Thursday, May 8, 2008

Batista Sweat On Me!!!

Yes my friends, SWEAT was the highlight of last Saturday night :-) Oh but not just ANY sweat ... BATISTA SWEAT!

If you had asked me 6 months ago what a
Batista was, I would have guessed a new 'hard rock' band (Is 'hard rock' still a genre? Is it called something else now? Damn I'm feeling old!). I have since been educated by the boys, that Batista is in fact one of the favourites of the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) circuit, and one of Alec's personal favourites, (along with John Cena!) and on Saturday night, only a few short months later, I found myself standing in the aisles, arms in air, screaming at the top of my lungs 'BATISTA BOMB BABY!!!"

Yup. Looking back, not one of my most ... a-hem, refined moments, but have you SEEN this man?!?!??!

Saturday night, I took the boys and one of Alec's friends to see Wrestlemania Revenge. There, they saw many of the 'Stars' they've recently been watching on Friday Night Smackdown. LIVE, right there in front of them!

It was an AWESOME night!

It was a 'Dad Weekend', so I picked them up from their father's around 4pm Sat afternoon, and we made the 2+hr trek to Moncton NB for the 7:30pm show. It was part of Alec's 12th birthday present.

The kids couldn't BELIEVE they were seeing Batista .... LIVE!!! He was REAL!!! Not just someone on TV. But not only The Animal, ALL of the wrestlers! Three and a half hours worth of loud, sweaty, BIG men in tight be-dazzled skivvies, body slamming each other around a ring. Yeah. Every Mom's dream way of spending a Saturday night huh? But this night wasn't for me. I was simply along for the ride :-)

**** I do have to side note for a sec, to say that as the ... grownup, in this situation, I have had the - 'it's only entertainment, it's not 'real'. Having said that, accidents and injuries DO happen because it is a sport, (and then there's the extreme - Owen Hart) but these people are professionally trained, so I don't EVER want to see you using these 'moves' on each other or that's it, the plug on Wrestling is pulled' - talk with them :-) What can I say, like rock and movie stars, some of these guys are role models and heroes for a huge number of kids. Gotta keep an eye on what they're 'into', so if you can't beat 'em, cheer on their favourite wrestler with them ;-) ****

Matt Hardy started off the night vs MVP, (and won) then, in no particular order, Jimmy Wang Yang and Shannon Moore fought against tag-team champions John Morrison and The Miz. There was Finlay & Hornswoggle, Chavo and Kane, and of course Adam's favourite .... BIG SHOW!!! That man is HUGE!!!! Palumbo rode in on his custom chopper, a few other guys I don't remember were there, and then, the title match. Batista vs Edge. WOOHOO!!!!! Oops. Did I say that out loud?

And of course it wouldn't be the WWE without ...
The DIVA'S!!!! Yeah. Just what I took my 12 & 8 yr old to see ... half naked women parading around in the ring, who didn't even wrestle!!! It was simply a 'Diva Contest'. Who was the 'Hottest Diva'. Yeah ... Ok ... bring back the big, sweaty dudes in the bedazzled tights would ya?!?!?!? If I want the boys to see semi-porn, I'll pay for the channel, thanks!

Where's Big Show when ya need him!

I've found one video compilation of the night. You can see a mix of pics and video here:

I got a kick out of the fact it was pics, until the Diva's hit the ring, then it switched to video LOL.

All the kids had a blast. Screamed themselves hoarse! They cheered on the 'good guys' and yelled the closest thing to an obscenity they were allowed to yell at the 'bad guys'. Well, just one obscenity really ... "EDGE YOU SUCK !!!!!!!!"

The night had a few highlights. During the title match between Batista and Edge (who is a fellow Canadian BTW), before Edge actually got into the ring he was playing with the crowd. Calling them down. Getting them going. My three sucked in all their breath, and all yelled at the top of their lungs at the same time "YOU SUCK EDGE!!!!".

Now, whether it was MY three he heard (who were actually pretty loud lol, and had picked a relatively quiet moment to yell that) or the rest of the crowd he heard, who started yelling 'you suck' in unison after the boys did, he came back to the microphone and said something along the lines of "So ... I SUCK do I?!?!??!?!?" Made some more rude comments, dissed the Montreal Canadians and finally got into the ring lol.

That was Alec's highlight, he thought FOR SURE he had heard them and were acknowledging them ;-)

Then, at the end of the night, after the title match, I let them run down to the stage entrance/exit when Batista was leaving the ring. Every time a wrestler walked that path to the exit, he was swarmed on both sides with kids and grown-ups alike. From above, it was like watching a bag of sugar being dropped in the middle of an army of starving ants. SWARM!

The boys just missed him :-( He left - then came back for a minute - in that minute Alec and his friend managed to 'get in there' and touch him and THAT just made their night! Adam tried to get his hand on him as well, but unfortunately, Batista fans come in all shapes and sizes, and some big guys (adults!) managed to jump in front of him and he could no longer see or get to him.

I did what any Mom would do ... and hoisted him into the crowd and hoped to get him back :-) He body surfed back a few seconds later, and he was in absolute AWE!!!! The only thing he could do was point to his arm and say "Ba ... Ba ... Ba .... BATISTA SWEAT ON ME!!!!!!" "MOM! BATISTA SWEAT ON ME!!" There were huge sweat spots on his arm and the wristbands he'd bought at the event.

He looked up at me with huge eyes and said "Mom, I'm NEVER going to wash this arm or band AGAIN!"

The scary part is, he's 8. He means it. Sigh. Role models and heroes.

One man's sweat made his night :-) And the looks on all their faces made mine :-)

There were also a couple of disappointments that night. The biggest for me was the fact that
The Undertaker wasn't there, as advertised :-( He was the one I wanted to see!

I remember watching The Undertaker when I was a kid. He scared the crap out of me back then, and I was really looking forward to seeing him in person that night. Not meant to be I guess. Not sure why he wasn't there, or if he was, why he didn't make an appearance. The boys are of the opinion it's because he was
'stripped' of his title the night before on Friday Night Smackdown. Who knows. Hopefully he'll still be on the circuit if they come this way again.

And I only managed to embarrass Alec once :-) JUST ONCE the whole night :-D

At the end of the last match, when Batista won, I jumped out of my seat, into the aisle and did a little 'Happy Batista Dance' and cheer. Ok, so it was more of a scream ... that is, until Alec yelled over the roar of the crowd "MOM! Stop that! You're embarrassing me! At WRESTLEMANIA!!!!!

Oops. Reigning it in!

Two weeks ago,
I lost my Cool Mom status. Last weekend, I gained it back for a fleeting moment with the whole Wrestlemania thing ... only to quickly lose it again with my Happy Batista Dance. Crap.

I couldn't help it. I was caught up in the Batista moment. I blame it on all the testosterone in the room that night ;-p

All in all it was a great night! I know Wrestling has it's die hard fans, and those who detest and make fun of the 'sport', but for these young kids, seeing their 'idols' walk past them, grab their hands and then pummel the 'bad guys' in the ring, all left them with a night to remember.

And according to Alec, 'The best birthday EVER Mom!!!'

Great. Glad to hear it. How the heck do I top this next year?!?!?!? Hmmm wonder if John Cena makes house calls ...

Nite all. Time to put this brain to bed and see if my subconscious can conjure up any images of big sweaty men in be-dazzled skivvies ;-p

Batista Bomb Baby!!!!!!!!



Sue said...

Oh dear, he IS serious, huh?

Now I have been edumacated. Now I know what a Batista is.

Kim's Korner said...

The arm has since been washed ... the wristband? NEVER!!! LOL