Sunday, November 30, 2008

So ... WHO is Johnny Reid?

Tuesday night I saw Johnny Reid play to a sold out show at The Rodeo Lounge.

This was the fourth time I've seen him in concert.

He was awesome! Johnny is ALWAYS awesome!

I mentioned to a few co-workers throughout the day, that I was going to see Johnny that night.

The most common response?

So ... WHO is Johnny Reid?!?!?!

UGH! People! Really!?

Today, I am on a mission. I am educating the masses on the Scottish Canadian Country Crooner, General of the Tartan Army,
Johnny Reid.

View more concert pics HERE!

Yes, he's considered 'Country', but he's a different kind of Country.

His Scottish, raspy voice doesn't twang.

Can you imagine Alexander Graham Bell twanging about the monster tires on his truck, his cheatin' wife or takin' his job and shovin' it so he can find his missing dog (or cheatin' wife, for that matter!)?

Not a chance.

Johnny's different. His stories are different. And he's MUCH cuter than Alexander Graham Bell!

Women like Johnny, he's a sweetheart, and he wears a TIE! (at least for part of the show) ;-)
LOTS of women go this his concerts! (There's a subtle hint guys!)

The first Johnny Reid song I heard was Missing An Angel. He had me at "She fell from the sky."


Or you can watch an awesome live version here

The ones from his next CD that caught my attention, were:

Darlin'. Mmm Mmm Mmm and what a darlin' he IS!

And the catchy Right Out Of The Blue, that will have you 'na na na na na na na-ing' all day!

See what I mean?


At the concert the other night, I took a video with my camera for THE VERY FIRST TIME!

Imagine! ME! A Video Virgin until Johnny!

I took pics all night, then during the encore, decided what the hell and set it to video, not knowing how much memory I had left on the card.

I started taping through half of the first song, and got the whole second song.

Wasn't half bad for my first attempt I thought :-D

Here's Johnny and the girls doing a great version of Mustang Sally!

And let me tell ya, these girls can SING! Holy shit, what a set of pipes on them!

(Really wish I could have uploaded the avi instead. It was sooo clear! But sooooo huge! So be sure to watch it in High Quality if you have that option.)

and yes dear Johnny, we DID shake what our Mother's gave us that night! ;-)

and yes dear Readers, that IS ME 'Whoooooing' at 12-13sec on the clip ;-D

If you'd like more Johnny, check out these links, courtesy of Johnny Reid's Website.

Myspace –
Facebook –
YouTube –

Now, you've been educated. So, if you see he's coming to town, head out to his show!

Then YOU can be the one standing around the water cooler the next day, enlightening the masses and spreading the word when you hear ...

So ... WHO is Johnny Reid?!?!?!

Oh, and be sure to come back and read the next post. I'll be filling you all in on how a little old lady called me an 'Asshole!' at this concert!!!!

And no, I didn't go all WWE and Batista Bomb or kick her old lady ass because of it! ;-p



Sue said...

I have never heard of him. But I don't listen to a lot of country either. He sounds nice.

Anonymous said...

Kim - I went to the Sat nite show and had to educate those at my work.. as part of the Tartan Army, it is our duty to spread the word about our Darlin' Johnny. He's HOT and can he dance and sing!! I Love Him!!

Kim's Korner said...

Sue - Glad I could introduce you to him :-)

Anon - "He's HOT and can he dance and sing!! I Love Him!!"

Absolutely! You're right he can! And, ME TOO! :-)

I'm not sure if you read the post after this one, but I'm curious if you noticed how the 'crowd view' was the first night?

Gamma Sharon said...

Never heard of him, so you did it... you educated me. Wow, now I know why you went. I want to go!