Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Icing Sandwich

So Monday night I make a chicken. Usually I don't do leftovers. They never get eaten so I don't even bother taking up the fridge space with food that's never going to get eaten. Tuesday night, I thought I'd try something new and do 'leftovers'. Lots of chicken left, great for hot/cold chicken sandwichs. Perfect ... healthy, easy supper ... done! Or so I thought ....

The first question every night when I pick up the boys is "What's for supper". When I announced on Tues that we were having chicken sandwiches, both boys let me know that they didn't want chicken sandwiches. They wanted something else. To which I replied ... "I'm making chicken sandwiches for supper ... you like chicken, you like sandwiches, you'll have a chicken sandwich, or make something else yourself ... cause I'm not going to do it".

About 10 min later I got a huge dose of "Careful what you wish for!!". I had gone downstairs for something, when Adam yelled from the kitchen "Mom!!! I made my own supper!!!! Come see!!!!!"

I arrive in the kitchen to find ..... an icing sandwich. On one side of the bread he put white icing ... on the other side ... chocolate icing ... both halves covered in sprinkles. He put both pieces together, took a bite and gave me a huge icing sandwich with sprinkles grin.

Well ... I DID tell him to make his OWN supper if he wasn't eating what I made LOL. Next time I guess I'll have to also give him the choices of WHAT he can make instead ;-)