Sunday, July 27, 2008

HOLY! That Sh*t HURTS!!!!

It was a quiet week in the Korner this week. Not many adventures to share. Unusual. But I'll take the quiet over chaos every now and then :-) Since there wasn't much excitement, I thought I'd share a personal tid-bit about myself, and the pain that was inflicted on me yesterday.

Yesterday, I was The Rabbit. No, not the
dead rabbit that Belle dragged out from under the hedge. I mean on the highway. I was a Highway Rabbit.

You've never heard of a highway rabbit?

You know, that person who's driving the fastest, the one that everyone else pulls out behind so THEY can speed, but hopefully won't be the one caught by the police since they're not at the 'head of the pack'. That's a highway rabbit :-)

You know ... 'chase the waaa-bit ... chase the waaaa-bit' she says in her best sing-song voice LOL. That's me. I'm the waaa-bit :-)

I drive fast. Period. I won't make excuses. I know it's against the law, I know it's dangerous, and I know it causes the vehicle to chew through the gas faster, but I'll be the first to admit, I drive fast. I like speed. I'm always the head of the pack.

Our speed limit on the highway is 110/kmph. I do highway driving EVERY day. If the boys are with me, I will usually go 120/kmph. If I'm alone ... it's 130 all the way baby!!!
- That was the personal tid-bit part, now on to the pain ...

The boys are with their father this weekend, so I drove to Truro to see my best friend Cass. Just call me Bugs :-)

I did the road-trip because a few weeks ago I had gotten a horrible haircut. I needed it fixed! Remember the post about Cass taking me for a 'surprise' cut? Well, it wasn't that bad this time lol, but she was attending a wedding yesterday afternoon, so she suggested I come down and get mine done the same time she was getting hers done.

Then ... I could also get my eyebrows waxed ... FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!!!

That's right. I've never done the dirty deed. Never had the eyebrows waxed. I've never had ANYTHING waxed! I'm a faithful user of the
Schick Intuition for Women for the legs, pits and ... other areas, but the eyebrows ... yeah ... don't do 'em.

I've never been a 'uni-brow' kinda gal, so I've never messed with the brows. I don't even pluck. I'm not a chicken. I'm a rabbit!!! ;-)

Yesterday, all that changed.

Have you ever had your eyebrows waxed? Or anything else?

HOLY! That Sh*t HURTS!!!!

Yeah. The chick that had two kids with no drugs, and made it through two lung surgeries without complaining too much about the pain, actually YELLED out in the hair salon yesterday when the stylist pulled that first strip off!!!!

She put the wax on. Which really isn't bad. Feels kind of nice actually. Warm. I told her it felt like 'gooey lipstick that had been left in the sun too long being slimed over your brows' LOL.

She pulled the first strip. I yelled. She apparently looked mortified that she'd hurt me, and Cass came running over from the other side of the salon yelling "It's OK, I expected this ... she's fine ... keep going!" and to me "YA BIG BABY!!!!" LMAO!!!!

I told the girl doing the yanking, 'just WARN me the next time!!"

She did, and the next pull wasn't as bad, but I still couldn't resist a comment - 'Fire ants!!!" I said. 'There's fire ants on my eyebrows!!!"

She'd never heard that analogy before and thought that was really funny for some reason. My eyebrows didn't. Did I happen to mention HOLY! That Sh*t HURTS!!!! During the ordeal, Cass volunteered to go next door and get me a coffee ... I needed comfort food.

The pain doesn't last long though. By the time the haircut was done, the burning had subsided. The ants had gone back to their nests.

I'll probably do it again. It does make the eye area look alot more 'open'. I like it :-) It's one of those things that nobody else will even notice but me, but I notice, and I'll put myself through it again for the end result.



I'm drawing the line at the brows though.

The person who attempts to wax my bikini line, will have to beat me into submission, or unconsciousness first!!!

Cause ya know what? That Sh*t HURTS!!!

Have a great week all!


Bonnie S. said...

LOL I've only done it twice, but they say the more you go, the less it hurts. I almost did my arm pits one day but someone told me just to light myself on fire, cuz that would hurt less. Yeahhh point taken! HA!

Sue said...

Ouch! I think I'll keep tweezing. I'm a wuss like that.

Kim's Korner said...

"...they say the more you go, the less it hurts". LOL that's what Cass said too :-)

And ya know what guys? Once you get past the first 2 strips, the last 2 aren't so bad ;-)

I still wouldn't do anything other than the brows though!

Anonymous said...

It's true - the more you do, the less it hurts.

Can't lie - getting a brazilian wax hurts like a MF'er the first time. And the second time. And the third. But these days it's really not that bad.

Kim's Korner said...

'brazilian' - yeah ... see ... no way. I just couldn't. There's pain I can handle and pain I can't. That one would fall into the can't category lol.