Friday, November 21, 2008

That Machine Ate My Kid!

The other day, I stumbled upon a video clip that first made me laugh, then pissed me off.

First, let me say I absolutely HATE these types of machines!

The kids never get what they actually WANT out of it, and they're usually not happy with what they get, so it's just a huge pain in the ass all the way around.

I don't say yes to these machines very often. Occasionally I do, but most times, I'd rather just give them the $2 and have them buy something small that they actually WANT.

This video however, reminded me of my youngest son, as it's something he would have ABSOLUTELY tried, had I not been constantly supervising him around these.

So that brings me to my question ... WHERE THE HELL WERE HER PARENTS when she was crawling into this machine?!?!?!?

Notice how Mom & Dad start to walk out the door.

Mom turns around and sees one kid ... why does she NOT question where her OTHER one is?

She sees one child and continues to walk out the door, until it's the KID who let's her know that the little one has just been eaten by the toy machine.

THEN ... she goes and looks at the machine, doesn't see her kid, AND KEEPS ON WALKING OUT THE DOOR!!!

Hello! D-oh Hole! Do you not realize you're only leaving with ONE child?!?!?!?

Once she finally understands her child is in the belly of the beast, instead of getting a manager, or security person (not sure if they're in a restaurant or a store) to use their KEY to open up the box and get her out, she instead coaxes her daughter BACK OUT THROUGH THE HOLE!

And finally drags her out feet first.


I'll never claim to be the perfect Mother. But at least I can say I've never had to tell a store manager - "Uh ... can ya help me out ... That Machine Ate My Kid!!!"

Sheesh! Some people's parents!

Now, GO! Have a good laugh at the clip, cause it IS pretty funny ;-)


P.S. Hmmm ... wonder if her parents would mind if I borrowed her for the ATM machine ...


Kim said...

Okay. ... what shocks me more then the parents not seeming overly concerned ... even the basic lack of hug when she does finally manage to get her out, but the fact that these machines are made with openings large enough for a small child to crawl into.

Danie said...

I've seen this happen before where a boy crawled in and they had to call the fire dept to rescue him.

Good grief!

Bonnie S. said...

OMFG! I have tears of laughter streaming down my cheeks. Why didn't they just put $2 in the machine and fish her out? LOL

If I was that mother, I don't know if I would be more horrified that my kid was in the machine, or that that angle of my ass was plastered all over the internet. HAHA Too funny!!

Employee No. 3699 said...

That was pretty funny.

And like you said, how did she not notice she was shy one kid as she was leaving?

Kim's Korner said...

Kim - I was thinking the same thing! There should be regulations on those openings if there aren't already!

Dani - Just goes to show if you leave a kid alone ... even for a second, they'll try ANYTHING!

Bon - LMAO @ the angle of her ass!!!

3699 - Not sure how she didn't notice, I only have two, and I still have to count kids when I go anywhere LOL.