Saturday, October 18, 2008

I Spent Thanksgiving With Carrie Underwood!

It was a low-key Thanksgiving weekend in the Korner this year. We didn't go anywhere. We stayed home. Had Thanksgiving dinner just the three of us on Monday evening.

On Saturday, we did the 'normal' sat things we usually do. Then Alec had a friend over in the afternoon, who stayed for a sleepover. It was a beautiful weekend here, the boys were outside on the trampoline for two days. Nice :-)

Sunday was another quiet one. Just the kids and I kicking around the house. Until late afternoon.

Around 3:30 I dropped Adam off at Basketball practice, ran down to the grocery store and picked up a kick ass ham for Thanksgiving dinner the following evening. Dropped Alec and the ham (temporarily) off with his father and then hit the highway to pick up the best friend for the Carrie Underwood/ Little Big Town concert that night!

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*****Side Note *****
I'm happy to report there were no vehicle mishaps along the way!

We were fashionably late of course, but that enabled us to avoid the rush to find a parking spot just before the concert, and we ended up finding a perfect spot on a side street, only half a block away :-)

We had to find our seats in the dark, but with the help of the Usher Chick, we were there in no time. COOL! We had decent seats!

Little Big Town ... live ... FANTASTIC!

At the end of Intermission, the CARRIE COUNTDOWN appeared!

It was just a fluke that I caught it at 4:44

Then, Carrie hit the stage and the place went NUTS!

OK, I like guys and all, but this is one HOT chick!

And absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

She brought a little girl from the audience up on stage during All American (Canadian in our case) Girl.

She had five outfit changes in total.

Did you notice that's the same dress?

That's something I missed having my face stuck to the lcd screen instead of watching it all live. One minute she was in that full length gown, I looked from the screen to the stage and in that second, the whole bottom half just 'whisked' off her! It was pretty cool :-)

But I missed exactly how it happened, I just sort of caught it flying mid-air LOL

Obligatory Butt Shots for all my male friends / readers ;-p

She was awesome. A fantastic concert!

You can view all concert pics HERE!

Afterwards, we picked up the boys at their Father's, where they had enjoyed their Thanksgiving / turkey dinner earlier that evening.

We were starving by the time we got there, so the ex was nice enough to make us leftover turkey sandwiches!!!

After we stuffed ourselves, we lugged the two half-sleeping boys to the truck and headed home, still discussing the great night we'd had.

Little Big Town, Carrie Underwood, delicious Turkey Sandwiches, a kick ass Ham for our Thanksgiving meal and healthy sleeping kids in the back seat ... yup, I had LOTS to be thankful for this year :-)



Donnetta said...

LOVE Carrie Underwood! Awesome pics for a concert! Looks like a ton of fun!

Happy SITS day!

Kerri said...

Looks like a terrific show! WOW! ANd to think 5 years ago she was just a sweet little Oklahoma girl!
Happy SITS day!

Gamma Sharon said...

What a great Thanksgiving! Happy SITS day again, late.