Thursday, May 14, 2009

You Just Never Know Who's Watching ...

I work in the heart of downtown Halifax.

Big city. Lots of people.

If nothing else, I run into ‘interesting’ people on my travels during the day.

For those of you who know me well enough to be on my FB ‘Friend List’, you’ve seen my status updates regarding the ‘street people’, and how they always seem to feel the need to TALK to me!

And I don’t mean to simply ask me for money.

One day, I’m walking along, and some guy says to me “I LOVE how your hair blows in the wind”.

Uh. OK. Thanks.

Keep walkin’ Buddy!

A couple of weeks later, I’m walking down the same street, and there is a woman walking towards me.

When she was directly in front of me, she stopped and said “Stop LOOKING at me! You’re giving me the impression I’ve done something WRONG!”

OK, Lady!

Wasn’t looking at you.

Wasn’t even checking out a hot guy BEHIND you!

But thanks for giving me that creepy little shiver that just ran down my spine!

Yesterday, I realized that throughout my travels during the day, I may see lots of people, but I don’t necessarily see or pay attention to who’s seeing ME!

Once again, kinda creepy huh?

Yesterday morning, I had just gotten to the office, and I’m standing in front of the elevator, waiting … waiting … waiting.

I heard footsteps behind me, but being the antisocial shit I can be first thing in the morning, and especially with ‘elevator people’, I didn’t turn around to look at whoever had arrived.

All of a sudden I hear “Do you work in this building?”

I slowly turned my head, and peered through the shades that were still covering my - up too late, not enough coffee yet - eyes, to find a Courier Dude.

I figured he was probably just going to ask me where something was in the building, and wasn’t attempting to make small talk, so I said “Yup.”

He comes back with “Oh, OK. I wondered if you worked in here or not. I see you every day. I watch you walk up the street, then later down the street, and I see you all the time, but didn’t know if you worked in here.”

Alrighty then!

Thanks for that little tid-bit AND the creepy little tingle that came along with it Bud!

I have to admit. It got me thinking.

Buddy just admitted to watching me walk the streets on a daily basis.

I’ve NEVER noticed him before.

How many other people do I not notice in the run of a day?

And how many of them have noticed me?

I really do find that a little creepy.

Not as creepy as finding out
I had walked by a murderer, (and was in the same building with him) several times without knowing.

But creepy nonetheless.

You just never know WHO’S watching you. Or when.

So you … Buddy in the lane next to me on the bridge, with your finger driven 2nd knuckle deep up your nose, and who for some reason thinks nobody can see you behind that little thing called a window …

Yeah … YOU!

Get your freakin’ finger out, cause I’M WATCHING YOU!!!!!!

That’s right! And I’m watchin’ YOU too! So get back to work, and stop reading this blog!



Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Creepy is right. Watch your back!!

Hallie :)

Employee No. 3699 said...

That is pretty creepy. It's even creepier that he told you.

Hey, how did you know I was reading your blog while I was at work? That's creepy too.

Sue said...

I got chills reading that. Watch yourself, Kim. Stay safe.

Kim's Korner said...

Thanks much for the kind words Ladies :-)

I'm not really concerned for my safety though. He seemed 'normal' enough. It just took me off guard to hear someone say 'I've watched you'.

I'm sure I've just been the subject of a 'people watcher' is all lol.

3699 - How did I know what you were doing? Shhhh we don't mention that aloud, it makes the non-believers and doctors a little nervous ;-)

Ronald J said...

So, basically, you find anyone who attempts to be social "creepy?" Or is just everyone in general that you don't know "creepy?"

Here's some advice: get over yourself?


Kim's Korner said...

Ronald J:

Thanks so much for taking the time out of your busy day to visit my blog, and more so, for leaving me an insult on this particular post.

How thoughtful of you!

Do I find everyone trying to be 'social' creepy?

Absolutely not. I'm actually a very friendly, outgoing and social person, myself.

Had you paid attention and not read something into the post that wasn't there, you might have realized exactly what it was that I found creepy about that conversation.

I certainly don't find YOU creepy. Oh ... wait, you weren't being social though, just rude.

Do I think everyone in general I don't know is creepy?

Absolutely not!

I don't know you, and I don't think you're creepy. An asshole? Most definitely! But not creepy.

So, a piece of advice backatcha ... run along and spread your joy and happiness elsewhere.

No need to come back. Really.

I'm sure there are other unsuspecting bloggers you feel the need to insult today. With a little smiley face no less.

And now, I just don't have time to respond to you anymore, Robert.

I have save my strength, so I can get back to getting over myself.

**** as she strolls away from the computer singing "I feel pretty ... oh so pretty ...." *****