Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Thrift Shop Karaoke. Hmmm ... I Wonder If I Can Patent That?

I had the privilege of being part of an honest to goodness 'feel good' moment today.

One of those spontaneous occurrences that you happen to catch yourself in the middle of, and you walk away from smiling, thinking, 'That was fun/cool/nice and totally unexpected.'

I was in one of my favourite thrift shops, checking out the jackets, when all of a sudden I could hear the young guy working the counter turn up the radio, and ask the older lady who was there with him, 'Hey, is this that Mama song?'

I couldn't help buy smile, and in my head I replied, 'Yes, young one, that is Bohemian Rhapsody.'

'Yes, that's it.', said his co-worker.

He then turned it up just a bit louder, and asked, 'Is this uh ... Queen?'


That was it, I could contain myself no longer and popped my head out from behind the rack and said, 'Stop that! You're making me feel old!'

He just looked at me with a big grin, and started to sing.

He didn't know all the words, or even half of them, but that didn't stop him.

Or his co-worker from encouraging him!

And it didn't stop people from coming over from other parts of the store to check out all the commotion.

At this point, I had moved on to the jewelry, closer to his counter, but still across the aisle, and every now and then would help him out with the words by piping up and joining in for a line or two.

And JUST as he got to the 'Oh Mama Mia Mama Mia Mama Mia let me go ..." this dude with awesome dreadlocks walks in, stops just inside the front door, and takes in the situation.

He looks at the young guy singing, he looks over at me grooving and what does he start doing?  


Yes, at 'Beelzebub has a devil put aside for meeee, for meeeee, for meeeee...'

He's standing there, arms raised high, head thrown back, conducting.

And at the appropriate moment, what did the young guy, the old chick (me) and the dude with the awesome dreads do?

Oh yes .. you know it ... we BANGED those heads in unison!!!

And had fun.

So did, I think, the other shoppers who were trying to pretend they weren't watching. And the older lady, who was behind the counter with the young guy, laughing at us the whole time.

And then it was over.

And like a flash mob, the music went down and we went our separate ways.

As did the rest of the shoppers, who had been milling about.

It wasn't a flash mob, but it was definitely a moment.

One of those spontaneous, feel good moments where a few strangers came together, that I'm glad I jumped into.

Thrift Shop Karaoke.  Hmmm ... I wonder if I can patent that?

I'm going back on Thursday.

Everything in the store is on sale for $1 that day.

And we'll be doing Guns 'n Roses.  Paradise City.