Saturday, February 24, 2007

IT'S GONE ... all gone ...

Evening all,

This morning when I got up, my hair was half way down my back (all one length) and today I got it all cut off! It's not a Buzz/Brittney cut or anything ;-p But it's not even shoulder length! I can't remember the last time I had my hair cut, few years maybe, but I agreed to let my best friend take me to a hair dresser of her choice, pick out a hair style without my knowledge, she informed the stylist, and I had to keep my eyes closed through the whole thing.

At one point, I had my head down. I felt her lift the hair over my head, I felt the snip, and I felt the hair drop onto the front of the cape. I opened my eyes for a peek and saw 8-10in of hair laying there. I let out a small gasp or an involuntary noise of some sort lol and quickly closed my eyes again.

They won't find my best friend's body for a very loooooooonnngggg time ;-) I'm sure gonna miss her ... and my hair!!! ;-p


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