no purse. Went back to the lake in case they had only taken the money cards, and ditched the purse nearby ... no such luck Off to my place to call the credit card people, bank, and the police (yes, in that order lol).

Turns out in the half our between when it was stolen and when I noticed it gone, they managed to swipe $100 worth of gas at a gas station, with my credit card. There's no other identification required at the pumps, just the card swipe. And unfortunately, this station doesn't have cameras outside. Inside yes, outside no .

However ... the buttheads also tried to use my bank card, at my branch So the police will be looking into the footage from that video tape. I was able to give them the time of the attempted withdrawl(s), as well as the identification # of the exact ATM so hopefully they'll find them.

Last I heard from the police, they were waiting on the video tape and I should hear from them again this week. Sure it was only $100, and ultimately, after I go through the appeal with the CC people, I won't be responsible to pay it. But it's the principle of the thing. You just DON'T steal!!!! They freaked out my 6yr old!! That in itself deserves a "YES officer, I'm pressing charges!" Buttheads ticked off the wrong mom. I should also send them the bill for the replacement costs of the drivers license, birth certs, health cards etc. LOL!!!

There ya go. Welcome to my world Come back to find out what happened in each of the events mentioned above, (even the scarier ones usually have an element of humor to them lol) and read about the other adventures that helped earn me my Most Sh*t trophy!

Later Family, Friends, and anonymous Blog Readers!