Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Four Boys In A Kitchen

Since there was no school today, because of Remembrance Day, Alec asked if he could have a sleepover last night.

I said yes.

Last night I had four boys in my rec-room, watching Monday Night RAW.

This morning, after breakfast, they were all outside playing some version of dodge ball on the trampoline.

Just before 11am, I called them into the house.

I turned up the radio.

No sooner was the last one in and the door shut, than the Remembrance Day Music started.

They stopped where they were.

Four heads bowed.

After the music, there was the moment of silence. Out of respect for those who never made it home. For those who fought, so four boys could spend a morning, playing a version of dodge ball on a trampoline.

Four boys in a kitchen, heads bowed, tongues silent. Not fidgeting.

Showing respect.

And actually understanding, on some level, WHY they were doing so.

I was very proud at that moment. To be a free Canadian. And of the boys.

At that particular moment ... mostly of the boys.

Take a moment to remember.



Bonnie S. said...

Aww you SHOULD be very proud of your boys!! Mama must have taught them well.

Kim's Korner said...

Thanks Bon! Mama's tryin' ... Mama's tryin'! :-)

One of the other little boys said he usually observes a moment of silence at home also, so HIS Mama's must have taught HIM well too :-D

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kim, great story, you touched my heart, brought a tear to my eye.

I'm proud of you for the idea and most proud of my two grandsons, whose great uncle Tom served in World War II, was twice wounded, but told me he would have done again to preserve our freedom.

Love to you all

Anonymous said...

That was beautiful! You should be so proud.