Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Best Laid Plans ... Led To 'ALFIE' - Tales From the Road IV

Mid-week of vacation, we decided to take our chances with the Weather Gods and made plans to go tubing down the Miramichi River.

This is easily one of the most beautiful and famous rivers in the province of New Brunswick.

Famous for it's Atlantic salmon, the Dungarven Whooper and the fact that "royalty, prime ministers, presidents, rock stars and Hollywood icons have cast a line into its legendary waters." lol

Now, we were going to park our butts in it for a couple of hours, and float the afternoon away :-D

Or so we thought.

Mom had called the automated message at the tubing place, and it gave the hours of operation and great directions. We drove an hour and a half to get there, through back country roads, only to find out ... they were closed.

The Miramichi Valley had experienced alot of rain over the past couple of weeks, and the river was too high to attempt tubing. The water had come so far up on land, it had reached part of the crops. It was too dangerous.

You can't argue with 'dangerous', so we turned around and headed back 'into town' for lunch.

The boys had spotted a Dairy Queen along the way, and although Mom and I would have preferred to eat at the 'sit down restaurant' next door, we ended up at Dairy Queen.

Had the 'Tubing Place' not been closed, we would not have been at Dairy Queen when we were. We would not have finished lunch when we did, and we wouldn't have gone outside with the boys to finish their Brownie Batter Blizzards when we did.

We also wouldn't have met Alfie.

With lunch finished, we were outside sitting on the ledge deciding what to do next, when Alfie pulled in with his owners.

There is a perch on the passenger side, across the dash, with a 'poop bag' directly underneath it LOL He had traveled all the way from PEI and was on his way home. Another hour or so away :-)

He was friendly. Sat on all our arms :-)

And he liked ice cream!

Alfie's owner holding the ice cream.

He was REALLY cool. One thing I didn't manage to get on camera, was when his owners would say "Alfie, do sexy", and he'd puff all his feathers out LOL. Polly would be sharing her crackers with this stud Baby!!!

Our best laid tubing plans may have led to Alfie, but it's not every day you see a parrot pull into a Dairy Queen for an ice-cream, so that, and then hitting Ritchie Wharf afterwards, still gave the boys some unexpected excitement for the afternoon :-)

No ice cream - no sexy!

A little bit of ice cream ... s'all it takes ;-) ... Bwwaaaccckkkk!!!!


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