Friday, May 1, 2009

Times, They Are A Changin'

My life changed today.

Not drastically.

Not in a 'I lost my arm in a wood chipper' or 'I won 36 million in the lottery last night!' kind of way.

It was on a much smaller scale, but it changed.

Today, I became the mother of a teenager.

Today, Alec turned 13.

13, People!

Holy Crap!

I have a teenager now.

How did that happen?

When did I stop being the kid, and start being the parent ... of a TEENAGER?!?!?!

Do all women go through this OMIGOD feeling at this point in their lives?

OMIGOD he's going to start DATING!
OMIGOD he's going to start DRIVING!

OMIGOD he's going to start PARTYING
OMIGOD he's going to start having SEX!

OK, I'm stopping there before my brain explodes!

So, as if this wasn't enough excitement for one day, Alec ALSO had his first 'official date' tonight.

Leaving for the movies



I like her. She's a nice girl.

He's in Jr High now, I should have expected it.

But, crap.

Last week he asked me if she could come over after school today.

Normally, I'm at the office during the day, but since:

it was his birthday

she had only been over once before, and

there wasn't a chance in hell I was leaving them alone
after school together ...

I went to the office this morning, and worked from home this afternoon.

After they got home, we left to pick up cake, Adam and Pizza, then Adam and I dropped the two of them off at the movies.

I went into the theatre with them, bought the tickets, handed them over to him, then watched them walk through the ropes.

Alec gave their tickets to 'the dude', and off they went.

My baby had just gone from boy to young man.


Here we go.

On the up side, we were late leaving the house because I couldn't find my keys.

Which meant they were a few minutes late for the movie. Only missing the trailers, but still, somewhat late.

As luck would have it, X-MEN came out today, so the theatre was packed, and they had to sit towards the front.

Which meant ...

No making out in the back row!!! WooHoo!!!

The question is - Did I REALLY misplace the keys, or ... do I remember making out in the back row, so made them just a tad late, on purpose.

Who knows? ;-)

A mother never gives away her secrets.

Especially, the mother of a Teenager!!!!


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