Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday The 13th - The New Jason Generation

I'm noticing something about Alec as he gets older.

We have something (else) in common.

He likes scary movies. Just like his mother :-)

He has been bugging to see the new Friday The 13th movie coming out today.

Pic courtesy of The 10 Best Horror Movies Of The 80's

My immediate answer was 'Not a chance!'.

We've seen the commercial at least 50 times now, and he's asked to go EVERY time!

After each - 'No. You're too young for a movie like that.' - I immediately get that damn voice in my head whispering ... 'hypocrite'.

You see, each time he asks, and each time I say no, I immediately flash back to his age. Yeah. I LOVED me some scary movie!!! I read Carrie at 12 and was hooked.

I flash back to having 'scary movie parties' in Jr High. Grades 7-9.

Exactly where he is now. (except now they call it 'Middle School', it's grades 7-8 and the 9's have moved on up to High School.)

Point being, I started watching scary movies at his age. And one of the first ones was Friday the 13th, the original.

Pic courtesy of Wikipedia

Along with Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, Poltergeist, those creepy Children of the Corn, and of course anything based on a Stephen King novel.

Most of my early teenage years were spent screaming at a burned, razor fingered dude in a dirty fedora, or the big guy in the mechanic's overalls, sporting a hockey mask, or snowy TV sets ... and those damn trees in Evil Dead.

I'll never forgot those damn trees!

Now, with this new Friday the 13th, the topic of 'when can I see scary movies in theatres' comes up again.

I've seen glimpses of this 'I LOVE horror movies!' trait in Alec before.

So I start thinking.

Maybe he and I SHOULD go. Together.

Usher in a new Jason Generation.

I haven't decided yet.

I know the special effects are different 'nowadays'. It'll be much more graphic than the original *I* started off with.

I know he may end up eyeing his closet, expecting something alot more sinister than the Monster's Inc Dudes to jump out, for a few nights afterwards.

I know if he starts sleeping with a hockey mask, and my butcher knife goes missing, it was definitely the wrooooonnnnnggg decision, it's warped his mind forever, I'm calling 9-1-1 and getting OUT

I never understood those idiots in the movies trying to reason with the psychos. Or the ones who 'check out the noise'.

Just get the hell out people!

Or he'll be absolutely fine, and we'll have a great Mom/Son bonding moment at Camp Krystal Lake.

Che Che Che Che Ah Ah Ah Ah .... Che Che Che Che Ah Ah Ah Ah .... ;-)

I just don't know.

I told him I definitely wouldn't take him to see a new Friday The 13th, ON Friday the 13th.

I may be up for a little adventure, but I'm not insane!

So, I have until Sunday to answer the question; Is he still TOO young for Jason?

Or, is it time to let go a bit, and just enjoy being able to go to a good scary flick with him? (Adam understands he will NOT be going. Period.)



Danie said...

Remember Children of the Corn? I hate scary movies.

Kim's Korner said...

Oh yeah! That little Isaac dude creeped me out for YEARS! But I still watched it over and over and over again ;-)

Glutten for punishment when it comes to scary movies LOL.

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Kim's Korner said...

Hi Elaina,

Thanks much for visiting, and for leaving a comment!

Please drop back ANYTIME! I always welcome new readers :-)