Thursday, March 27, 2008

Is she Friendly or Flirting? An 11yr old's perspective.

A couple of days ago, while driving the boys to school, the Morning Dude on my favourite radio station asked a question to his listeners.

"How do you know if a woman is being friendly, or if she's actually flirting?"

I just couldn't resist ... I HAD to turn around and ask the boys "Well, what do you think?"

A bunch of their answers were pretty hilarious, but the one that almost made me spit my mouthful of coffee into my windshield, was when Alec (11) said "She sticks her leg out!"

Alrighty then!

Once I managed to swallow the coffee, (which is NO easy task when you're trying not to laugh or choke!) I asked "What do you mean 'sticks her leg out'?"

He said "you know ... they lift their leg and stick it out!!!"

Um. Ok. I'm still not quite sure what he meant ... I'm thinking he meant like when a couple are kissing, and the girl, if she's really into it, will sometimes bend the knee back, sort of lifting the leg up.

Like this …

Or maybe I'm totally wrong ... and what he really meant was like this …

or this

GOD I hope not …otherwise I’ve been doing it all WRONG!!!!

The reason I almost lost the coffee, was because when he said it, I immediately had a mental image of a woman walking up to a guy, lifting her leg up and sticking it straight out in the air and yelling 'DATE ME! I'M FLIRTING!’... you know ... like a dog lifts his leg when leaving his scent everywhere...

That's why my coffee almost met my windshield.

He's thinking Scarlet O’Hara; I'm thinking pissin' in the wind LOL. Which I guess is sometimes what flirting/dating feels like these days anyway ;-)

It was the running joke around the house all night. One of the boys would walk up to me unexpectedly, stick their leg out in the air and say 'DATE ME!!! DATE ME!!!'

Ok ... I'm finding humor in the small things ... I definitely gotta get out more! Now where’d I leave that copy of Flirting for Dummies …?



Danie said...


CraftyLzrd said...

OMG! I love your boys! too cute!

Sue said...

hahaha. My mental image was of when a woman is standing next to a man and she puts her best foot forward, only slowly. Amazing where our minds will lead us.

Kim's Korner said...

LOL thanks guys :-)

After they got out of the car, I put my brain back into elementary school mode, and realized he probably meant 'sticking your leg out to trip her as she's walking down the aisle back to her desk' LOL