Friday, October 24, 2008

This Family Friendly Blog Is Rated 'R'

Alright, all of my kid's friends, their teachers, my co-workers, family members and any religious fanatics who stubmle into my Korner ... STOP reading this blog NOW!

I've been rated!

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I received this 'R' rating, because I've used the words

ass (4x)
dead (3x)
fart (2x)
death (1x)

Ok, ass I can understand. Sort of. But ...

FART?!?!?! You get an 'R' rating for the word FART these days?!?!?! Gee ... I'd try and clean it up by referring to it as ... anus airing ... but I find that word 'anus' just too damned creepy!

So much for my 'Family Friendly' blog! Go figure! Those people who created the 'rating system' are just a bunch of ... of .... Fartheads!!!

Fart - fart - FART!

There! I feel better :-)

Now stop reading this R rated trash and go out and play!

Have a great weekend all!



Bonni e S. said...

HAHAHAHHA Fart, poop, ass, boob! There. Now you'll be rated X! That's just too funny.

Danie said...

Well, no shit, eh?!

Brenna Flynn said...

Ha ha considering you're allowed to say all those words on prime time television, it's a little shocking that you're rated "R" on the web where you can find just about anything.

Kim's Korner said...

Thanks Bon and Dani, with those comments, I'll have an 'X' rating in NO TIME!!!! ;-) Couple of boob shots up there, and I might even venture into 'Triple XXX'

Brenna, yeah, I'm not sure how they 'work' their rating system, but if the tv networks used the same one, I'm thinking there'd be alot less to watch on TV, and Jerry Springer would definitely be out of a job!!!! ;-)