Friday, February 6, 2009

Cause You're The BEST Pisser EVER!

One morning, when Alec was 5, he was trying to coax our cat Shelby out from under my bed.

We had an en suite at the time, and I was in the bathroom having a pee (yes, I had to tell you that part too). The door between the two rooms was open.

Suddenly, Alec yelled from the bedroom, 'Mommy! Can you please come and get Shelby out from under the bed?'

'Um. Kinda busy right now Hon. Why can't you do it?'

Alec paused for a minute, then yelled back ... "Cause, you're the BEST Pisser EVER!!!'

Considering where I was, and what I was doing at that particular moment, and where the CAT was ... I couldn't figure how holding the World Title in Bladder Relieving worked into the picture.

Did he think flattery was going to get me to 'finish up' and out to help him faster?

I had to ask.

"Alec. Hon. What exactly do you mean by that?'

"OH YOU KNOW!', he said.

'When you want Shelby to come to you, you always say 'Here Girl ... Pssss ... Pssss ... Pssss ... Pssss.'

Of course. How silly of me. What else COULD he have meant **flush**

So. I'm the BEST Pisser EVER!

Just so ya know.



Sue said...


I thought 'en suite' was an Aussie term. I'm totally getting one when I buy a house just so I can say it.

Danie said...

Your blog also has the best titles ev-er!

Hayley said...

Your posts always crack me up. I wish my life was as colorful!

Kim's Korner said...

Sue - Nope, we say it here in Canada too. We're just cool that way ;-)

Danie - Awwww thanks :-D

Hayley - Colourful is sometimes a good thing, sometimes not. I had a co-worker tell me the other day that he was going to start following me around ... just for the excitement LOL.