Sunday, November 16, 2008

Whatever Happened to James Bulger's Killers?

I read Ginny's latest post over at Praying to Darwin last night, about a little boy living in a dangerous situation, and how he should be removed.

As these 'children in danger' stories often do, it got me thinking, once again, of little James Bulger.

Anyone remember him?

He was two years old when he was heinously murdered by two 10yr old boys in the UK.

That was 15yrs ago.

I still think about him now and then.

I also sometimes wonder whatever happened to those two 10yr old boys, who first tortured then killed him.

15yrs is a long time ago.

1993. I wasn't even married yet, certainly had no kids of my own, but the story of James Bulger bothered me, a lot.

And a lot has happened in 15yrs. I've been married, divorced, and now have two beautiful boys of my own. One two years older, one two years younger than the murderers.

But I still think of Jamey now and then. And his Mom.

And remember the line I read in so many newspaper and online accounts at the time, the one I had to push out of my head when trying to get to sleep - " ... stopping to torture him along the way. The whole time, Jamey was crying for his Mum."

And in those moments, my stomach clenches, my heart wrenches and the tears flow.

Even more so AFTER I became a mom.

Because of Jamey Bulger ... or I guess because of Jon Venables and Robert Thompson, his murderers, not only have I always had a small fear of some big monster harming my child, there has also been a small part of me, that has feared the LITTLE monsters too.

Pic courtesy of Crime, Law and Justice

Those little monsters are all grown up now.

Where are they?

Do they remember - EVERY DAY - what they did to that poor little boy? Do they choose NOT to think about it? Have they blocked it out completely?

Do they hear his screams and pleas for his mother in their dreams?

Are they sorry?

I'm a complete stranger, and that one line haunts me. The whole time, Jamey was crying for his Mum.

I can't even imagine what it's done to his mother. How she 'went on' after losing her son that way. Knowing what those boys did to him. Knowing he called for her, and she wasn't there.

Yeah, kills me. As a human being. As a Mom.

You can read the story in James' Mom's own words, what happened that day, and how she's coped since, in this 2007 interview.

And where are THEY now? The two 10yr old boys, who were the youngest people in Britain to be convicted of murder in 250 years.

Did they get married?

Do they have families of their own? Are they upstanding members of their communities, living anonymously among their friends. Or did they manage to find themselves back on a cell block somewhere?

Do they have kids?

I've read that James' mom hasn't forgiven them. Still hates them.

Can't say as I blame her.

Forgiveness. I've had it for many who don’t deserve it. But I will NEVER find it in my heart to understand or forgive Jon Venables or Robert Thompson for how they tortured and murdered that defenseless two year old little boy.


And I doubt I will ever forget James Bulger. And I hug my boys just a little harder sometimes, hold them just a little longer, because of him.


Please, PLEASE do not comment or send me messages with names and locations of men you think are one of the 'Bulger Killers'.

I will NOT publish these.

I think what these boys did was horrific, but I will NOT be responsible for their lynching as adults.

Or worse, it resulting in someone completely innocent getting hurt because of it, for whatever reason.

Not going to happen.




Bonnie S. said...

James Bulger's boy killer Jon Venables 'to get married.
July 23, 2007 10:53am

ONE of the pair who killed English toddler James Bulger 14 years ago is reportedly set to marry a woman who has no idea about his past.

Jon Venables was just 10 years old when he and schoolmate Robert Thompson lured James from a shopping mall and brutally murdered him in 1993.

The pair took James more than 3km away to a railway line where they kicked him in the head and beat him with an iron bar. A CCTV image caught the chilling moment when they boys took James from the mall.

The pair walked free from prison in 2001 and were given new identities in a bid to protect them from revenge attacks. A High Court order prevents their whereabouts from being revealed.

Venables is now about to marry an office worker who has no idea of his true identity. He has also been advised never to tell her what he did as a boy, Britain's Daily Mail newspaper has reported.

The paper has cited a report in The People which claims Venables has been dating an office worker for two years.

The bride-to-be is reportedly "blissfully happy" ahead of the wedding, which is planned to take place in a couple of months.

But she is also blissfully ignorant. The paper quoted a source who told The People that Venables had been urged to keep his shocking crime a secret.

"Case workers have discussed it over and over but say he can't come clean with his wife-to-be," the source was quoted as saying.

"If they split acrimoniously or she confides in a friend or relative who doesn't share her love for him, the whole thing could come tumbling down."

Thompson is living with a partner who also does not know the truth, the paper reported.

Kim's Korner said...

Thanks Bon! I wonder if the wedding actually took place and I wonder if the unsuspecting Bride every found out the truth, about the TRUE Monster that she was marrying?

I hope she found out, dumped him, and I hope he rots in hell instead of EVER finding happiness!

But that's JMO of course.

Bonnie S. said...

I don't know but it's interesting enough to do some research on! If the media knew who he was and printed an article on it, you would think the unsuspecting bride would have figured it out or someone would have told her...!! I agree too. They don't deserve any happiness.

Anonymous said...

One of them killed himself about 5/6 years ago,gassed imself in a car in east anglia.

Anonymous said...

I have heard that Thompson is living back in the North West of England, near where he committed this deeply sick and barbaric act. If these evil little bastards can do this at the age of 10, I dread to think of what they are capable of now!!! I do believe that people DO know who and where they are and I also think it is in the public interest to know also. I couldn't imagine my sickness if it was my daughter who was to marry one of them.

Anonymous said...

One can only hope the the other sick bugger does a favour to society and kills himslef to!..

mike said...

scum. No one will ever forget.

Lynsey said...

I am a year older than the murdering b*****ds and remember seeing it on the TV 15 years ago. I think that it is disgusting that their identities are protected and that they should never have been released. If they can do such a horrible evil crime at 10 years old then surely what are they capable of now.

Anonymous said...

I think the two sick bastards should have gone to jail till they turned 18 the took a place that capital punishment was still legal and hanged. As a farther of two have been scared for life by what they have done i will never forget it. They should lift the media bann and tell us where they are. Give me 10 mins alone with these two and justice will be served.

Anonymous said...

I am only 15 and was born around the time of this thing, and i just think that it is awful how people can treat the kid so badly and not feel guilty enough to stop it just makes me so mad that they would even think of doing this they can't have a conscious in my opinion. But the thing is is that we were doing about this in religious studies and had to watch a few videos of what had happened on youtube. It was when I was 13 that i had really found out about this and it really upset me to think that two "innocent" young boys would even think about doing this but having the actual sick mind to do it! It just shows how bad England is getting with educating it's children on what is right and what is wrong they should start teaching children this at an early age because otherwise it will be to late and soon we will have 7 year olds doing this sick stuff. People just can't seem to be safe anymore with all the stuff happening in secondary schools it's just getting worse and worse until soon it's not going to be such a massive shock that some young idiots are going to go after another person.There identities should be known for the safety of others so people are able to watch out for them - yes people can change but can they really change for good forver?

Anonymous said...

Who the fuck are u to say what is right and wrong in this situation. Kim's Corner you want them to be unhappy all their life, but you have no idea in your own perfect world what these "monsters" have gone through, dont get me wrong what happened to James was awful but these were CHILDREN at the time and they should never have been found guilty of murder. i am studying the case now at university and it amazes me how blind people are to the whole situation. What do you think the underlying causes were for their behaviour, that they are just "monsters" and were born bad, people just make their own little stories and it enfuriates me! the trial should never have taken place.

Have you seen the film "Boy A", if you haven't, watch it, it is excellent, it can be slightly cinematic but it is very good. Who are you to say that Jon and Robert shouldn't have happiness, what if they do feel remorse and what if they do suffer everyday, would that make you feel better????

Treatment over justice should have been the outcome.

Kim's Korner said...

Thanks everyone for taking the time to express how you feel about this through your comments.

It obviously still brings out a strong reaction in people 15 yrs later.

It is also still very much on people's minds, since this is the single most 'hit on' post in my blog daily.

I get at over a hundred people a week on average landing on this post because they've searched for "James Bulger Killers" or something along those lines.

EVERY DAY there are multiple people landing on this, because they're STILL wondering 'what happened and why'.

To this last Anonymous person who left a comment.

First, thanks for taking the time to do so.

I NEVER stated in my post 'what is right and wrong in this situation'. I simply asked a few questions.

In my comment, after the post, yes, I did state that I didn't think they deserved happiness. I also stated that it was simply MY opinion. Which I am entitled to.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Just as you are entitled to yours. If I didn't think so, I wouldn't have published your comment.

I don't have a perfect world (as you say), nobody does. I deal with pedophiles and murderers living in my world too, and simply hope every day I can keep my kids safe from them.

The reason I feel the way I do about these boys is ... Jon and Robert weren't the type of monsters you were SUPPOSED to be worried about. They were children. And they did horrible, HORRIBLE things to another CHILD.

I didn't write that post blindly.

I know those boys did NOT have good home lives. I know they were both abused in some form, and lived in their own personal hell every day.

HOWEVER ... many people are raised in hellish conditions, but they don't turn around and PLAN to harm another child because of it.

That's the key here.

They knew what they were doing.

They UNDERSTOOD what they were doing was wrong.

And they did it anyway.

They PLANNED to hurt a child that day. Any child. And they did.

Yes they were children, but at their age, they knew right from wrong, and they CHOSE wrong.

You asked if it would make me feel better if they felt remorse. I think it would make them the 'monsters' I think they are if they DIDN'T, wouldn't it?

It really doesn't matter what I think of them. Or if I think they deserve happiness.

I'm simply a stranger with an opinion on something that touched me 15 yrs ago, and still tugs on my heart to this day.

These boys (now men) ... THEY'RE the ones who have to live every day with what they did.

And so does James' family.

Perhaps justice wasn't served, as you say. And I'm sure their imprisonment was another form of hell for them. However, at least they were released, and able to start a new life. Anonymously.

James never had the chance to really start his life at all now did he?

Kim's Korner said...

Sorry, I have to correct something I said above, cause I'm just a geek that way ;-)

I can't say this post gets 100 hits a week on average. It's more like 50. Unless you count the one day it got over 700 hits for some reason. That shoots the average up to over 80.

If I'm shooting my mouth off, I at least have to try to be accurate ;-)

Keith D said...

To the last anonymous poster:

Since I think you're a chicken shit for posting anonymously, and since I've had a rough life, I think tomorrow I will drag you 3 miles and beat you over the head with some bricks and stones.

I mean, I had a rough life. That's reason enough.

Actually, how about I just beat you with my bare hands?

Name the time and place and come out of hiding. You're no better than the murderers of poor James Bulger.

Frankly, I'd like to know why no one has beaten these two devils to a pulp yet. The Bible says "an eye for an eye."

the "Anonymous" poster said...

Firstly to "Kims Korner," i wasnt trying to be malicious when i left my comment, i can fully appreciate your point of view and respect it equally to any other, but i think we can agree that what happened to James was truly awful but we do have differing views on what should have happend to his killers and how they were treated. Is that fair. I really enjoy debates and want to thank you for enticing me into this one, i usually dont do things like this (leave comments etc etc) but this case and because of its seriousness and scenario it does create anger and interest and therefore i left the comment.

To Keith D, the internet hard man. Firstly i am an atheist and dont believe in the bible so an eye for an eye isnt the view i would personally take, nor would i resort to violence. and your comment about me being a "chicken shit" for posting anonymously, what difference does that make?? You left your comment with the name "Keith D" does that mean we all know immediately who you are, you may as well have left a comment anonymously you idiot! THINK!! also "and come out of hiding" what does that mean, yeah i am scared of any repercussions my comment may have left, give me a break !!

and you've had a rough life have you, that automatically makes you an expert on the subject of crime and criminality and child psychology and life.

your a fuckin all mouth internet hard man arent ya!! scum cunt!!

Anonymous said...

Had an e-mail from my niece saying that the two have been or are going to be relocated to Australia!!!! Any truth in this piece of news, anyone, please???? Thanks, someone who can shed some light on this.....may God have mercy on us all, including them..

Mary said...

Btw, pls post comment under Mary. Am mother of 4 and do feel for James' mother and my heart goes out to her,....tks

Anonymous said...

I was 8 years old when this happened and as a very young citizen of Liverpool I knew right from wrong so WHY should these two 'demons' deserve the right to happiness? They've probably had a better upbringing than the majority of normal scouse kids, I mean fancy private education etc it's rediculous.
I've seen a rumour on the internet (don't know if it's true) that one of them is back in the Liverpool/Merseyside area? Quite frankly this chills me to the bone, how would I, friends etc know if they're dating a murderer? Surely their wife/girlfriend should be informed! If the goverment can protect them how many more murderers are amongst us everyday in society? (scary thought eh?)

Kim's Korner said...

Sorry Mary, I hit 'publish' on your first comment before I saw your second comment, so I published both :-)

That rumour about one of them being in Australia has been going around for a few years, I'm really not sure if there is any truth to it.

The reality of it is, they could NEVER publish their whereabouts. It's very obvious that there is still much hatred out there in the world directed towards them, and personally, I think if they were found, you'd see people looking to take justice into their own hands.

Not saying that it's right, just a reality.

Kim's Korner said...

To my feisty anonymous commentor - We'll leave it that we agree to disagree on their 'punishment', and leave it at that :-)

I also want to make it clear that I don't condone violence, either in the 'real world' or between commentators on the blog.

Play nice people!

This is definitely a touchy subject, and there are going to be differing opinions.

As long as we can all be respectful of each other, and their opinions, everyone will get along juuuuusssstttt fine :-)

Scouse And Proud said...

I live in Liverpool, lived 500 yards from the Strand when it happened , it sickened us all.
Robert Thompson and John Venables commited the most dreadfull crime imaginable, pair of cunts, I don't think they deserve the luxury of living or breathing themselves and should have the decency to go to a secluded wood and hang themselves.
the pain they caused to that child and the never ending grief to James' family can never be wiped away..

La Belle Dame Sans Merci said...

To be honest guys, I think we need to look at things objectively. The media has skewed the thing so much. I don't think that what those boys did to the baby was anything less than heinous and despicable. However, no one is born evil and many people are victims of their circumstances. The fact the media choose to portray these guys as "monsters" and "demons" without ever presenting us with the kind of horrific upbringings they had, just plays into public outrage.

I'm sure the psychologists who treated these boys while they were incarcerated probably consider the fact that they have successfully rehabilitated two child killers to the point where they are no longer deemed a threat to society as a major, major achievemnt. We are not psychologists and we are not in any position to judge these boys especially because we are not aware of the lives they had as children and what sort of hardships they had to endure. I'm not excusing what they did, but people do these things for a reason. It's never as black and white as good and evil. These boys have been treated worse than any full-grown paedophile by a nation that is beying for blood.

Let them get on with their lives. Psychologists have stated that both boys have admitted their wrongdoing and have shown full remorse for their crime. I think the fact that they have to live with this forever, the fact that their lives are never going to be normal, the fact that they can never be fully honest with future girlfriends/boyfriends, the fact that they may too be faced with raising their own children within a narrative is punishment enough. They are going to have this crime playing on their minds for the rest of their lives and they will be constantly looking over their shoulders.

We are living in the 21st Century, not the 19th. We should be treating this case in a civilised manner instead of grabbing our pitchforks and going out to hunt them down. Treating them as though they are shepards for the devil is not anything approaching humanity.

Who are the barbarians here?

Anonymous said...

the Bible also says 'treat others as you would like to be treated' and that this is the most important rule for any Christian to follow.
no amount of hate is going to undo what happened to James Bulger, and no amount of guilt or unhappiness felt by his killers will either. Personally, i hope they manage to live happy lives.
before my neck gets chewed off (joke) i'd like to confirm that i am a different anonymous poster, i agree totally with La Belle Dame Sans Merci and that you should all read the article 'on the murder of James Bulger' published by the Independant in 2000, by Gitta Sereny.

Anonymous said...

I was two years younger than those animals when they decided to ruin that toddlers life. It still plays on my mind today and deeply disturbed me growing up. I really don't care how troubled their upbringing was or whether or not I'm "qualified to make this statmenet" it's irrelvant! they were old enough to know right from wrong regardless of their "personal hell" many children around the world grow up in the worst imaginable conditions and yet callously hacking up a tiny toddlers would be an inconcievable notion to them. Of course those BARBARIANS do not derserve to be happy, why should they? they robbed Jamie and his family of their right to happiness. No amount of remorse or rehabillatation will from those murderers will ever bring peace to Jamies parents. It's disgusting to think they can con some woman/man into being in their lives. Do any of you think for five mintues thier partners would stick around if they new they shared a bed with these scumbags? No amount of psychological analysis could ever ensure they would not reoffend. I sincerely hope the rumour that one of them took thier own life is true and I hope the other scumbag follows suit and quickly. Doesn't matter what century we live in or how qualified we are to make an opinion on the, or what ideas the media put in our heads. The facts are plain to see two animals brually murdered a baby and if there was any justice in the world they would never see the light of day again. I hope they ROT!

Anonymous said...

I agree with earlier comment by anonymous, although the murder of James Bulger was monstrous it was not done by 'Monsters' there is no such thing, just damaged individuals. What I found horrific at the time and am still shocked to find in some of the posts here is the total lack of trying to understand why this happened and instead people venting utter hatred, which is frankly a very base way of thinking.Yep it's a lot easier to just sweep away any attempt to understand why people commit such atrocious acts and use labels such as 'evil' and 'monster' but the harsh truth is that they are just human beings and every human being on the planet is capable of commtting deplorable acts given the right circumstances.

The murderers themselves were just children at the time yet they were treated worse than any adult child muderer by the media. I personally do think as a society it does us any favours in wanting revenge, it certainly won't bring back James. Thompson and Venables have to live with what they have done for the rest of their lives and I'm sure it haunts them but would it be better if there lives were ruined as well? If so-called balanced adults want them to 'Rot' then they are no better than the killers themselves.I hope they never forget what they did but I also hope that they have changed there lives around and now can add something positive to society.

Oh and Keith D you really are a retard, you sound like the kind of aggressive bloke who punches anyone with a difference of opinion to you yet is happy to throw the first stone in the sad delusion that you are some how morally superior. Get off your high horse cus your going to fall.

Anonymous said...

Personally I think that what Thompson and Venables did was heinous and inexcusable. They got off light! They only served eight years in juvenile rehabilitation which is so different to adult prisons. Imagine you are a parent and you turn your back for thirty seconds to find that the meaning of your life has been stolen from you, brutally tortured and murdered. It is not something that you can ever possibly fully recover from and the fact that the people who you would least expect to need to protect your children from are out there with new identities so that they can have 'fresh' new lives and start over so they don't have to be harrassed incomphrendible. It is almost as if their slates have been wiped clean so that they can start a whole new life. In MY opinion (note that it is my opinion so you dont have to go off at me for having my own opinion im not trying to force my views on anyone), Thompson and Venables deserve all they get. If I was the woman who had a child with one of them I would be scared stiff for my child's safety, I wouldn't even want to be in the same city as them. It may seem unfair that the very mention of their names arouses hatred for something they did many years ago yet what Thompson and Venables did is unforgivable and can never be pardoned. They planned to abduct a child, someone who couldn't fight back as they are cowards, they had even tried to do it to another child, for the thrill of it! They knew it was wrong but did it anyway and should therefore suffer the consequences of their actions. They deserve to live with their remorse and be tormented by what they have done. They do not deserve normal lives as if to forget about it and just move on. It is not as if anyone in the Bulger family, and many people throughout the the world, can just forget about it and move on! If they are old enough to commit an adult crime, they are old enough for an adult sentence. James Bulger was tortured and brutally murdered yet the two killers walk away with new lifes after a mere eight years of juvenile sentencing. It goes to show that it is a legal system not a justice system. If it was a justice system, Thompson and Venables would not have new fresh lives, they would be locked away where they could never harm anyone again, especially not a two year old, to live with their remorse, tormented until the day they died. As savage as it may sound in my opinion that is what they deserve for the consequences of their actions.

Anonymous said...

Just for the record the Bible says "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth...AND WE'D ALL BE BLIND AND TOOTHLESS!" in other words saying that eye for eye is NOT the way to go.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

'Who the fuck are u to say what is right and wrong in this situation. Kim's Corner you want them to be unhappy all their life, but you have no idea in your own perfect world what these "monsters" have gone through, dont get me wrong what happened to James was awful but these were CHILDREN at the time and they should never have been found guilty of murder. i am studying the case now at university and it amazes me how blind people are to the whole situation. What do you think the underlying causes were for their behaviour, that they are just "monsters" and were born bad, people just make their own little stories and it enfuriates me! the trial should never have taken place.'

Alrite what would you have done with them then spanked them and leave it at that. Of course the trial should have taken place. OK, maybe pepole should let them live their lives now. But its stupid to say they shouln't have been charged of murder, what was it then einstein. And as for saying 'Who the fuck are u to say what is right and wrong in this situation' it doesn't take a brain surgeon to know that it's wrong, you don't honestly think that it was right. I think that your either just a stupid arogant wanker or else venables or thompson
themselves, but whats the difference.

Anonymous said...

To the last anonymous poster, I can't believe you're studying this at university, I hope its not child psychology or something similar. You appear to have a lot to learn about how to communicate with people, based purely on your posts.
I am however interested in the question of what do you do with someone, the James Bulgar killers, in this case, who's committed something so henous its outside our comprehension. Its unbelievable to think of them having a life outside prison yet in our morally thinking world where we are right (?) to think of them as victims and therefore deserving somehow of having lives of their own, shouldn't they have a chance?
My heart says they don't deserve a normal life. Imagine if you found out you'd welcomed them in to your family.
My head says they've served their time and maybe the psychologists have turned them in to non threatening people in society.
I live in the north of England and I'm still wondering where they are and how far my kids should roam.

Anonymous said...

I have recently heard one is in north yorkshire.local people are in furious. Really hope it's not true but apparantly there's no mistaking him

Sophie said...

I am just 14 but am so intrigued by this story. i could spend days reading about it, it disgusts me how boys of that age could do such a vile thing, i cant imagine what made them do it. the fact that they only got about 8 years in a young offenders institute angers me so much,they should be looked away, why should they have freedom and happiness for killing an inocent boy? i feel terribly bad for his mother having to live knowing that they are out there when her son didnt have a chance. is terrible that such a thing could happen and it just makes you think that you can never be too safe

Anonymous said...

One of them was apparently living in a housing association property about ten minutes away from me in a small North Wales village a couple of years ago. Even though they are now living under new identities somehow the neighbours found out he was and he was soon moved onto a new address.

Everyone locally knew who he was, and there were rumours that neighbours had contacted James's family and told them exactly where he was living.

mm said...
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Tara Tillman said...

I feel your pain! Those evil kids would be around my age now, and I have a 2 year old son. There are many nights where I struggle to push the terror that poor little baby endured out of my head, because I always break down every time I think of him. Those boys do not deserve a new idenity.

Vince said...

I can't believe someone on this thread said "the trial should never have taken place." This is far left Libralism at its worst. The belief that nobody is ever responsible for their actions just doesn't fly with me. These boys knew exactly what they were doing and they knew it was wrong. You don't imprison someone to treat them, you imprison to punish. By all means, treat the criminals, but they should always pay for their crimes. I'll never understand these bleeding hearts who rush to the defense of the monsters and don't care about trampling the victims. It's so self serving. They like to pat themselves on the back and feed their ego by thinking they are "morally" superior than everyone else. In reality, they are just misguided fools. I'll wager that the guy who posted this statement has an enormously high opinion of himself.

Anonymous said...

im the same age as them sick b*****ds and i remember what they did, its disgusting how they are living in somebodys area with diffrent identities,because of human rights, what about our rights? we as perants should have a right to know if murderers or child sex offenders are in our area,i have a young son and it upsets me to think that somebody can do something to him,it sickens and angers me.people like that dont deserve anything apart from pain and misery!somebody some where knows who and where they are,they have taken and ruined lifes, yet they can still be free, that is not justice, bring back the death sentence!!

Anonymous said...

SW says - they killed a 2 year old, they did it in a horrific manner, and probably sexual also. I have no sympathy. Not every under privilged child etc carries out crime....Its t ough one but .....they should never be allowed to forget...and should be seen regular by the authorities!

Kim's Korner said...


Please, PLEASE do not comment or send me messages with names and locations of men you think are one of the 'Bulger Killers'.

I will NOT publish these.

I think what these boys did was horrific, but I will NOT be responsible for their lynching as adults.

Or worse, it resulting in someone completely innocent getting hurt because of it, for whatever reason.

Not going to happen.


Anonymous said...

10 years old or not, their crime was of such a horrific nature that I truly believe that they should have been sent to prison for the rest of their natural lives with ABSOLUTELY no chance of being let out EVER!!!

In regards to their identities being hidden, I 100% disagree with that decision. Their community has every right to know that an absolute monster lives amongst them.

Vicki L said...

One of them was living in Bessbrook in South Armagh, but had to move away after he confided in a local who he was. They'll have to meet their maker at the gates of heaven and explain themselves -- I hope the bastards rot in hell for what they did

Anonymous said...

the system is obviously f....d up because noone in the right mind would give these demons another chance in life after what they did to this poor innocent boy. rip james bulger ur always in my preyers

Anonymous said...

I received a long outdated email petition about this again today & it prompted me to browse around the net & I came across this blog.
I remember Jamie's case vividly & I will never forget the wee lad or what they did to him, or the anguish his family must still suffer after all these years.
Personally I think prison or rehabilitation ideas are all fine & well for petty thieves, drug dealers & the likes, but when it comes to crimes such as this, there should be no leniency, regardless of the young age. They shouldve been walked off for a seat in mabels hairdrier as soon as they were led from the court. And im quite sure the british public wouldve gladly picked up the electric bill for that one!
All its done has cost the txpayer in the uk a fortune to keep them locked up & treat them with this softly softly approach & for what? they will never be decent members of society, regardless of their education that we paid for. or their secret new identities etc
All we can hope for is that they were steralised whilst in custody to prevent them from breeding. They are vermin & as such shouldve been treated as vermin.

Anonymous said...

All child killers should be given life. No matter how old thery are. They took that little boys life away. We should take theres. Killers like them grow up to be ian huntley and ian brady. No child killer should get a second chance. Btw i heard that one of them was murdered himself. Good i hope he suffered in pain.

Anonymous said...

i was told by someone that knows for a fact that one of jame's
killers has tried to or killed his girlfriend that part i'm unsure of ,why hasn't this been made public??????????

Anonymous said...

I have read all your comments and am a little shocked how angry everyone appears and this wasnt even your child. Some admittedly do not even have a child so could not possibly imagine what his mother is going through. However in terms of the fear factor I understand as I have a neighbour who has lived there for 2/3 years max with his girlfriend. He rarely goes out, does not work and definately has some issues. He does not amke eye contact with anyone outside his immediate circle and has become more recluse since he heard me discussing my occupation with a friend. but besides all the little things and a good gut instinct he resembles a older version of the pictures i have seen plastered over the media umpteen times. Many things can be changed but this man looks like he could be robert thompson and I feel it is quite scary not to know despite making many efforts to find out.

Anonymous said...

I was 10 bloody years old you sick ****'s! There's not a day I dont think about it! I left the country and am now trying to live a normal life in the states. Maybe all of you should check your own lives and make it your centre piece of debate.

Anonymous said...

to the above poster who posted on Feb 14 2010 and who is claiming to be venables or thompson... first of all I call bullshit and dont believe it is one of you that posted the comment... but if by the off chance it is... may you live a miserable pathetic existence full of pain and misery and may you rot in hell when you die. you don't deserve to be alive. you have an evil sadistic mind and you should never have been given a new identity. People should know where you are and what your name is now... thats the fate you deserve. I wish you the worst pain and suffering every day you are alive... and hope someone finds you and I hope you live in fear.

Kim's Korner said...

I have to jump in here and say I published that above comment from anonymous (at 4:49am on Jan 14th) for two reasons. As I've mentioned before, people are entitled to their opinions, and if this poster wants to admit to being one of these guys, that's his ... issue.

And secondly ... like the poster above me, I think it's bullshit too :-)

Rach said...

Despite what people think of the two boys, wishing someone to kill themselves, no matter who it is, is a dangerous path of thinking to go down. I don't believe that kind of judgement is something we should rush towards.
And while of course I feel SO MUCH for the mother, and she has a perfect right to be angry, I can't help but wonder if holding on to feelings of hatred for these boys is possibly robbing her of the rest of her life.

Anonymous said...

This is the best place to read about both sides of the story!

Anonymous said...

Hi in addition to the comment about robert thompson being my neighbour does anyone know given the current legislation re gaining information of anyone who may prove a danger to you child if this is something for which i could get clarified. I tried to access soem legal information via the web but was advised to contact the local police station. I am a mother of two young boys one being the same age as James when he died so obviously being aware of any potential dangers is important for myself. I have no interest in the violence, justification of knowing this person nor do i feel it is my place to but i feel that knowing the potential of certain people plays an important role in keeping our children safe.

Anonymous said...

Most of the comments on here reveal why government has to have such a strong role.

People quoting the bible? FFS who really quotes the bible as the basis for their actions?

People demonstrate time and time again that they are psychologically incapable of acting autonomously. It's a shame, but this is precisely why humanity can be so ugly...because people don't see that tenuous connection that links us all in our societies.

What happened to those two young lads was an absolute tragedy. I think it is fair to say that it did mark my life in some way.

But the public response, even up till today, was what truly made me realise just how vile people can be.

Padraic said...

The whole incident is still as raw now as it was when the whole shocking story broke. Yes they are evil, note I say "are" and not "were". I am 37 now, so when it happened it shook my faith in humanity as a whole, the footage still plays over and over in my mind. I am very aware of the dangers that are out there, and perhaps more appreciative of the goodness and kindnesses that are, thankfully, the stronger traits of most human existance. I have 3 kids now, aged 2, 4 and 6 and if I were to discover at some point in the future that the government who I pay 60k tax to a year had placed either of them within commute of my home I would implode. I am not saying that a government does not have a duty of care for all of its citizens, but I strongly believe that the good of the majority should override that of the few. These individuals should never have been released, and thats the nub of this whole debate. I will not get into the debate of what violence should be meated out on them now that they have been hidden amongst us, other than that if the authorities feel a duty to protect them then the safest place for them, and for our children, is maximum security prison.And as a footnote if one of them has commited suicide this should be made public knowledge.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god, why are people still going on about the evil of these two? Granted what they did was horrific, morbid and beyond comprehension, but they were 10. TEN YEARS OLD. You would've thought that they'd had been through enough psych sessions to be intergrated back into society at a more muture-respectable age. I'm not saying that they'll be the most-rounded of 27 year olds but christ, it was a whole 15 years ago and it's not even like they were adults. Kids are little shits at the end of day. Leave them be and move on people, they know what they did was wrong and will have the rest of their lives to think about it.

Kim's Korner said...

To the last anonymous comment: One of them obviously hasn't learned from his mistake, as apparently Venables was returned to jail a couple of days ago for breaching his release instructions.

Scouse_Mum_Remembers said...

The reason this is such a tough subject is the fact that these were two young boys aged 10. Now they are grown adults leading new lives and still living and breathing. They never gave James that luxury. I was in Liverpool at this time with my own 2 year old son. We never imagined when we saw the grainy images on CCTV that these boys could have killed him. "There must have be an adult include somewhere".

It is tragic, was then and still is! They got 8 years for the murder.
8 Years, I have had a bank loan longer than that.

Venables has now been locked up again for breaching his bail conditions. What that breach is we do not know.
This is very raw to everyone who remembers because those two people have not had a sentance. They had 8 years being locked up playing Play Stations and being taken for day trips. They have had a better life than they would have had been a normal scouse lad, growing up on the streets.

They have not been punished but been REWARDED for their crime.

They will NEVER be forgiven!!! Never in a million years.

Ralph and Denise split up due to the strain of the murder.

My thoughts are with them and the whole family at this time.

Your memory will be with me forever James!! Sleeping with the Angels.

Anonymous said...

To those they highlight that theses 'children'were only 10 I feel that you need to understand that that were found responsible for their OWN actions because at 10 this is an age in which children are able to have insight into their actions and the effect on others. Granted they are probably a product of their enviroment but they were not FORCED to do anything they CHOSE to take Jamie. The government does have a duty to protect all citizens but primarily the innocent ones above all else I would argue, otherwise what hope do any of us have. If people did not leave such ridiculous violent comments, probably similar to the ones those boys were exposed to as children and that led to such behaviours then as a society we could know their whereabouts and duly protect our own families without all the government panic of needing to protect the dangerous members of society. What we need to remember is if people go underground they are in effect more dangerous to us such as paedophiles are. It takes a mature approach to be able to understand the need to protect these from those that sound similar to them in terms of mental stability !!

Anonymous said...

I am so overjoyed today to have heard that Jon Venables is back in the slammer!!!!! He deserves nothing better. They sure as hell better leave him there this time. And for the love of god, the public deserves to know his identity! He violated the terms of his release... the anonimity ruling should be tossed out the window. let's see who this sick b@#$%&rd is. And lets hope that true justice is served this time. Whether that be a lifetime in prison or... whatever other fate may come his way. Because of what he did, as far as Im concerned, He lost all of his human rights Feb. 12 1993. To me he has no rights and his identity should be made public... then if the UK court systems want to release him again... feel free... he won't last long once his identity is made public. oh and just for the record anyone who responds to my message.. if you defend Jon Venables or RObert Thomson you are just as bad as they are. why? because if you can find ANY reason to justify what they did and why they should be forgiven... you are insane... forget all your pshyco-babble I dont care what books you have read, what universities you have studied in.... those two evil bastards dont deserve freedom.

Anonymous said...

Whatever Jon Venables return to prison is, it is a failure for the criminal justice system. These 2 should have been monitored more carefully to ensure that nothing that would cause such a return to prison should occur. Though I really do think that it is hypocritical of the media to be complaining of the cost of possibly giving him another new identity when they are increasing the likelihood of that happening. What was done to James Bulger was terrible but we should remember that they were children when they committed the crime. They had very bad childhoods and although that isn't an excuse, there have been many adult muderers with the full capicity to understand right from wrong who have done much worse and who have not been half as demonized as these two.

Anonymous said...

my own son was 2yrs old when this happened & to this day I have never been able to read any of the details of their crime. At the time even though no one in the uk could not have known what had happened I could never bring myself to read the papers or watch the news, & even now I could not read or watch about Jamie himself. I will never be able to appreciate how is family got through it, I admire them so much for their courage. This is one instance in our history that everyone will always feel is a small part of them, & Jamie will always be a small part of all of us. I feel That both Jon & Robert got off lightly & will never understand the logic of that, & if they have suffered if life has been hard for them so what, no matter what traumas we suffer in life it gives no one the right to do what they did, & children or not they had a choice that day & every chance to turn back & stop it at any time but the simple truth is they didn't not couldn't. Lets not forget at the time they will have being enjoying the sensation of their power & most certainly laughing. Their tears after where because they where caught, as not only children but adults do when we try to back peddle because we've been caught out. So lets all remember James is the only one in all of this sorry story that is entitled to any kind of consideration along with his parents. The 2 criminals at least have had a life in which they can breath, look at the sky & feel the sun on their faces, which is much more than they afforded James. for those of you that advocate understanding & excuse them because of their ages, think what James would have to say on the subject if only he could, & try to picture him on that dreadful day full of tears & total utter fear.

Danny said...

Today it seems that ( Jon Venables was never totally adjusted when being rehabilitated for the crime he had done, what i have heard is excuse after excuse by the Justice system about why'' we the public'' should not know the full details why he has broken is licence, utter disgust.

I was the same age when those to 10yr boys done that to little Jamie, even then i could not understand or even comprehend their sheer evil actions...

What i will say is ( Jon Venables will now get a taste on what it feels to be spending his time in prison, i'm hoping the Justice department decide to hold him there indefinably...for his own sake.

IK said...

Your post takes an "OMG worst thing in the world" utterly unambiguous shock horror line. But methinks your postscript is a little too sanctimonious when set against this theme.

A reasonable question to ask is "if you really believed what you wrote why wouldn't people respond to your passion?".

I suspect you are a little embarrassed that your original vicarious journey attracted people who displayed the strength and clarity of conviction you appear to lack.

No the predators "probably" shouldn't be destroyed without fanfare. My conscience tells me there must be a reason even if logic fails me. Just please drop the holier than thou stance.

Kim's Korner said...

IK - LOL WOW - And methinks you spent far too much time analyzing why I wrote the post and my holier than thou attitude.

Embarassed? Uh ... no. Thinking it's hilarious that you've decided to take the armchair psyche response to the post and my 'sanctimonious' thoughts behind it? Absolutely!

Lindsey said...

I just want to put in my two-cents on all the people who keep saying that no one is BORN evil/bad. This is partially incorrect. People CAN be born with a mental defect in which they have no remorse, empathy, etc...I.E. Sociopaths. I do not know the metal history of either boy, but people can be born with mental defects that can render a person to be judged as 'born evil/bad'.

Anonymous said...

ahh back in prison, spoe he can start his day with nice time at the gym and some breakfast, then for a walk round the gardens, then for a spot of lunch, pick up some beers from his next door neighbour and sit there on the internet playing xbox live for the afternoon with mith his mates!

his punisment will be very tough indeed! i bet hes not looking forward to that at all!!!!

Carmel said...

At the time of this case I was 13 and it is something I will never forget, like you every once in a while i find myself thinking of it. And like you the anguish over the idea of poor Jamie calling out for his mother over a 2 mile walk brings me to tears.

I think its a crime that will never be forgotton by the generations who were alive at the time. For one thing the media hype, was HUGE just as with Jessica and Holly and with Madeleine. However or me, the reason i will never forget it is the horrific aspect of this poor 2 year old, (who my nephew now looks so much like) being tortured so brutally by two children. At the time the idea of 10years olds torturing someone to death wasn't something we ever considered, i grew up at the time staying away from strange adults... little did we know that the dangers could be people our own age.

I'm not going to comment on the justice of the case, which undoubtedly media and public outrage greatly affected. I do have my own opinions on it, particularly since i was so in age to the killers at the time and had enough conscience to know how horrible it was. I also have a 10 year old nephew who knows its wrong to hurt someone so NO i don't accept a bad background as an excuse for these crimes.

While people have made comments as to the boys being re-habilitated, frankly myself i don't care!! I was too emotionally involved in that case of poor little jamie that i dont care if they are "safe" now... I think our justice systems today have gotten a little to soft and cuddly and I really do think it should be about Punishment!! I really don't believe those boys understand what they put that little boys through.

In a way I believe while being 're-habilitated' in the detention centre they could have shown some form of remorse for what they did- a public apology something, it was their demeanor during the case and since then that has had them branded as "monsters" which to me isn't harsh enough for people like them.

Call me judgemental if you will, but i am what i am. And i'm simply giving my personal views.

Anonymous said...

im 29, i was 12 when these 2 evil b*****ds murdered james, it sickened me even then. people i work with say that they served their time for their most dicusting and very disturbing crime, i very much disagree with them! but they say as i am only young i dont understand. they did not serve their time, what they got was holidays, days out to theme parks nd trips to the seaside, so in a way they were rewarded for their sickening crime!!! all of these things that they got while they "served their time" they took away from poor james! they should have been sent to an adult prison when they turned 18 not released with new identities, and now venables has been arrested again, and yet again he is to be given a new identity! the country deserves to know their identities and their whereabouts!!!

Anonymous said...

im 29, i was 12 when these 2 evil b*****ds murdered james, it sickened me even then. people i work with say that they served their time for their most dicusting and very disturbing crime, i very much disagree with them! but they say as i am only young i dont understand. they did not serve their time, what they got was holidays, days out to theme parks nd trips to the seaside, so in a way they were rewarded for their sickening crime!!! all of these things that they got while they "served their time" they took away from poor james! they should have been sent to an adult prison when they turned 18 not released with new identities, and now venables has been arrested again, and yet again he is to be given a new identity! the country deserves to know their identities and their whereabouts!!!

Anonymous said...

Venables unfortunately seems to be paying the price for Thompson's tough guy act - they say he had no remorse when he was a wreck the whole time and expressed it repeatedly. However, they remember Thompson's tough guy act when he expressed himself only through strange hand and leg gestures and stonewalled the police almost cleverly (the police say his mistake was giving the police too much detail about Bulger). Venables is not a threat to anyone unless you go out of your way to annoy him and unless he is overstressed. Even then, he wouldn't kill anyone, especially after having seen it himself. I am convinced that if Venables is "outed" and some vigilante goes after him and he does end up killing the vigilante, that Venables not be punished whatsoever for that. In fact, this should be held out as a lesson to all and Venables should get another identity and assistance, no matter what the cost.

Anonymous said...

Dear admin, thnx for sharing this blog post. I found it wonderful. Best regards, Victoria...

Ariana said...

In Boy A, the murder of that girl and the murder of the little boy Jamie was completely different. In the movie, the girl criticizes them(jack previously known aseric and philip) and refers to them as "scum" when she witnesses Philip vandalising a park sign with a Stanley knife. Philip approaches her and starts slashing at her forearms with the knife. He grabs the girl and drags her under a bridge. When Philip drops the knife, Eric picks it up, and follows them under the bridge. The girl is killed, although the film shows neither who kills her nor how. Though its horrific, philip in his deluded mind had a motive. In the james murder, those 10 year olds were SCOUTING for a little boy to kill. One of the boys threw blue Humbrol modelling paint into james left eye. They kicked him and hit him with bricks, stones and a 22-pound iron bar, described in court as a railway fishplate.They placed batteries in his mouth. James suffered ten skull fractures as a result of the iron bar striking his head. Alan Williams, the case's pathologist, speculated that Bulger suffered so many injuries that none could be isolated as the fatal blow. Police suspected that there was a sexual element to the crime, since Bulger's shoes, stockings, trousers and underpants had been removed. The pathologist's report read out in court stated that Bulger's foreskin had been manipulated. I have a 10 year old brother and I've been 10 so I know its bullshit when people try to say "oh they were just kids". I'm scared for they people they befriend and their future wives. It pisses me off too because hell I would want to know if I was dating a friend/relative was dating someone like that. No one can ever say for sure they won't replase.

PumpkinPie said...

Sometimes it would be better if we didn't open the newspapers, or watch the news. Things once seen, can never be unseen.
I have felt enough trauma from even just knowing about the evil that some people do.
Somehow I will have to learn to purge horrific memories, and hold close to my heart the wonderful, loving things that can and do happen in my life. My kids really help me with that.
The two boys who committed this atrocity were so young. Ten years is enough time to have been at the receiving end of enough abuse to make them numb to the suffering of others and to want someone else to feel as much pain as they did. The older I get, the more I can forgive them, remorse or not, because I firmly believe that most children are born pure and perfect, it's the adults in their lives that screw them up. One boy might have been born unbalanced, but two? What's the chance of that?

ste T... said...

not being funny or anything here,but i cant believe what the fuck i have been reading on the fukk can anyone stick by these 2 evil pieces of scum.....ya all going on about their upbringings and all that bollocks......let me tell you this.....when i was a six month old baby,i was fucking black and blue all over my body,i had one leg in plaster and one arm in plaster(because the scum of parents i had at the time) did this too im 40 years of age now amd have 5 lovely kids of my own and not once have i ever thought off doing the same too them,so dont come that bollocks about a shit of my kids knows what hes doing evertime he plays up or hes bad and hes only fucking 6 years of age so dont come with that waffle that they never knew what they were doing...."WHAT A LOAD OF BOLLOCKS".....i hope the evil bastards die a very painful and slow death the both of them the horrible little twats.....

Kim's Korner said...

ste T - It's not often I reply to a comment on this thead, but your comment 'hit' me.

You, Sir, are the perfect example of how the cycle of violence CAN be broken. You did NOT 'turn out' a product of your environment! You took everytihng from your horrible childhood and made sure your own children would never suffer the same.

THANK YOU for that! Thank you for taking the time to remind people that even those who suffered greatly as children, at the hands of their parents, don't always turn out to be monsters themselves.

Your children are very lucky (and I'm sure grateful) you took the higher road. Thanks for posting!

P.S. I'm so sorry you had such horrible parents, and I certainly hope an adult noticed and removed you from their care, and put them beind bars for a LONG time!!!

Anonymous said...

I've come along to this story a few years back and was horrified that it happened. I mourned for the little boy and for his mothers pain. I lost a child at 2 years old in 1994 to disease and that was horrible on its own.

Where are these two non-humans? Are they still alive?? What's happening with the media ban that was protecting them? Is that still in effect or not? I think everybody needs to know so that we know that there is still some justice out there that is made to protect INNOCENT people instead of evil and monstrous things who obviously have no conscience.

wes said...

Anyone on here who defends these 2 punk bithcez is a fcking clown and should rot in hell with them. They knew exactly what they were doing, and honestly I dont really care about their upbringing. If they are not going to put them in GP they should have not given them new identities. Fuck em they were tough guys when they were 10 be tough guys now and deal with the shit storm that u deserve. As 4 the James parents my heart goes out to them. I have 5 kids of my own and if anyhthing close to that happened to 1 of my kids Im not sure what i would do other than kill the fckers.

Em said...

Fine, let them free after their sentence. But to allow them to live as though they don't have that history is unfair to every person they encounter. I am shocked that they would allow for someone with a criminal record to hide their past! Think to be the wife-to-be of one of those men...

Anonymous said...

Quiet here now that Venables has been in prison for a year since they found child porn on his computer. Not so quick to defend him now, eh?

Anonymous said...

I'm disgusted I have two daughters and two sons YOUNGER than that and they know right from wrong,how could you feel sorry for them you must be a psychopath Robert Thompson showed NO remorse he only cried when pressure was put on him and Jon? He BRAGGED about IT If you feel sorry for them how would you feel If I hit you with an iron bar and let a train run over you and anonymous the evil one stop hiding behind your keyboard and sense reality they are PURE EVIL!

Anonymous said...

I'm disgusted I have two daughters and two sons YOUNGER than that and they know right from wrong,how could you feel sorry for them you must be a psychopath Robert Thompson showed NO remorse he only cried when pressure was put on him and Jon? He BRAGGED about IT If you feel sorry for them how would you feel If I hit you with an iron bar and let a train run over you and anonymous the evil one stop hiding behind your keyboard and sense reality they are PURE EVIL!

Kristie said...

I am only 12 as my mum came home earlier today saying that she heard some adults talking about james bulger, she told me to look him up and I did. To both of our surprise we read something that both made us cry even though it was about 18 years ago. I was touched of how poor little Jamie cried for his mum when he was in pain :( But yet I was shocked of how only kids in primary could do such horrid thing... now i doubted ever since I was little that kids could never be the ones to abduct other kids or rape, abuse, or torture them? I thought we were the ones who played victim in this role.. but when I read this story I was wayyy wrong :'( These 2 young boys who are obviously older now should've 'yes' not have a fantastic life but I want them to see how much pain they've caused to such a young boy. I am still struck of how the government doesn't want to tell Thompson's and Venables wives about their true identity. I think they should know incase they are aware of what those 2 are capable of doing. For all we know they could be abusing their wives right now? Kim's Korner thankyou for posting this blog as I have read how many people's comments could be soo different and especially shocked of how a certain anonymous wanted to compete when you were only telling how those two boys should not deserve a good life... YES!! i agree with you by far... now I only wish I was in 1993 still probably 12 like now and be at that shopping centre watching what those two boys were doing and I would've stopped it straight away and took Jamie back to his mum. I have guilt of how kids my age can act and I hope when I get older and I have kids that I will teach them to help others and not be horrid to other kids... I will protect them in the future for sure but for now I will protect my two little brothers from anything that harms them. God bless you James and you family <3 You will always be in everyone's heart as they were affected by what happened even mine.. God bless us all

Beth said...

Why did it have to be poor innocent baby, thats what he was a baby, they did the most horrific things to him and i dont even think they have apologized for what horror they have caused for the whole world. HE WAS ONLY 2, who in their right mind could murder a 2 year old. I am going to write a message to the greiving family, that is how i will pay my respects! Sweet dreams James Bulgar, you will live on in all of our hearts :)

Anonymous said...

it has been widely reported in the uk press that john Venables has been called back yt prison after his release from his sentence for jamie bulgers murder

venables was re jailed indefinately for having child porn on his computer at his home

he keeps trying to tell people his new Idenity - and it costs the uk government many thousands of pounds to keep changing his I dentity they say in order to protect his human rights and keep him alive

thompson remains at large maybe in the house next to you or in your neighbour hood - no one knows where he is do to it being a secret

Anonymous said...

Although it isn't right, if I could, i would like to find those two evil little bastards. I would hurt them, prolong it, make them suffer and yes I do realise that I could be judged as being no better than them. The fact they took such a small defenceless child and did such horrific things to him, whilst he apparently cried for his mummy, breaks my heart and makes me very angry as a father. They were 10, they may have had hardships in their childhoods, but what they did, has no rational reasoning at any age. I don't know them, it's been years since it happened, but I really want to make them suffer. I hate and despise them, and I believe nothing they do in their sorry lives will ever or should ever grant them any redemption.

Anonymous said...

Treatment over justice..... depends which approach your looking at when dealing with these boys... you could say that the blame lies with parents... they turned them into 'monsters' well if that's the case the damage to those kids has been done and can't be undone.... therefore no 'treatment' will work.... maybe masl but not work. I'm interested as to what your studying at uni.....? Are you a parent? I'm guessing not..... ! Looking at child development at the age of 10 a child know's the difference between right and wrong...... they knew what they did was wrong, the reasons for doing it is unknown. Some would say that punishment is treatment.....