Monday, November 3, 2008

No Dress-Up For You!


Treats. Ghosts. Tricks. Costumes. More treats ;-)

These are the things that instantly come to mind when I think 'Halloween'.

Every year in school we had our annual Halloween party. People brought treats, we dressed up in our costumes, played music & games, and had a party.

My boys have had these each year also. They've brought their costumes to school, usually along with a kitty litter cake I'd made the night before, and had their party.

Until this year.

They still had their parties. Alec had the option of bringing his costume, and did not. Too 'cool' for that this year ya see. Being in Jr High and all.

Last week, I received a notice home from Adam's teacher regarding the party. NO COSTUMES ALLOWED. There would be a class party, but no dressing up.

Instead, they were asked to pick a favourite teddy hear, and use their imagination to dress THEM in costume. It was also stressed that these costumes had to be 'home made' and not of the 'Build A Bear' variety.

I'm not quite sure why they were not allowed to dress up. Perhaps costumes are being ruined, lost or stolen at school? Perhaps the teachers are trying to keep the 'my costume is better/cooler/more expensive than yours!' down to a minimum in the elementary classes?

Who knows.

I was a little sad for him.

I remember how much fun it was to bring the costume to school, and dress up with all your friends. It was a great opportunity to see what everyone was wearing. Even those who you wouldn't necessarily see when you were out trick or treating.

Adam was disappointed too, but what can ya do?

You find a bear, use the imagination and come up with THIS creation to bring in to the Halloween Party!

A platinum haired, super caped in the latest towel fashion, ninja turtle masked, bling and WWE belt wearin', chain saw totin' BAD BEAR DUDE!

No dress-up for you kid ... but the Bear is good to go!

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!



CraftyLzrd said...

Boober had a field trip to see the symphony in Charleston on Halloween so not dress up at school for her! It's kind of sad that the kids can no longer do the things we did as kids, isn't it?

I have to admit though, that bear is SWEEEEEEEEET!! *giggle*

Bonnie S. said...

I know kids love Halloween. Hell, all that candy, who wouldn't!? I loved it as a kid too. But you know, the more I think of Halloween and what it stands for, the more I can see it being done away with for good in the future. When you think about it, what are we celebrating? I'm not saying I agree with it, but ya know.. it's a weird tradition.. Also, I think the whole trick-or-treating part should belong to the little kids. If you can grow your own facial hair, like for real, don't ring my doorbell looking for candy! LOL

Kim's Korner said...

Thanks Lzrd :-) And yes, I do find it somewhat sad that the kids don't get to do all the 'fun' things that we did as kids. Whether it be because it's no longer considered safe or it's just no longer the 'trend'.

Bon, I don't know if we'll ever see Halloween abolished outright. I know back when Alec was little, there was talk then about NOT letting kids go door to door, and have one centralized area for them to pick up treats.

It didn't happen.

I do agree however that kids should STOP trick or treating when they hit 13. Leave the door to door to the little kids.