Tuesday, February 17, 2009

DUDE! You're In My SPACE!

So, I mentioned the other day that I was thinking about taking Alec to see his first scary movie. The new Friday the 13th.

Although I was disappointed he wanted to bring a friend with him - because I was looking forward to the mother/son bonding over his first bloodbath - it was probably due to the fact the friend was there that made him stick it out, and not ask me to leave 20 min into the movie (after the first major slashing scene).

He was scared to death! And he absolutely LOVED it. And was really glad he decided to stay and watch the whole thing.

Glad someone can say they saw the WHOLE thing.

I missed about the first 5 minutes of the movie. And I was sitting RIGHT THERE!

We got there early and found great seats. Towards the back, in the middle. Perfect spot!

We sat through the 15 min of trailers for the upcoming movies, and then ... cue slasher music ...'che che che che ah ah ah ah' ... Here we go boys!

That's when they came in.

At the very moment the movie started, a group of teenagers, boys and girls, 15-16ish looking (hard to tell in the dark) came flying into the theatre.

They spread throughout the room like a flock of wayward birds. Some going in one direction, others going in another, still more in another.

Alec and his friend were enthralled with the opening credits, and waiting to see what was going to happen first.

I, on the other hand, was more curious about what this group of kids was up to.

Oh and they were up to something ... Mama's spidey senses were tingling.

All of a sudden, one BIG boy ran up the stairs and dropped himself over me.

I'd like to say he sat NEXT to me, but then I'd be lying to all you nice people.

Buddy literally threw himself into the seat next to me, and leaned all the way over my arm rest until he was completely pressed up against me.

DUDE! You're in my SPACE!!!!!!


Now, I'm sure many of you would have just simply given him a 'Uh ... Buddy ... do you mind?' and that would have been the end of it.

And most likely, had I been with the girlfriends, instead of my kid and his friend, I would have definitely had a few choice words for him. Like ... oh, I don't know ... maybe 'DUDE! Get the hell OFF me!!!!'

Or something along those lines.

But I had the kids.

And this boy was HUGE!!!!!! HUGE I tell you! Throwing off huge attitude, wrapped in a hoodie.

And I'm thinking to myself, there's NO WAY he doesn't realize he's sitting practically on top of me. He's not going to care if I say anything to him.

And what if he says something back? In front of the kids?

The little voice in my head that occasionally cries 'careful - potential psycho!' was telling me to keep my mouth shut.

I didn't look at the Dude once.

I didn't move a muscle or a smidge of an inch.

Screw that!

Why should *I* move when Buddy is the one who came and dropped himself into MY lap?

I did however use my foot to slide my purse along the floor, closer to Alec and away from my new BFF.

Just in case.

He obviously had no problem getting up in my space, I wasn't going to give him the opportunity to get in my purse too!

And just when I thought I was going to have to give him a shove and the 'Dude, GET OUTTA MY SPACE!' one of the others ran up to him, and then, just as quick as they came in, they buzzed out of their hiding spots and took off again.

All I heard when Buddy's friend came over was 'mumble, mumble, mumble, caught'.

So THAT'S what they were up to. Trying to sneak in without paying I'm guessing.

Apparently one of them didn't make it in fast enough, so the rest of the posse decided to bolt along with him.

And just like that ... the closest thing I've had to a man pressing up against me in the last 5yrs, was gone!

Least he left the purse.

And at least I didn't have to get all 'DUDE!' and Jason-like on him.

Cause ... ya know ... that would have just embarrassed the boys.

And ultimately, I was there to see someone else's blood spilled ... not my own ;-)



Bonnie S. said...

Equally annoying is people who can't put their damn cell phones away for the duration of the movie. Text messaging every 30 seconds is just as disrupting. Also the lady who sits next to you reeking of stinky old Avon perfume. God did you bathe in that crap or what?! Blaaahhh! Refer to Danielle's blog and do the sniff test. LOL

Kim's Korner said...

LOL Bon! True! Those people definitely need to be included in the next 'open letter to assholes' ;-)

Although I have been guilty ... ONCE ... of forgetting my cell phone on, and then NOT answering it, because it was a text msg coming, in, and I don't get text msgs often, so I didn't recognize the ring LMAO!

I'm sitting there thinking 'Answer your phone idiot', and of course *I* was the asshole ;-)

Least the actual movie hadn't started yet and it was only during a trailer.