Monday, May 11, 2009

You Can Quote Me On That!

Something very strange happened to me last week.

Here I am, blogging along, minding my own business, and I was ‘discovered’!

Friday morning I received an email from someone in Ottawa.

Shannon Proudfoot, a national reporter who writes for CanWest News Service.

She said she had seen my blog listed in one of the Blogging Directories, and wanted to know if I was willing to do an interview with her.

Never one to back down from voicing my opinion … on ANYTHING, I said ‘Absolutely!’

Friday afternoon, we did a phone interview.

It didn’t take long. She told me it would take about 10 minutes. I think I talked for more like 20 ;-)

She was ‘looking for some parental input on a story’ she was writing, about ‘how researchers are finding more and more benefits to regular family dinners.’

She wanted ‘to talk to a Canadian parent about what dinners are like in their house, the challenge of getting everyone together around the table and why you think something like this might provide benefits to kids’.

I asked Shannon if she had actually READ my blog, or if she had just seen it listed and gone from there.

Not only did Shannon read it, she gave me a description of my last couple of weeks worth of posts!

She said she had decided to contact me because my blog was ‘really lively and insightful.’

Well now. How could I say no to an interview after THAT!

So, we did our thing. She asked questions, I talked her ear off.

She told me it would most likely be in one of the following papers today -
National Post, Ottawa Citizen or the Vancouver Sun.

Not only did her story make it in one of those papers, it made it in ALL THREE!!!

As well as the Victoria Times Colonist, Vancouver Province, Nanaimo Daily News, Montreal Gazette, Regina Leader-Post and Calgary Herald.

WooHoo!!! Kim's Korner
officially goes National!

Do I want to post a link to one of the papers, so I can shamelessly promote myself, and let all of you read it?


Does the article give both my first and last name, and the city where I live, so I’ve thought twice … and three times about posting it here?


Do I think any die-hard stalkers would have already found me by now?


But … I have a dog. And she LOVES her Mama! And any stalker/I'll kill you type emails will be sent directly to the proper authorities for analysis.

So, for today only … I’ll say ‘Whatever!’

Here you go!

Yeah. That's my kid in the pic too!


Thanks Shannon! It was definitely a pleasure chatting with you last week!

And yes, you CAN quote me on that!



Sue said...


Love the picture, too!

We eat together every morning and night, and yeah, we have occasional TV dinner night (meaning we eat dinner in front of the TV, usually pizza).

My kids also don't balk. They don't know any other lifestyle than supper at the table, even at their grandparents' homes.

Yay! Kim in the papers!!!

Employee No. 3699 said...

That is very cool!

What's the word on your cat?

Danie said...

Fantastic, Kim! Good article!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Oh don't you worry...I read you everyday that you post on my google reader. I do not always comment when I read cuz sometimes I really am reading when I should be doing something else.

How could I ever abandon the best MM guest poster I ever had? :)


Kim's Korner said...

Thanks much guys! It was definitely one of my 'top 10 cool experiences of this decade' ;-)

Just to be clear for everyone though, I didn't write the actual article, I was just the awesome interview quoted in it ;-D

3699 - No news on Puss. It's two weeks today :-(

Hallie - You Goof! Aren't I the ONLY MM guest poster you've ever had?!?!?!

But ya know what? That gave me a big smile, and made me think of my Dad, cause he always used to say "Have you met my FAVOURITE daughter?"

I'm an only child! ;-)