Friday, October 24, 2008

This Family Friendly Blog Is Rated 'R'

Alright, all of my kid's friends, their teachers, my co-workers, family members and any religious fanatics who stubmle into my Korner ... STOP reading this blog NOW!

I've been rated!

OnePlusYou Quizzes and Widgets

Created by OnePlusYou - Free Dating Site - No I wasn't cruising the dating site, just wanted the rating!

I received this 'R' rating, because I've used the words

ass (4x)
dead (3x)
fart (2x)
death (1x)

Ok, ass I can understand. Sort of. But ...

FART?!?!?! You get an 'R' rating for the word FART these days?!?!?! Gee ... I'd try and clean it up by referring to it as ... anus airing ... but I find that word 'anus' just too damned creepy!

So much for my 'Family Friendly' blog! Go figure! Those people who created the 'rating system' are just a bunch of ... of .... Fartheads!!!

Fart - fart - FART!

There! I feel better :-)

Now stop reading this R rated trash and go out and play!

Have a great weekend all!


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Gee ... I Wish She Was MY Mom! NOT!

The ex told me a very disturbing story on Sunday. Then he showed me the video.

Apparently a 31yr old mother drove her 12yr old daughter to a park, so the daughter could (attempt to) kick another 13yr old girl's butt.

Why? 'because she was talkin' stuff', according to the daughter.

Once it looked like the 13yr old was winning the fight, she was dragged by her hair off the daughter, BY THE GIRL'S MOM!!!!

Who knew it was a Mother & Daughter Tag Team Match!

Mom is now up for Mother Of The Year on charges.

See for yourself ...

Ya know, I'll be the first to admit that if anyone tried to seriously harm my child, I'd have to rip them apart. It's just a mother's instinct to do so.

Forget Basic Instinct. Mother's Instinct is the High Priestess of ALL instinct ;-)

Having said that, I couldn't imagine driving my child to a fistfight!

To the mall, a school dance, a friend's house sure, but an organized fistfight? And then to watch? What the hell was this Mother thinking?!?!?!

What were all the OTHER people who were standing around WATCHING thinking?

Of course I wouldn't want to stand by and see my kid getting the shit kicked out of them, but ... HELLO ... D'oh-Hole ... Mama DROVE her there to get (give) the kickin'!

If I happened upon my kids like this fighting, yes, I'd like to think I'd be able to break it up, but NOT like this!

Unfortunately, this isn't the first time something like this has happened.

In 2005, a 26yr old mom boarded a school bus, daughters in tow, and insisted her 9yr old daughter assault her 10yr old bully. To 'take care of her business'.

You can view that video, if you wish, HERE.

In 2007, she was convicted. Mom sentenced to year in jail for role in bus fight.

And we wonder 'what's wrong with kids today?!'

Yeah. I wonder.

Maybe cause Mama's up on charges for beating up your classmates?!?!?

Gee ... wish she was MY Mom! NOT!!!!

As a side note, I'd like to thank my own Mother for being the wonderful human being that she is. For being a 'perfectly normal' Mom who gave me her love, attention, and a damn fine childhood. Waited patiently for me to stop being a b*tch through my teenage years, and became my friend as an adult.

And Thanks Mom, for not beating up my classmates.


Monday, October 20, 2008

Scrape Up Some Money ... And Buy A Ham

S'cuse me, while I kiss this guy!

There's a bathroom on the right

The ants are my friends, they're blowin' in the wind

And now we can add to that ... Scrape up some money, and buy a ham.

Did you know there are multiple websites dedicated to Commonly Misheard/Sung Song Lyrics?

Of course there are!

Brad Paisly and Keith Urban have a new song out that has been getting alot of play on the radio lately, Start A Band.

One part of the chours says:
When you’re living in a world that you don’t understand
Find a few good buddies, start a band

The other night, it was on while we were driving and after that particular part Alec asked, "Mom, what's he saying in that last line?"

I said, "Find a few good buddies, start a band. Why?"

"Ohhhh OK! I thought he said 'Scrape up some money, and buy a HAM!!!'"

I had a sudden mental image of Brad and Keith onstage, rockin' out to 'Scrape up some money, and buy a HAM'

Yeah. I lost it. Why do I always have these moments when I'm DRIVING?!?!?!


Oh, and feel free to leave a comment as to what you think the REAL lyrics are, for the first three commonly misheard ones at the top of the post.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I Spent Thanksgiving With Carrie Underwood!

It was a low-key Thanksgiving weekend in the Korner this year. We didn't go anywhere. We stayed home. Had Thanksgiving dinner just the three of us on Monday evening.

On Saturday, we did the 'normal' sat things we usually do. Then Alec had a friend over in the afternoon, who stayed for a sleepover. It was a beautiful weekend here, the boys were outside on the trampoline for two days. Nice :-)

Sunday was another quiet one. Just the kids and I kicking around the house. Until late afternoon.

Around 3:30 I dropped Adam off at Basketball practice, ran down to the grocery store and picked up a kick ass ham for Thanksgiving dinner the following evening. Dropped Alec and the ham (temporarily) off with his father and then hit the highway to pick up the best friend for the Carrie Underwood/ Little Big Town concert that night!

Click to enlarge all pics

*****Side Note *****
I'm happy to report there were no vehicle mishaps along the way!

We were fashionably late of course, but that enabled us to avoid the rush to find a parking spot just before the concert, and we ended up finding a perfect spot on a side street, only half a block away :-)

We had to find our seats in the dark, but with the help of the Usher Chick, we were there in no time. COOL! We had decent seats!

Little Big Town ... live ... FANTASTIC!

At the end of Intermission, the CARRIE COUNTDOWN appeared!

It was just a fluke that I caught it at 4:44

Then, Carrie hit the stage and the place went NUTS!

OK, I like guys and all, but this is one HOT chick!

And absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

She brought a little girl from the audience up on stage during All American (Canadian in our case) Girl.

She had five outfit changes in total.

Did you notice that's the same dress?

That's something I missed having my face stuck to the lcd screen instead of watching it all live. One minute she was in that full length gown, I looked from the screen to the stage and in that second, the whole bottom half just 'whisked' off her! It was pretty cool :-)

But I missed exactly how it happened, I just sort of caught it flying mid-air LOL

Obligatory Butt Shots for all my male friends / readers ;-p

She was awesome. A fantastic concert!

You can view all concert pics HERE!

Afterwards, we picked up the boys at their Father's, where they had enjoyed their Thanksgiving / turkey dinner earlier that evening.

We were starving by the time we got there, so the ex was nice enough to make us leftover turkey sandwiches!!!

After we stuffed ourselves, we lugged the two half-sleeping boys to the truck and headed home, still discussing the great night we'd had.

Little Big Town, Carrie Underwood, delicious Turkey Sandwiches, a kick ass Ham for our Thanksgiving meal and healthy sleeping kids in the back seat ... yup, I had LOTS to be thankful for this year :-)


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Rocky Horror Memories

Someone unknowingly brought back a great memory for me the other day. Thanks Denise!

Almost 20 years ago, I saw a movie with my ex and a bunch of our friends. I only saw this movie once on the ‘big screen’, but it was a night and experience I’ll never forget!

A popular theatre in the area was closing and they were giving a final midnight showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Let There Be Lips!

Have you ever seen this movie?


Don’t run out and rent it if you haven’t, it’s just not the same unless you experience it LIVE!

When we got to the theater, I wasn't sure if I had arrived to see a movie, or attend a costume party?!?!?

People waiting in line were dressed in their PJ's, raincoats, wedding dresses and all sorts of outfits that looked like a bus on the way to a retro convention had exploded in the parking lot.

After everyone was inside and had taken their seats, we had to wait for almost 15 minutes while the theater dude was trying to quiet the crowd. They wouldn't start the movie until the yelling and craziness had stopped.

Poor guy. Nobody was listening to him. Nobody could HEAR him LOL.

Finally, one of the guys in our group stood up, cupped his hands around his mouth and yelled "SHUT THE FU*K UP!!!!!!!!"

You could hear a pin drop.

Then thunderous applause!

The theater dude slunk sheepishly back to the control booth and finally started the movie.

Did I mention I've never been to anything like this before? I had NO idea what I was in for!

is definitely a cult classic. Those who attend this movie, for the most part, have seen it a million times. They know the dialogue and songs and bring the term 'audience participation' to a whole new level!

Not only were people dressed up like their favourite characters, they had PROPS!

Toast, rice, toilet paper, newspapers, water guns, things I had no idea what they were, and so many things I can't even remember.

The audience shouted things back to the characters onscreen. - Did you know you can buy an
Audience Participation Soundtrack on And you can find an audience participation script HERE.

When the characters got married, the audience threw rice, during the dinner scene, they threw toast, and lookout when it rained!!! The squirt guns were pulled out and the crowd got soaked!

So THAT'S why people had newspapers over their heads?????

For over 30 years, people have been jumping out of their seats, running down to the front of the theater so they can dance the 'Time Warp' with their beloved characters.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is all about audience participation. You can sing, yell, dance and throw things when normally this type of behaviour would get you thrown out!

You can try and watch the MOVIE when you go to the Rocky Horror Picture Show ... but if you do, you'll miss the best part of the SHOW ;-)

Like I said, the sights, the sounds, the characters in the audience ... it was totally awesome! A night I'll never forget!

Or maybe it was just the brownies .... 'Wadda ya mean we just saw Sound of Music?!?!?' ;-p

Let's do the time warp aaaaggggaaaaiiiinnnnn ......!!!!!


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Just Call Me Grandma!

Yesterday was a very exciting day in the Korner!

I got the kids off to school, went to work, and shortly after I arrived, I spoke to my mechanic about the grinding noise my vehicle was making, which in turn was drawing slack- jawed stares from the motorists beside me.

He told me I could bring it in right away, so I decided to do so, and work from home the rest of the day.

Karma's funny that way ya know.

I haven't mentioned about our cat Puss, and the fact she's pregnant to all of you.

Funny thing is, two nights ago I was going to do a post about the fact that she got knocked up when we got back from summer vacation.

I've never had a kitty who has had kitty's before!

Pregnant Puss!

I hadn't taken any pics of Puss while she was pregnant, but I took this pic two nights ago. Not knowing exactly when she had gotten pregnant, I wasn't sure exactly WHEN the kittens would arrive, but figured it was going to be sometime soon.

Yesterday, after dropping off the vehicle, I was home about 45 minutes. Enough time to VPN into work, and get started on something.

All of a sudden, Puss was at my feet. Meowing. Wandering around.

Puss never meows. Never. Unless you speak to her and she's answering you. But she's not a random meower.

I don't know how I knew, but I knew. The kittens were coming!

The boys and I had made a box for her in the laundry room. I had put a shower liner on the bottom, then a sheet over that, and a blanket on top of that. I just hoped she'd use it when the time came!

I had been warned that cats will have their kittens in closets, on beds they like ... I figured it was going to be a messy thing, and I didn't want kitten crap all over my shoes in the closet!

So, when the meowing and wandering started, I put Belle outside, and walked Puss into the laundry room and patted her box.

She got RIGHT IN!!!

I stayed with her. Rubbed her head. Told her what a good mama she was going to be.

About 20 minutes later, she started to push. Just like WE do LOL.

She looked at me. Meowed like "Holy CRAP! What's going on?!?!?"

Gave another push, made a sound like she was ripping a wet fart, and it was out!

And after she got all the birth crap off it ... it was pretty damned cute!!!!

Every 20 minutes or so, her stomach would give this little spasm, she'd push, meow, make fart noises, and out would pop another one :-)

She had FIVE healthy kittens in all. The first was sort of calico like mama, the next two were black, then a gold/caramel one, and finally a blackish/grey one.

Do I smell butt? Is that someone's butt? I don't want the butt ... I want the BOOB!!!

She's such a good mama! She's had her arms around them since they came out, and she hasn't stopped purring since the first one popped out.

Feeding the brood

She doesn't mind me going in to see her, and doesn't mind me petting HER, but I know enough to not touch the kittens themselves.

The boys were sorry they missed the actual event, but were beside themselves when they got home, and I was home, meeting them with a big grin at the door :-D

This will be her only litter.

It was an absolutely awesome experience watching the births, but I'm also not about to fill the world with extra kittens either.

We'll definitely be keeping one, although the boys want two LOL. The ex is taking one, so that leave 2-3 to find a loving home for. I think I can handle that :-)

I'm so proud of my girl! Did I mention what an awesome Mama she is?

And since I'm STILL grinning from ear to ear almost 24 hrs later, you can just call me ... Grandma!


Friday, October 3, 2008

Who's Hiding In The Korner?


I am Kim and this is my Korner.

Many of you who stop by here, know the boys and I personally. Many of you simply stumble into here and don't.

If you've been a Kim's Korner reader for awhile, this will all be old news to you. If you're one a new visitor ... this is for YOU!

Although there are many people who hang out in, or stop by our Korner, there are only five who call it home. Myself, the two boys, the dog and cat.

This is ME - Sorta ...

No ... I'm not a blonde ...that pic was from Halloween :-) I'm actually a brunette, who's a full time single mom of 18 and 14yr old active boys.

I'm a sports mom. Baseball, Basketball, Gymnastics, Swimming ... they did it. Keeps 'em busy, healthy, learning and out of trouble. Good kids most days ... who display 'Son of Satan' tendencies on others ;-)

My other full time job is as an instructional developer for military aircraft, at a simulation and training for civil aviation & defense company.

I'm also a business analyst, tester, trainer and blogger. 

And of course, we can't forget, Mom.  Pick a hat.  I wear 'em all.

Oh, and I was one of the original selfie takers ... back in the day.

The Boys

This is them. Alec and Adam. Real names? Or something I just made up for the blog? Who knows?

I'm not going to give specific descriptions of each. Their likes / dislikes / personalities. You know everything I want you to know about them through my posts.

No more, no less :-)

And it's through these same posts, that you catch glimpses of the 'characters' they can sometimes be.


This is Linken, our cat.  

He's pretty awesome.  

'nuff said. 



And of course our Belle. She joined us seven years ago. She's a great girl. When she's not getting into my shoes, action figures, or the garbage I forget to take outside!

In their younger years

Not so little anymore ...

Apparently it's 'good blogging etiquette' to explain *why* I blog. That's pretty much explained in I Own a Most Sh*t Trophy!, and at the beginning of The Secret, The Bee/Wasp, The Bum and The Pass

But these are buried within eight years of blog posts, and only the die-hards will read back that far ;-) So I'm making it obvious HERE!

There ya go. The Who, What and Why. The When, is ... whenever I feel I have something worth sharing. 

And the Where? Not a chance I'm posting those dirty details! Other than Nova Scotia, Canada.

Thanks for wandering into our Korner. Hope you manage to find your way back again :-)