Sunday, March 9, 2008

I've Quit Selling ... and Quitting

Clear? Good! ;-)

Hey Everyone!

There are two questions I have been asked repeatedly over the last couple of months. 1) How's the house selling going?"
Accident Update, Basketball, Moving and Belle and 2) "How's the quitting smoking going?" I saw a Hypnotist yesterday and I hit a Deer today...

I've decided to answer those questions here. I've quit both. Selling, and Quitting.

Quitting is not a characteristic I generally encourage, in either myself or my kids, but we've talked about it, and they know the selling is simply postponed for a couple of years (which they're actually happy about lol), and the quitting smoking ... well ... yeah, I've gotta work on that one (which they're not as happy about).

The house just needs too much work right now to try and sell it for what I want it sold for.

We had many showings. Which was good and bad. Good because there was lots of traffic through the house, which means people were definitely interested in the location. Bad because they all pretty much said the same thing. "Too much work in the basement". Which didn't come as a surprise to me. Some day, I'll fill you in on the Renovation/Demolition Project story ;-)

The other bad thing about it, is that I find it really creepy knowing strangers are going through my house. And it certainly didn't help that I started reading John Saul's Perfect Nightmare the same time the For Sale sign went up! "If you open your house to strangers, who knows who might come in? And what they might be after? Or who?" Yeah ... K ... way to creep yourself out even MORE Kim!

So, instead of trying to sink alot of money I don't have into the basement right now in order to sell it, or take a loss on the sale, I've decided we'll stay here another couple of years. I'll tackle the (w)rec(ked) - room a bit at a time, and try again when it's in a more 'sell-able' state. What I REALLY need, is to be a participant on
Trading Spaces! Pick ME Paige Pick ME! Have I got a challenge for you!!!

The non-smoking lasted a few weeks. What can I say. Smoking and coffee ... they're the two vices that get me through the day. Have I cut down. Yup. Can I say I've quit? Not so much. I'll try again. But not today. And most likely not tomorrow.

Nite all, I've got a (w)rec(ked) - room that needs cleaning ... sigh ... again.

Have a great March/Spring Break!


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