Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Here in Canada ... We Do Things The COUPON Way!!!

So, remember the Chicken & Fries episode? Or as one of my co-workers now calls it - 'Chick 'N Fries!' LOL

I sent an email, with a link to that blog post, to the Fry Company. One of their representatives responded the next day. According to my stat counter, she even read the post ;-) And so did quite a few other people in their QA Dept LOL.

Now, there's something I feel the need to point out here. If this little incident had happened in the States, I'm thinking I'd be a wealthier woman today.


If someone can make a fortune off the fact that their coffee was too hot, think what this struggling single Mom could have ended up with by finding a Non-Edible Lump of Something in her french fry bag?!?!?!?

Cash people!!! We're talking cold hard cash here!!!

But alas ... this is Canada. I wasn't even offered hush money to NOT publicly say their name! LOL

And I'm not that much of idiot that I would attempt to sue the Fry Company over finding something 'strange' in my fry bag.

I told them about it. Shared the strange occurrence in a blog post.

'nuff said.

The Fry Company wanted to compensate me for finding what they called a 'grease buildup' in my fry bag.

True to their word, they sent me $10 worth of coupons for their product.


Fries for weeks Baby!!!

Who needs cash, when here in Canada ... we do things the COUPON way!

Thank you Fry Company People. If you're reading this, I really do appreciate the gesture of the coupons :-)

...... Who am I kidding ... I would have rather had the cash!

That's it! I'm movin' to the States! ;-)

Later all! I have to go spend my coupons now!



Bonnie S. said...

LOL I think I commented on your original post about getting an empty Coke can in a case of Coke and emailing Coke and getting coupons back too. Ah well, it's as good as cash I guess. Better than being ignored which is what Tim Hortons does when you send in a complaint.

Kim's Korner said...

Yes, you did, and you're right, the coupons show that at least they were listening to us :-)

Sue said...

Dahahaha! That's about as hilarious as 'if you're not satisfied, we'll send you another box of [fill in the food] for FREE'! hahahah