Friday, April 17, 2009

If You Seek Amy - MY ASS!

When I hit the teen years, Madonna was the musical vamp of the day.

My mother was NOT impressed to hear me singing, at the top of my lungs behind my bedroom door, 'Like A Virgin! Hey! Touched for the very first time! Like a Vir-ir-ir-ir-gin'

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Sorry Mom.

Sorry neighbours back home.

One time when Alec was about 4, we're cruising through the grocery store, and he starts singing, loudly, part of the the David Wilcox song 'Riverboat Fantasy'.

Specifically, it was 'Cocaine kisses, and Moonshine Missus, that's the life for me!'

Yeah. A couple of heads turned.

OK, totally my fault for being a Wilcox fan and playing his Cd's far too much at that period in my life.

For as long as we've had and will have music, there will be lyrics that drive parents insane.

Especially when sung at those inappropriate moments.

I'd consider Britney Spears one of the musical vamps of today.

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She's had her issues.

She's flaunted those issues very publicly.

And I promised myself I wouldn't give her any more bandwidth by commenting on ANY of those actions, or her musical 'comeback'.

But today - I break that promise.

Cause this post is all about Britney. Or, more specifically, Amy.

Now, at the risk of pissing off all the Britney Spears and 'Freedom of Expression!' fans out there, I have to put on my Ugly Mom Jeans, and say:

'WHOA! Backup People! LINE CROSSED!'

And I don't mean only by Britney, but by the radio stations also!

I heard her latest release last week.

It's called "If You Seek Amy."

The boys and I are driving along, it comes on, and two voices from the back seat yell "TURN IT UP MOM!"

OK then.

I liked her last two singles. There. I said it.

I figured I'd see what this one was like.

All of a sudden I hear:

Love me hate me, say what you want about me But all of the boys and all of the girls are begging to if you seek Amy

Love me hate me, but can't you see what I see?All of the boys and all of the girls are begging to if you seek Amy

Love me hate me, la la la, la la la

And a little later ...

So tell me if you see her 'Cause I've been waiting here forever

Oh baby baby if you seek Amy tonight

Oh baby baby we'll do whatever you like

Oh baby baby baby Oh baby baby baby

Now, let's backtrack a bit.

all of the boys and all of the girls are begging to if you seek Amy

begging to if you seek Amy

if you seek Amy

Did you catch that?

So the first time I hear this on the radio, I'm thinking "Oh ... no ... I DIDN'T just hear that!

Then the chorus rolls around again. And there's no mistaking it.


If You Seek Amy - MY ASS!

I know what she's referring to. Alec knows what she's referring to, and when I hit the 'OFF' button on the stereo, with a 'That's enough of THAT!', Adam's suspicions were confirmed as well.

Yeah. I know. He's only 9. But HE can hear that four letter *F* word in the song. He's not stupid. It's all good if it's in a song right?

And MOM! It's only 'If You Seek Amy!'

Unfortunately, that wasn't the appropriate moment to yell 'MY ASS it is!'

I've saved that for all of you ;-)

Seriously tho' ... What happened to having a 'softer' version for the radio crowd?

If we were a society of adults only, I wouldn't care.

But my KIDS and the majority of their friends and classmates all tune into the same radio station.

The one that plays the 'cool' tunes. This song is getting alot of airplay.

In my opinion - and since this post is tagged under 'My Opinion On Stuff' I can give it - this song is VERY uncool!

And to the radio stations who have made the decision to air this song at all?

Bad choice.

Bad bad choice!

Sure. The kids love it.

It DOES have a good dance beat, of course, it's a pop song.

But lets face it, the real pull is getting to spell/sing 'F.U.C.K. me' multiple times throughout the song.

And now, of course, because I've banned it, it has become the forbidden attraction.

'But WHY can't we listen to it mom? It's Britney! You LIKE Britney!'

Adam will hear it somewhere in the distance and say 'Psss ... mom ... listen ... '


Thanks Britney! Way to be a role model! Good Job!

I wonder if she ever thinks about how the songs she sings, could potentially effect her boys.

I wonder if the following scenario has ever crossed her mind ...

Her boys are on a play date with their friends.

Yes. Superstar kids go on play dates too, People.

And the conversation goes something like this:

B's Boys: Our Mom's a singer.

Friends: Bet she isn't!

B's Boys: YES SHE IS! She's on the radio!

Friends: Oh yeah? What does she sing?

B's Boys: ... all of the boys and all of the girls are begging to F.U.C.K me

Nice huh?

Cause ya know ... that's EXACTLY how it's going to come out!

Now, maybe I'm just getting old.

Maybe I'm overreacting.

Maybe not.

What do YOU think?

Is it any worse than some of the other songs on the radio today, or 20yrs ago?

Since I can't directly embed the video here, at the request of BritneyTV, if you'd like to see it, CLICK HERE.



Bonnie S. said...

I hadn't heard the song yet, although I heard the title being announced and never thought anything of it. It only took me reading through the second verse of the lyrics on your blog to see where you were going with it. Holy wow. That is pretty risky isn't it? I'm going to have to listen to our local Britney playing radio station to see if they are playing it, and then send them the link to your blog to get their reaction. Interesting! Have you contacted the radio station? Would you mind if I put a link to this on my Facebook profile?

Hayley said...

OMG! I have heard the song but she annoys me with her newer songs anyway, so I usually just turn it off. I didn't understand the song until you spelled it out. I am so ANGRY. My kids WILL NOT be listening to this song EVER! Or her songs for that matter. Thats why I am glad they all have MP3's so I can control what they listen to. My husband and I have been discussing this issue lately alot. But more so about the VIDEOS that these songs have. Most of the words go over my kids heads, but the videos are so graphic that they catch on quick. I think its just disgusting. No wonder it was on the Today Show that 40% of kids were having sex before they hit jr high, and even worse only 1 in 4 use a condom. And we as a society have the nerve to complain about teen pregnancy? But we allow these types of music and images on public stations for our children to see? Society as a whole needs to put a stop to this. I am all for freedom of speech, but there has got to be a limit on what is played for our children. Ok, I am off my soapbox! LOL

Kim's Korner said...

Bon - Yeah ... I thought it was pretty inappropriate for radio. I did send a link off to the radio station yesterday, asking how something like this even makes it on the air. No answer yet.

And thanks for the link! There's been alot of visitors to this post this morning from that :-)

Hayley - I won't let them listen to it either. I shut the radio off when I hear those first notes, then turn it back on again a few mins later.

And the videos ... yeah ... banned here too. Unfortunately Adam catches them sometimes at the sitter's after school, since 'all the other kids are watching them'.


As for kids having sex early ... yeah ... Alec will be turning 13 in a couple of weeks, and has already had the condom/sex talk. Scary! But I know the girls in Jr High are already giving BJ's (remember that term lol), so the sex can't be far behind!

Sue said...

OH! So THAT's what it is she's saying. Somebody told me it was the word itself, but not spelled out. Now that you point out that it's the spelling, I hear it all to clearly.

Wow, how did I not catch this before? I don't like the song, that's why, because I don't listen to it. I guess it's a good thing. Wow. WOW. Thank you, Kim. (sorry for the delay, just now getting caught up on some of my reader blogs).