Monday, July 28, 2008

Wanna See What We're Growin'?

It's not all about dead things around here ya know. We do like live things too :-)

In fact, over the past few weeks, Adam has been nurturing life, or lives actually, in our own back yard.

Can you guess what's in here?

A few weeks ago, while we were at the lake, Adam made a discovery.

"Tadpoles! Mom! There's tadpoles over here!"

That of course turned into "Can we bring some home?"

"How would you get them home?"

"The Ziploc bag that you brought the apples in."


"And what will you put them in when you get home?"

"I'll find something! I promise! PLEASE!!!!

Hence the tadpole villa above.

I honestly didn't think they'd survive. I know that's terrible to say. To take an animal, yes, even a tadpole, from it's 'natural habitat' and stick it in a bin to be 'raised'.

I wondered, "Can it grow? Does it need something 'special' to survive? Can't a tadpole pretty much live in a mud puddle?" Everyone had tadpoles in a jar when we were kids.

And surprisingly, many of them HAVE grown!

Look in the top right hand corner of the container, a little frog :-)
And a HUGE tadpole just below him.

There are a few frogs now, and the tadpoles who were tiny when they got here, are MUCH bigger. They must really like the little worm things living in their bin lol.

They're still REALLY small!

We do plan on releasing them into the wild again. Although they may start hopping out on their own soon. One jumped off Adam's finger the other day, so they're definitely getting ready to leave the 'nest'.

This was all Adam's deal. He checks them every day. Alec didn't really show any interest in it. Unless it was because of Adam yelling out "Mom! Alec! Come see! There's ANOTHER frog!" LOL

Now he can say he was another one of those kids who had tadpoles in a jar.


Nite all! Does anyone else hear that croaking?



Formerly Fun said...

Oh this brings back memories. We did the tadpoles and fireflies and I still remember it fondly. Thanks so much for stopping by

Kim's Korner said...

You're very welcome FF, I meant it when I said I'd be back. You're a funny lady :-)

Tadpoles. Yeah. I had 'em too. I guess it's sort of a right of passage for kids of every generation lol.