Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Best Smellin' Dust Bunnies On The Block!

Growing up, there were a few 'chores' that were expected of me on a regular basis.

More so if we were expecting company.

One of these was the dusting.

I wasn't fond of dusting. It meant moving things. Little things. Then putting them all back.

But it had to be done. And it was up to me to do it.

Mom would hand me an old dishtowel, and the Pledge®.

Yup, mom was a Pledge® girl, all the way. For as long as I can remember, she never changed her 'staple' cleaning products.

Mr Clean®
Ivory® Dish soap

I still use Mr Clean®, and Tide® (when it's on sale), but I randomly change my dish soap, and the furniture is lucky to get a swipe with a 'dollar store duster', let alone adding any type of 'product' to it.

Last month, I received the Cascade pacs® and Swiffer Dust & Shine® Furniture Spray from Procter & Gamble, to try.

So I did.

You can read about my experience with the Cascade pacs® here.

I was also sent two Swiffer Dust & Shine® Furniture Sprays .

I have never used this product before.

For this little experiment, I let the coffee table in my living room collect dust for almost a week.

I say almost, because I couldn't stand looking at it any longer than a few days.

Kids, dog, cat, kittens, fireplace and daily dust ... it didn't take long to start looking pretty scummy.

Yes, I do believe those are butt prints on the table

First, I used Lilac and Vanilla Scent


Not too strong on the lilac and just enough vanilla.

On the end table, I tried Tropical Sunshine

This one smells very outdoor clean, with a bit of a tangy scent that lingers.

Did it work as far as 'dusting and shining'?

You decide.

I see shine.

Keep in mind, as with any scented product, these may not be for everyone.

I liked them.

With one exception.

After a few sprays, the liquid begins to ooze out and down the nozzle.

Now, for a girl who hates to get 'stuff' on her fingers - anything, mayo, sauce, butter, dish soap, hair gel etc. - that's NOT a good thing.

However, they work both as a cleaner, and air freshener, and in a house with kids, pets and smelly sneakers, that IS a good thing!

And now, there's a new generation of Dusters in town, I've passed down the rag.

Lemon Pledge® will always remind me of home. And mom.

But I think I'm gonna be the Swiffer girl, with the best smellin' dust bunnies on the block!

Be sure to check back, and see what Procter and Gamble product I'll be reviewing next time.

Today, I received this gorgeous tote bag ... come back soon to find out what was inside, and what I thought of it!



Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I love dusting. I have issues.

Hallie :)

Kim's Korner said...

Hallie, feel free to fly down anytime and take on my dust bunnies! The windows too if you'd like! ;-p