Friday, July 11, 2008

Batista Encouraging Summer Reading! And Haircuts?

Well, in our house he is anyway :-)

The last day of school was a WWE day for the boys. Each year, they receive 'grading presents' if they have a good report card. I was happy with both of theirs. And since they've been obsessed with Wrestling lately, it was easy to pull together their end-of-year presents :-)

Alec got the DVD box set of Wrestlemania XXIV.
I remember Wrestlemania I. LOL

Adam, the DVD set of The Rock.

Both got a new poster (John Cena for Alec and DX for Adam).

Adam got another belt that he'd been eyeing lol, like he needed another one of those!!!

And lastly, for Alec, I wanted him to READ over the summer so I got him the Batista auto biography, Batista Unleashed!

He loves it! We've been reading it together. Yes, there are more curse words in it than I realized, and think a 12 yr old should be reading, but I'm also not naive enough to think he doesn't use half those words already with his buddies.

And on MY nights to read, I take generous liberties at altering those words anyway lol. I'll change it to something like 'kicked his butt'. He always knows though, and will ask;

"Did it really say butt Mom ... or did it really say ass?"

"Did it REALLY say flippin' Mom?"

"I don't think it said 'not a nice lady' Mom!" LOL

But overall, he's enjoying the story, and wanting to read (it), so that's a good thing :-)

As for the haircuts, we went to see their Dad last Saturday afternoon for those. Usually I'll hear 'No Mom, I'm letting my hair GROW!' or 'No, I don't want my hair cut!!!!' or 'Do I really have to?'

This time, both boys said immediately and eagerly, "I want my hair cut like Batista!!!!'

They've since been buzzed :-)

So thanks Batista! For having a book out there that is encouraging my kid to do some summer reading, and for having a hairstyle that makes them WANT to get their hair cut!!!! LOL


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