Monday, August 11, 2008

'Stuart' - Tales From the Road III

We're always trying to introduce our kids to new things. Expand their horizons, mold them into well-rounded individuals. Try is the key word there ;-)

Sometimes, our kids can introduce us to new things too. Things we may not ever have discovered on our own.

While we were on vacation, my cousin's 11yr old son introduced my boys to 'Stuart', and his mom 'Doreen Larkin', characters in a re-occurring skit on MAD TV.

I had never heard of 'Stuart'. I don't watch MAD TV. I was a Saturday Night Live girl for many years. But never got into MAD.

So if it hadn't been for the kids yelling "Mom! Aunt Kim! You've GOTTA come see this!!!' I never would have discovered this little *gem* Michael McDonald & Maureen 'Mo' Collins have created in 'Stuart'.

Most everything about them, what they say and do, is entirely politically INCORRECT! But between his inappropriateness, and her incredible facial expressions, and 'Waaa - aaa -aaa'ing, these skits provided some of the biggest belly laughs I experienced the entire trip.

Three lines and their responses crack me up in every episode ...

Look What I Can Do!!!

Let Me Doooooo Ittttttt

Stuart, What Does Mama Say ...?


I've picked my favourites for you. You can find many others HERE!!!

Stuart Gets His Picture Taken

Stuart Goes To The Doctor

Stuart Visits A Chinese Restaurant

I would also recommend Stuart Goes To His Dad's.

Enjoy! I certainly did!

... Look what I can do! ;-) - can't you just see me doing this while shoping with the boys?
Hee Hee Hee ...

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