Monday, April 20, 2009

You're Punished? Oh Yeah! You're Punished!

My memory sucks at times.

The boys have the memory of an elephant.

Alec always amazes me when he comes out with 'Mom, remember the time that ...' and it's something that happened four years ago.

On a Tuesday.

At 1:47 pm.

Ya know?

Over the weekend, the boys had friends over.

After Adam's friend left, he decided he wasn't having fun anymore, and was going to ... as I say 'act up' and do things that he KNOWS are unacceptable.

So he lost his computer privileges for the week.

I'll take away ipods, psp's, tv, the computer, whatever happens to pop into my head that means the 'most' to them at that particular moment.

Yes. I've even resorted to confiscating the coveted 'blankey'.

I was REALLY pissed off that day!

Tonight after work, the boys were outside arguing.

I was making dinner, and trying to referee their verbal match from the kitchen window, angry with Alec because he was overreacting and just being mean to his little brother.

Which he knows drives me absolutely INSANE!

Adam came into the house upset, I looked at the timer on the stove and saw that dinner would be ready in 5min, gave him a hug and asked him;

'Would you like to play a game on the computer for a few minutes before dinner?'

He heads to the fridge with 'Yeah, I would, but ... aren't I grounded from the computer this week?'

I stopped roaming around the kitchen.

'You're Punished? Oh Yeah! You're Punished!'

God luv 'im.

I totally forgot.

I had said it in the heat of 'I'm fed up to HERE!' the day before, and in everything that had happened that night so far, I totally forgot.

I was just trying to make him feel better.

Between Alec and I, he's third man in line for using the computer, so playing his games are a treat for him.


Damn. Make him feel better for the moment, or be the responsible parent and stick to the punishment?

'You're right', I said. 'Sorry, I forgot, no computer.'

Instead, he patched up his 'wrestling bear' (don't ask), and helped me get things out of the fridge for dinner.

Thank god my kids have memories like elephants.

And that they don't use them against me.

Cause in case I haven't mentioned, my memory sucks at times.

Now, what were we talking about?


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Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Enjoy this time now. Eventually the figure out that if YOU don't remember it, it never happened.

Hallie :)