Monday, May 4, 2009

That's Like Comparing Granny Panties To A Thong

Over the weekend, the boys and I were in a gaming store.

Adam's looking at the games. Alec and I are at the counter.

He's chatting up the Game Store Dude.

Ya know, doing the 'cool guy' thing.

Somehow, they got on the topic of the movie 'x-men'.

Alec told him that he had just seen that movie on Friday night.

Of course that's when I pipe up adding, "It was his first date!"


Apparently you don't tell the Gaming Store Dude that you've been on your first date.

That's uncool.

I could FEEL the look of death being sent my way.

Once we left the store, Alec says through gritted teeth;

"MOM! Telling people I had my first date, is like me telling people you don't wear underware!!!!!"

Alrighty then.

Truth or not, I get it. It's nobody else's business.

Although I don't see the comparison - that's like comparing Granny Panties to a Thong - I do get his point.

And I learned my lesson.

From now on, I keep my mouth shut about the 'first date', and strangers don't get assulted with the fact I may be 'free ballin'.

Well, that's if I had balls.



Hayley Crow said...

HA HA HA!!! This is soooo funny! I'd probably do the exact same thing though! This is why my kids won't even tell me if they like a boy/girl.

Employee No. 3699 said...

I say if you're going to embarass your kids, wait and make it count. Like pulling out the naked baby pictures to show his first girlfriend!

Kim's Korner said...

Haley - He couldn't help but hide it ... they're on the phone ALL THE TIME!!! LOL

Emp 3699 - I was going to do that too!!!! Unfortunately (well, fortunately for HIM) we ran out of time after dinner, before the movie, for me to break out the albums.

I DID threaten him that I'd do it though ;-)