Monday, August 18, 2008

Mom's Cookin' Brings 'Em From All Over! - Tales From the Road V

My Mother is an awesome cook! Whether it be a turkey dinner with all the fixin's or pies, cookies or homemade jam, with berries she'd picked herself.

I didn't inherit this wonderful cooking gene from my Mom.

Just ask my ex.

Or my kids.

Or the dog ...

My Mother however, yeah, awesome. And the sea gulls along a northern New Brunswick beach think so too!!! And word's getting around ...

When we first arrived at the beach, aside from the crappy weather, the other thing I noticed right away was the amount of sea gulls that were gathered outside my Mom's place.

After dinner, I understood why.

She fills a plate with the left-overs, and takes it out to the birds.

I watched them all week. They start to gather shortly before dinner ... waiting ... knowing ...

"Soon ... soon, the human will appear with the shiny plate of food ..."

And then ...

Time to chow down!!!

One night we were having dinner and noticed one of the neighbours with a video camera. She was shooting a bird down by the water. This wasn't one of the usual food scoundrels though, this was a visitor!

A cormorant

The neighbour with the video camera told me they are uncommon in that area of NB.

Word about Mom's leftovers is really getting around!!! ;-)

He took a little stroll along the beach, waded out, swam a bit, then flew away.

He wasn't quite as cool as Alfie, but interesting to see nonetheless :-)

Nite all!

And if you happen to be walking along the shores of NB and notice an unusually large flock of gulls outside one particular spot, don't worry, it isn't a reenactment of The Birds, it's simply my Mom's feathered panhandlers waiting for their dinner ;-)


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